Digital Formula Review: Scam Or $2,254 In 24 Hours?

digital formula review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Digital Formula review. This program looks like a scam and this is what you have to expect.

It’s unlikely to earn money with that program and some issues helped us understand that something goes wrong even from the sales page.

You will read all these issues below and you will learn why must avoid it.

What Is Digital Formula?

Digital Formula is a product from the marketplace of Clickbank. On this marketplace, you can find many programs with similar video presentations, and claims.

For example, you may have heard about Smart Profit App, Cash Sniper, or Explode My Payday. These products are promoted with spam emails like Digital Formula so it’s possible to receive emails to join them as well.

All these products do not deliver what they promise and you can’t get enough information on the members’ area. They are not 100% scams because they have a product but the product does not work.

In my opinion, Digital Formula is another typical low-quality product with unrealistic claims and hype on the video presentation. They do not have created a good product so they try to make sales with nonsense and unrealistic claims.

We can see the claim about making $2,254 in 24 hours because the spokesperson has found a cryptocurrency loophole.


Of course, there is no proof for any of these claims and you will not make $2,000 overnight no matter what these guys promise to you. Also, there are no 25 members that made tens of thousands of dollars.

All these claims do not make sense. It’s unlikely to earn that money in a few hours in any legit way and there is no loophole too.

There is no additional information on the video presentation about the program or the strategy. The creator of Digital Formula wants to trust him only from his claims and buy the product which is not a good idea.

On the members’ area, you will find other common issues like upsells, lack of information and no support. Simply, you can’t expect something better than a worthless product.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

The spokesperson mentions many times that this is a program about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.

I do not want to say if you can make money with cryptocurrencies. Some people have made a lot of money in this way and others who have lost a fortune.

But if you take advice from this program, you will not be among the winners.

While there are many claims about a step by system that can work for everyone, you will only get some generic and very basic content.

Also, many things that are mentioned in this video are very outdated. For example, the price of Bitcoin was at that level a long time ago.

It seems that the owner created this program a few years ago and he has not updated and change the screenshots of the video.

The truth is that most people who had invested in Bitcoin the last few years lost a lot of money. The price went very down. The last few months the price has gone up and I think this is why some people promote programs about Bitcoin again.

Of course, the price of Bitcoin is not even close to the previous levels and we do not know when it will go down again.

Another thing to consider is that you will not become rich overnight in any legit way. It’s not possible to make $2,000 in 24 hours if you start at a low budget only from the information of a random guru. I doubt that you can make any money at all with this program.

So, it works only for its owners who make money every time someone buys Digital Formula.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The starting price is at $17 but you will see many upsells on the members’ area and you can expect promotions of other scammy products.

According to the listing of the product, someone who promotes can make up to $316 per sale. For a buyer, that means it can cost a little over $500.

digital formula pricing

So, it is not a $17 product. The total cost will depend on the upsells you will buy. This is another thing to avoid if you buy the front end product.

The upsells are not worth the money as well. When you buy a low-quality product that does not help you, the upsells will not help too.

The only positive thing is the money back guarantee. It’s real and provided by Clickbank. If you do not like the product, you have 60 days to contact Clickbank and get your money back.

No Information For The Owner

The spokesperson mentions Neil Carter which looks like a pen name. Many online scams use pen names so this is not a surprise.

We can’t find any information about him anywhere on the internet and the sales page does not help us to learn more.

There is only one email to contact the support but it’s unlikely to get a reply or find any real person on the sales page or the members’ area of Digital Formula.

If you decide to buy the program, you will be completely alone to figure out how it works. For any extra information, they will try to sell you the upsells.

Fake Testimonials

This is the most obvious sign that this is a scam. There are some guys who talk about their results with the program.

However, the owner has hired them on Fiverr for a few dollars. The guys have not tested Digital Formula but they make money by creating this type of videos.

For example, you can check the testimonial below:

fake testimonial - digital formula

And here is his Fiverr gig:


As you can see, many people earn money from these scammy products like the testimonials, the marketers who promote them and the owners. But the buyers can only lose money.

My Final Verdict – Is Digital Formula A Scam?

Yes, Digital Formula is a scam. The fake testimonials are not on the video presentation by accident. Someone wants to mislead the visitors and make them buy a worthless product.

There is nothing positive here. The claims are too unrealistic and you will not make that money. Then, there is a lot of nonsense and outdated information.

The same you can expect on the members’ area. An outdated content with very basic information and they will try to sell you upsells and other products.

In my opinion, if you try to use any advice from that program, you can do more bad than good. I do not think it’s worth even trying. We do not know anything about the owner or the source of the content.

For all these reasons, I do not recommend Digital Formula and I think it’s a good idea to stay away from it.

It does not mean that there are not legit ways to make money online. However, many people will try to sell you programs that do not work.

The best thing you can do is to avoid anyone who promises overnight success and read some reviews on the internet when you are interested in buying something as you are doing right now.

Here Is A Legit Way To Make Money Online

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While the process of that business is simple and straightforward many beginners follow the wrong way. I think they do not want to do the work or have not the patience to follow the right strategy.

However, if you are willing to follow the right strategy and stick to it, you can really become a successful affiliate marketer.

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Thanks for reading my review on Digital Formula. You can leave any comments or questions about the program below.

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