5 Ways To Earn Money By Playing Video Games

Earn Money by Playing Video GamesCan you really earn money by playing video games? I am sure that many people would like to turn their passion for video games into a full time or part time income.

If you are a gamer, you will be happy to hear that is really possible. Many people think that only the top gamers can make money but this is not true.

There are many people who are not pros but they make a profit. You can find both of business and job opportunities on the internet.

Below you can read 5 recommended ways to earn money by playing video games. You can start all of them on a low budget or for free.

1. Build a Gaming Blog

Most online marketers have a blog into their websites and you can use this technique. Building a gaming blog is a great way to share your experiences and make money.

It is really easy to write about a game you like. Your visitors will be fans of the game so you do not have to be an expert writer as you already know what they want to read and how to communicate with them.

You can start by creating some basic posts for beginners and as you play, you can take notes to write new posts later. Most of the gaming blogs have many small articles with tips and guides.

There are two ways to find your audience:

  1. Search engines: One of the benefits is that blogs rank well on search engines. You will get tons of traffic when you will climb on the first page of Google for the targeted keywords.
  2. Forums and social media: You probably already know where the fans of your favorite game discuss new topics and strategies. If you an active member you can get traffic from day one.

You can start blogging for free but I would recommend buying your own domain and creating a WordPress site. It will help your site to look professional and build a following fast.

The cost is $30-$50 per month to start a new blog. It is not expensive if you consider that you start an online business with much potential. If you are a beginner, you can learn on Wealthy Affiliate how this way works.

2. Start a Youtube Channel

Many top gamers use Youtube to upload their videos and build a following. But there is a difference from blogging. You need to show people how to play on a video instead of writing about a topic.

A good idea would be to create some “Let’s Play” series or small guides that keep your audience interested. There are many YouTubers who do not focus only in one a game but in a category of games. For example, strategy games, sport games etc.

With this way, you will get traffic from visitors who already use Youtube. Your goal is to get ranked on the first page of Youtube for keywords relevant to your videos.

The easiest ways to find keywords is by taking a look at what keywords your competitors use or you can try a keyword tool like Jaaxy.

The only investment you need to begin is a good microphone. You will also need a recording software but a free one could work for you in the beginning.

You can earn money with Google Adsense, affiliate marketing or you can send your viewers on your website if you want to make money indirectly.

3. Start a Twitch Channel

Many gamers love Twitch and I also used to watch videos on games I like. However, it is not like Youtube.

It is more difficult because you have to interact with your viewers while you are playing and you have competitors who work the same hours as you do.

In my opinion, you should not start with Twitch but it is a great way to expand your audience later.

The best time to start with Twitch?

When you have already traffic on your blog or Youtube channel and you know that your visitors are interested in seeing you live.

Before creating your first live video, make sure that you have a good microphone and a recording software. Free ones are not recommended for Twitch.

I have seen many times people who go live with low-quality videos. If they are doing it for fun, it is fine. But if your plan is to build a following and make money, quality is important.

You have many ways to earn money with Twitch like affiliate marketing (send traffic directly to your links) and donations. Also, you can send the traffic to your blog or Youtube channel.Twitch Homepage

4. Create a Guide

If you feel that people could pay some money for your guidance, you can consider creating a product.

The guide could be some articles, videos or both of them. It is a popular way that online marketers use to make money online.

You need a way to send traffic to your product so, you may need an established blog or Youtube channel. Also, you can list it on websites like Clickbank and JV-Zoo. On these websites, you can find affiliates to promote your product for a commission.

Before deciding the price of your product, make sure that it is worth the money because if you create a product that it does not worth it, your audience will not trust you anymore and you will have to deal with unhappy customers.

The investment depends on the resources you will use and I cannot make an estimation. Once again, I do not recommend it as a way to get started but as a way you can use later to expand your business.

5. Video Game Testing Jobs

Until now you have read only about business opportunities that you can start and make money by playing video games. However, many kids who spend many hours daily to play video games have dreamed to make a living as video game testers.

The job of a game tester is not to play all day his favorite games but still, you can enjoy it. Your job will be to find bugs and problems on video games.

If you want to find a testing job, you need to build a good resume and start applying for jobs. The best way to find available jobs is by searching on search engines and sites like Indeed or Glassdoor.

As a video game tester, you can expect to earn $10 per hour on average.

There are many other jobs in the game industry, the process is similar to get started with any of them.

Last Thoughts

You have four different options to start an online business and one way to look for jobs in the game industry.

On this website, I have recommended many times before to build a website or a blog. Your website is your foundation and the place where people can find and read your new posts.

You can use Youtube and Twitch to make money directly but most online marketers have better results if they send that traffic to their own blog.

So, I encourage you to continue playing your favorite video games and turn your passion into a profitable online business here.

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