Dean Holland’s Big Commission Blueprint Review

Dean Holland Big Commission Blueprint ReviewBig Commission Blueprint Review

Name: Big Commission Blueprint System
Website: bcbsystem.com
BCB System Price: $19.95 + upsells
Owner: Dean Holland
Make Money Bay Rank: 60 out of 100

What Is Big Commission Blueprint System

I have read positives and negatives reviews about Big Commission Blueprint. The truth is that you can learn some new things and if you follow the system, you can earn money.

So, it is not a scam for sure and the conversation should be about the value of the program. It recommends some interesting strategies but it has some huge upsells which you must buy if you want full access to the system.

More specific:

It is an affiliate marketing system that focuses on the big commissions and it has some “tricks” to get these really big conventions from visitors who would not spend many dollars for a product at the beginning.

He uses simple landing pages to get leads, nothing too difficult. Then he sends traffic to these pages. As an idea is a standard one about getting leads that you can convert into buyers later.

The tricks are the downsells before a visitor buys the product and the upsells after the payment. These techniques work but I do not like them so I do not recommend them.

Your goal with this program is to get commissions over $1000. The idea is that a buyer who has already spent some money will get deeper to protect his investment.

I am just saying how it works, it does not mean that I agree with that type of marketing. These techniques convert well for many online marketers but in my opinion, are unethical to use them.

Anyway, there are even better ways to get into affiliate marketing than using upsells and downsells.

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Big Commission Blueprint Pros vs Cons


  • The system can work if you use it in the right way
  • It is cheap to get started
  • Mindset training
  • Beginner friendly


  • Expensive Upsells
  • Some of the techniques you will learn are unethical (upsells and downsells)
  • Paid traffic is recommended so you must invest some money to get started
  • The niche is the Big Commission Blueprint System, you cannot choose a different one

Who Is It For


If you are looking for a way to start from scratch without any previous experience, you will learn many new things. However, they may not be enough to set up a profitable online business.

It is easy to set up a landing page if you have some instructions but the problem will be on the traffic. It takes time to build a system to get free traffic. Paid traffic can work faster but you will need a budget and it has a learning curve also.

Dean Holland recommends solo ads, it is not my favorite but many people still use them.

If you have some experience

For those who have tried some things before or they have a way to get traffic already but they are not happy with their results, they must check the upsells to see if they want to promote the system.

What’s Included In The Training

There are 11 modules or courses inside the training. They are in video format, easy to understand and in a good analysis.

The problem is that you cannot complete the 11 modules without buying all the upsells. I warn you, they are not cheap, read below for more details.Big Commission Blueprint Modules

Module 1: The System Explained

On this module, Dean Holland will introduce the program, he will show you his results and you will understand why this system works.

The system is really simple. You offer a freebie to collect leads, then some of the leads will buy the low priced product and some of the people who will buy the product, they will buy the upsells also.

With the upsells, you can make over $1000 only from one buyer.

Module 2: Creating Your Number

The mindset training starts on module 2 and it will be completed later in module 3. Developing a right mindset is the first step to become a successful affiliate marketer.

I am sure that the next few years many programs will create similar training. However, these days you will find only a few.

On this part, you will think how you want to live and how much it costs to live as you want. We do business and talk about a making money product because we want more money, right?

Module 3: Your Personal Income Blueprint

After knowing how much money you need to live the life you want, you will calculate how many sales you must make to reach that number.

It is important to put clear goals when you get into any type of business. The same rule applies to affiliate marketing.

Module 4: Create Your Free Account

This module allows you to promote the BCB system and you can make 10$ per sale. The problem is that you will not get credit for bigger sales if you do not buy the upsells.

So, if you want to get big commissions, you must go to the next modules.

Module 5: The Affiliate Club

This is the first upsell and it costs 47/mo. If you create an account on the Affiliate Club, you can get commissions if your leads get this upsell.

However, you will get some resources and tools with the upsell which you can use to get more referrals.

Module 6: How To Make $1000 Commissions Without Any Extra Work

Yes, without extra work but you need to give some extra dollars. This is the second upsell but it is a huge one.

It costs $1997, after buying that you can get $1000 when your referrals buy the module 6. Again, you will get better training and coaching.Big Commission Blueprint modules 7-9

Module 7: How To Make $2500 Commissions Without Any Extra Work

This is the last upsell, it costs $4.997 dollars and it will enable you to make $2500 commissions. As you have guessed, again you will get even better training and coaching.

I am sure that no one will buy on the first day the two huge upsells. So, if you reach on module 5 and you still want to continue, it is your decision.

This is how the Big Commission Blueprint works, you see it working on you and then you promote it. However, you feel that you lose money when you have not bought the upsells yet because some of your referrals may buy a big upsell.

Module 8: Getting Traffic

There are two types of traffic, the free and the paid. Also, there are many types of free traffic and the same applies to the paid one.

Free traffic starts slower but usually, you build a system (website, blog, youtube channel etc,) that will get you traffic for years. Dean Holland uses Warrior Forum as an example and you can use it also if you can answer some questions from other members.

You put your link in the signature and every time you post something, people who see your posts will see your link also.

If you want to get paid traffic, you will get results faster but your risk some money depending on your budget. Dean recommends starting with solo ads, it can work but you will need to get used to this method.

Module 9: Making Your First Sale

You just go back to the Warrior Forum and keep making posts. Hopefully, you will get your first sale soon.Big Commission Blueprint modules 10-11

Module 10: Scaling Your Income

If you are serious about building an online business, then you will need to outsource some tasks soon. On this module, you will learn how to reinvest your profits to grow your income.

Module 11: The Next Steps And Your Completion Bonus

Some extra videos, it does not include a new training or method.

My Final Verdict – Can You Get Five Figures Per Month Of Pure Profit?

When he promises five figures per month on the sales page, you cannot see that you will need to invest almost $7000 for the two last upsells.

But if you want to promote the system, you need to buy the upsells. Is it worth so much money?

In my opinion, with $7000 you can hire freelancers to create a great website or you can buy a website that already has a profit. To answer your question, I do not think that it is worth it.

But it is not a scam, if you follow the system, you can earn money and the training is really good.

My rank is 60 out of 100 because the system can work if you use it in the right way but I do not believe that it is worth so much money.


Name: Big Commission Blueprint System
Website: bcbsystem.com
BCB System Price: $19.95
Owner: Dean Holland
Make Money Bay Rank: 60 out of 100

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