EarningStation Review: Scam Or A Legit GPT Website?

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EarningStation Review: Scam Or A Legit GPT Website?Welcome to my EarningStation review. There are many websites where you can earn some extra money and EarningStation is a legit choice to get started.

On this review, you will read about the pros and cons, how you can use the site to make money and what you can expect.

What Is EarningStation?

EarningStation is a legit GPT (get paid to) website that is online from 2011. You can make some extra money by doing simple tasks that take a few minutes to be completed.

The process of getting started is very simple. You just create a free account and when you are in the members’ area, you can choose a task to earn your first dollars (or cents).

You can find the standard pros and cons of the industry. The site is similar to Swagbucks or InboxDollars which are well-known GPT sites. While you can use these sites to earn money but the potential is low and some tasks are not worth it at all. Below you can see the available tasks on EarningStation.

How To Make Money With EarningStation

There are seven ways to make money:

1. Offers: The offers include many different tasks. But you can expect to find cash back opportunities, get paid to join on other sites, download apps, playing games etc.

Usually, they will ask you to join or visit a third party program. Some of these offers are worth your time but not all of them. It’s possible some of the third party sites to ask personal information to complete the offers (email, phone number).

2. Surveys: I think that every GPT site I have reviewed includes a survey section. On EarningStation, the surveys are a little better than the average survey site.

3. Games: You can get a cash back if you join on game platforms through this site.

4. Videos: The reward here is 2 cents per ten videos you watch. A video takes 2-3 minutes on average.

5. Shopping: If you are going to buy something, you can check if they will give you a cash back here.

6. Referrals: You can invite people to join EarningStation and make 10% of their earnings.

7. Read emails: You will receive emails and get paid up to $0.50.

Bonus: There are a daily to-do list and an activity bonus. If you log in and complete some tasks per day, after ten days, you will receive a $1 bonus.

For every additional 10 days, it will be added $0.25 cents. So, if you are active 20 days in a row, you will get $1.25. For 30 days in a row $1.50. You can keep increasing your bonus by staying active.

How Much You Can Make With EarningStation

GPT sites are for people who want to earn some extra money. They are not going to replace your job and you cannot be sure you will make money consistently.

We can agree that there is not a lot of value. The average earnings per hour will be much lower than $1 per hour. It’s obvious that earning money here or any other side income site, it is an option for your free time.

For an alternative way to make money online, you can read about my strategy to earn a full-time income.

If you decide to stick to EarningStation, you need a plan. I am sure you would not like to spend hours watching random videos to earn 2 cents.

So, you can focus on two things:

1. Get the bonus for being active: You just need to be active per day. Even for a few minutes.

2. Target the high paying surveys: I think anything higher than $1 could be fine. You can also complete lower surveys if they take only a few minutes.

By avoiding the low paying tasks, you can save time and increase your earnings.

It does not mean that you can earn a lot of money. You just reach the cashout limit ($25) faster than the average user. From my experience, it can take 30-50 hours.

Pros and Cons


1. Legit website: Many positive reviews on blogs, forums, and social media. Also, EarningStation has an A+ BBB ranking.

2. Multiple ways to cash out: You can receive your earnings by PayPal, gift cards from online retailers and virtual Visa Cards.

3. Bonus: I mentioned above that you earn a bonus based on your activity. You increase your earnings while it motivates you to log in daily and complete some tasks.


1. Available only in the USA: For GPT sites that are available worldwide, you can check ClixSense or CashCrate.

2. Many low paying tasks: For example, $0.02 to watch 10 videos. There are other low paying tasks too. Just avoid them and go for the higher rewards.

3. Referral system: Most GPT sites will offer you better commissions from 10%. By choosing a good referral program to promote, you can generate a passive income of hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

My Final Opinion

You can use EarningStation to earn some extra money. It’s a legit GPT site and free to create an account. In my opinion, the best strategy here is to wait for the high paying rewards and avoid the low ones.

By being active one hour per day, you can reach the minimum cash out limit in a few days or weeks. It depends on your demographics and task selection. For other similar alternatives, you can read my list with the top GPT sites.

My Top Recommendation To Make Money Online

Completing simple tasks is the easiest way to get started online. For this reason, the rewards are so low.

I have some good news. You do not have to waste your time for cents. I started like you with side income sites a few years ago.

Soon, I discovered that you earn what you expect on the internet. If you spend your time to earn a few dollars, then you cannot expect something better than a few dollars. But what if you try to earn a full-time income. Can you achieve a goal like that?

I know many people who started from zero and now they earn thousands of dollars per month. I’m going to show you what they do. This is what I do as well.

I invite you to learn more about affiliate marketing. It’s a real online business. I share on this site my strategy for free:

Click here to learn how I earn money online!

Thanks for reading my review on EarningStation. You can leave your comments, questions or feedback below.

6 thoughts on “EarningStation Review: Scam Or A Legit GPT Website?”

  1. I have been trying various sites like these and I haven’t had the best experience with some of them. Many are very low paying and sometimes links to high paying tasks do not work or I am not eligible to participate. It’s a great thing to get involved in if time is in abundance. These are things I love doing when I have a bunch of time. 

  2. Thanks for your review llias.
    It doesn’t soung like Earning Station is worth the time and effort. My time is way to valuable for only $1 per hour. I don’t mind working hard and I have much higher goals in mind. I have checked out affiliate marketing and I think that this is a much better way to make money online.

    1. Sure, affiliate marketing is more lucrative idea than EarningStation that can work well for anyone who is willing to put some effort. Good luck!

  3. Hello,
    It’s the first time that I hear about EarningStation from your site. In fact, I don’t like GPT sites because in my experience you can’t make decent money with them.
    Moreover they are very boring. And when I heard about people making money with a GPT site, I was never able to make the same amount when I tried the same site.

    1. Hi there,

      Some people to promote their links for similar sites make unrealistic claims. When you join these sites, you realize that it’s not possible to earn what is promised.

      It happens too often on the internet. It’s important to join a site with the right expectation.

      Anyway, affiliate marketing is a better alternative than GPT sites but again you need the right expectations. It takes work and effort to reach big goals like earning a full-time income. However, when you put in the effort, it’s realistic to expect good results.

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