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Earn And Go Review: Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Earn and Go review. It is a new website that promises big earnings, and you can find it on the domain name earnandgo.co. In this review, you will read if this is a legit site that you can actually use to make money or another scam that you should avoid.

What Is Earn And Go?

Earn And Go claims to be the number one earning network. However, this is a term that they have created to promote this site. There is no such thing as an earning network, and it does not have any networking on the members’ area. Also, it is not number one in anything because it is a new site.

The truth is that Earn And Go is a copy of other scam websites that collect data for the owners, but they don’t pay. We can see the same presentation of the homepage and the members’ area on similar sites. Here are a few examples of similar sites, you can read about OGDollars, StackPay, CashChase, PulseBucks, CloutBux, and more.

The owners of these sites collect data from the members and sell it for a profit. It is confusing for most people to understand that these guys have a profit from their activity even if they don’t buy anything. Your contact details have some value to these people. Also, they want to waste your time because they can get more referrals and advertising revenue.

The problem is that every part of the site is very misleading. Many people who have some experience with side income sites and many beginners can fall for this type of scams. The only way to figure out that something goes wrong is from the very high rewards of easy tasks.

They tell you to complete surveys and get referrals. The return from these actions that require only copy-pasting is hundreds or thousands of dollars. They claim such big earnings on the payment proofs that are fake. It takes work to make money, and these types of sites are not an exception to that rule. The promise easy earnings because they do not pay you for your work.

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How Does It Work?

When you create an account on Earn and Go that is not recommended, it starts the same process for every member. First, they add $50 to your dashboard, so you may believe that this is a real website. Then, they keep adding money to your dashboard for every requested action that you will find inside. Of course, they will not pay, but most members do not know it yet.

Referrals: They advertise their referral program because they want you to send your friends and followers on social media to this scam. You are supposed to earn $2 for every person that clicks on your referral link and $10 for every new signup. These commissions can’t be real. Legit referral programs do not pay so much money for clicks and free signups without any actions on the program.

$50 Task Wall: They promise that these tasks are surveys that pay $50 each. There are two problems with these tasks. First, legit surveys do not pay $50 but a few cents per completed survey. Second, they are not real online surveys. These tasks send you to other websites that request your phone number. If you fill in your number on their forms, you can expect a lot of spam through text messages, and they will charge you for each message.

Fake Reviews: They ask you to write fake Earn and Go reviews of different websites for $25.

Social Media Submissions: You can upload a video on YouTube or publish posts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These actions pay from $15 to $30. Of course, you can’t be honest, but you must promote the website even if you have not received any money yet. They give you specific instructions that you need to follow.

They Do Not Pay

If you do some research and read some real Earn and Go reviews, you will find out that there are many problems on this site. First, there are many fake reviews from members who want to promote the site and get referrals. However, these members can’t show any payment proofs but just make different claims.

Next, the payment proofs of the website are fake. They don’t mention the processor or the transaction. They include only a number and the name of Earn and Go. It is quite obvious that they are made up. The testimonials that you can see on images of the homepage are not real members. The owners of Earn and Go have found these images on other websites and added them here.

They try so hard to mislead their visitors and create fake proofs. Also, they have created a few requirements that every member must meet before requesting a cashout. They are not easy to meet them and will get your payment details as well.

The bottom line is that they do not pay the members, and there are no real payment proofs on the internet.

No Owner and Support

In most legit sites on the internet, you know the owner or at least the company that handles the site. However, the scams focus on hiding their contact details and the real names of the owners. Earn And Go is an unknown website. They don’t give us any information, and it is not possible to find them with research.

The contact page includes an email, but the chances are that no one will reply. Also, they say that they are online for years, while this website created a few weeks old when this Earn And Go review is written. Their social media accounts are very new, with only a few posts. So, it unlikely to get support, help on the members, or contact someone when you don’t receive your earnings.

Is Earn And Go A Scam? – My Final Verdict

I have already mentioned that Earn And Go is not a legit site, but a part of an online scam with many websites. Earn And Go is a copy of these sites. While there is a process on the members’ area with tasks and referrals, they add money to a dashboard like a legit site, but they don’t pay the members.

There are no payment proofs anywhere on the internet, and the guys who promote the scam wants to get more referrals because they hope to earn money. However, it’s unlikely to become the first person who will get paid. From previous copies of the site, you can find even more complaints and negative reviews.

When these sites get a few months older, they just close. The owners do not want complaints, so they create new sites with the same referral program and tasks. In some cases, there are differences on the homepage, but the members’ area follows the same process.

It is important to avoid Earn And Go, and any other similar scam in the future. The best thing you can do before joining a website like this one is to read reviews. Also, the unrealistic claims and earnings are a common scam alert in this type of sites.

Lastly, you need to get rid of the limiting belief that money can be earned without doing the work. Easy tasks pay a few cents. On the other hand, difficulty tasks and projects are the ones that can give huge rewards. You can choose your own path, and there are some suggestions below. However, you can’t get something for nothing, as some people promise to promote their sites and products.

How To Make Money On The Internet

While there are many ways to get started, you can read my top suggestions based on how much time you want to invest.

First, let’s start with something easy. The easiest way to make money on the internet is with paid surveys and simple offers. They do not take much time, while you answer questions or do other easy tasks like watching videos, joining websites, solving captchas, playing games, and more.

These offers pay a few cents per completed task, and the online surveys pay $0.50 on average for 20-30 minutes of answering questions. You will not become rich, but it’s a simple way to earn some extra bucks in your free time.

For two legit sites with offers and surveys, you can check Swagbucks and ySense. They have millions of members, a lot of payment proofs, and plenty of offers to get started.

If you want to find a way with the potential for a full-time income, you can learn about affiliate marketing. It’s an online business model that you can start without your own product, experience, technical knowledge, or a big budget. Your job as an affiliate will be to promote other people’s products.

It is not about copy-pasting links on social media, but a real business. Top affiliate marketers build an audience or promote their products to the right people. There is a strategy behind that process that you can learn and build a business that will generate revenue for years if you do the work.

A top training platform for affiliate marketers to get started is Wealthy Affiliate. It is not a free site, but you can join for free and decide if this method can work for you before investing any money.

P.S. Thanks for reading my Earn And Go review. It was not a legit site, but there are many alternatives to get started. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.