EasyHits4U Review

EasyHits4U Review – Check My Results

EasyHits4U Review:

Name: EasyHits4U
Website: www.easyhits4u.com
Price: Free + Paid membership levels
Make Money Bay Rank:  25 out of 100

What Is EasyHits4U?

EasyHits4U is a traffic exchange and a paid-to-surf website with thousands of active users. The platform is supposed to send traffic to your website, and you are visiting other websites as well.

Usually, they are not real sites but affiliate links to other users. Most members of the platform are familiar with traffic exchange programs, PTC sites, survey sites, etc. They send you to sign up for free on making money products.

So, you are visiting their offers, and you earn credits that you can exchange for different types of traffic. Also, there are daily and weekly goals for bonuses. You can also earn money directly from a bonus or 30 cents per 1000 websites.

When I first visited the website, I had read some positive reviews on the internet and many PTC blogs were recommending it as a way to advertise your affiliate links for free and get referrals.

If you are familiar with any PTC sites, you will see similar offers here as well. It is similar to their advertising programs but instead of paying a few dollars, you exchange traffic. You can pay for credits as well but most people join for the free traffic.

It’s a community of people who want to advertise their products for free to other people with the same interests. It means that most users have already watched the same ads many times and most of them promote the same products.

It makes sense that most people on that program spend many hours per day visiting other websites with the intention to earn credits and promote their affiliate links. They remain on a site the required seconds to get the credits and move on to the next one. They will not join on your sites if they are not going to earn credits for this action.

How Can You Advertise Your Links?

There are three ways to get traffic to your website:

1. Send traffic directly to your website:

You cannot use EasyHits4U if you have not added at least one website. You can check how it looks in the image below. Most people send traffic directly to their affiliate links but you can send on any other site as well.EasyHits4U my websites

As a free member, you can add up to 15 websites but you do not have to use all your credits to your websites. Below there are thee more alternatives.

2. Banners and text links:

You can create a custom banner or use a pre-made from a website you promote. It has an approval process before you can use it. The credits that you have earned by surfing on other websites, you can convert on a banner and the text link impressions.EasyHits4U banners In the next image, you can check how the users of the program see the banners, text links, and websites. The image is from a random site, on the top right corner, there is a banner and a text link.EasyHits4U link3. Offers:

This is the last way you can use to earn or spend your credits. Offer has to do with actions that another member has requested and offers a reward. It can be anything like credits, money, or impressions. EasyHits4U offers

As you can see on that image, the offers can be tasks on other sites as well.

My Results With EasyHits4U

When I joined the platform, my intention was to review the site and I wanted to promote some of my affiliate links. As I mentioned above, I had read positive reviews from sites that I trust.

While the traffic is not targeted on traffic exchange websites, all the members want to advertise their products. I thought that similar programs, PTC sites, or making money programs could get some referrals with that process.

Well, no matter what I tried nothing worked. I spent a few hours earning credits and check the bonuses and the money rewards. The process worked fine until I checked the results of my affiliate offers. All the traffic had been spent without even one referral on PTC sites like ClixSense and NeoBux. I did not get any new referral after hours of surfing.

The next days, I tested the traffic in different ways. I bought some credits and used the suggested tools from the program and tried different offers. Again, it did not work.EasyHits4U pricing

Finally, I noticed that the banners got some clicks. Again, I bought some impressions to test it, and here are some results.Banner stats

These stats are from a banner from NeoBux. I tested other banners as well but the 0.10% click-through rate was higher. With a few words, $6 to get 10 clicks is the best you can expect. If you have experience with that platform, you know that 10k impressions are many hours of surfing. In my opinion, there are better ways to spend your time or your money.

Can You Earn Money From Your Referrals?

EasyHits4U has a unique referral system. There are levels of your free membership based on your activity. This means the more active you are, the more credits you will get from your referrals.EasyHits4U Referrals

When your referrals are active,  you earn 30% credits from them and $0.10 when they reach the 100 surfed websites. Also, you get a commission if they buy one of the tools that are available for creating custom pages.

If you are a premium or ultimate member, you get random referrals who have joined directly to the home page.

I was a premium member for a few weeks but I did not get any of these referrals that are promised. So, I would not recommend joining for the referrals either.

What I Learned From EasyHits4U

We cannot say that this site is a scam. The traffic is from real people who visit your links. However, it confirms that the random traffic does not work. You need two requirements to promote products and make money online.

1. You need a business:

People do not buy products because someone put links in front of their face. They want to buy from people they like and trust, and they will buy products that can help them. Of course, they must know how they are going to help them.

For this reason, if you want to promote other people’s products, you need to start a legit affiliate marketing business that helps people to find what they are looking for.

Most affiliate marketers build a website, an email list, a YouTube channel, etc. They focus on creating helpful content for an audience.

2. Targeted Traffic:

Targeted traffic means visitors who are highly interested in the products or the services you want to promote.

Some common ways that people use to get targeted traffic can be SEO, social media, forum marketing, PPC advertising, and more. But the one with the best results is the traffic from search engines.

Instead of promoting your offers to random people, you can promote them to people who search for relevant keywords on Google.

If you are interested in starting an online business and learn how to get visitors that are highly interested in your offers, check a top training program for affiliate marketers.

Last Thoughts

I was negatively surprised by my results on EasyHits4U. I thought this process could give me some referrals to similar sites. But it did not happen, and I rank it as a low-quality site.

For those who only want to make some extra money, you will spend many hours per day for less than one dollar.


Name: EasyHits4U
Website: www.easyhits4u.com
Price: Free + Paid membership levels
Make Money Bay Rank:  25 out of 100make money online button

Can you make it work for you? If that’s the case, feel free to share your results or your strategy.

I would be happy to hear your questions too.

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