crypto genius review - scam or legit?

Crypto Genius Review: Scam Or $5,900 In 24 Hours?

crypto genius review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Crypto Genius review. This website looks like a scam with some big claims and all that hype.

In this review, you will read how it works and if it’s really a scam as most people expect. Is there a software that works on autopilot and generates money for you or not?

What Is The Crypto Genius?

The Crypto Genius is a one-page website that we can find on the domain name,

They promise that you can make up to $5,900 in 24 hours and that this is a secret investment that is known to billionaires. Of course, there is an investment that you must make first before start getting all that money.

On that page, you can give your name and email before moving on the next step.

The bad news is that there is no members’ area, but you will get redirected to a third-party website that will get the money.

I have reviewed similar websites before with the same structure as Ad Code, Crypto Siphon, and Daily Cash App. They are all middlemen, but they may not send to the same website.

Crypto Genius Review

Crypto Genius makes all the unrealistic claims and uses a lot of nonsense on the video presentation. When that happens, you can expect a very low-quality product or not a product at all.

The purpose of this page is to get your money before sending you to the next program. The owner is an affiliate to that program, and he makes a commission for each payment.

While it’s ok to be an affiliate, there are some people who are not honest like the owner of Crypto Genius.

Anyway, there is no magic software that makes money for you. If this was real, we could stop working right now and start buying software and tools like this one.

All the information and testimonials are misleading or fake. The same applies to money claims and screenshots.

Lastly, the website uses fake scarcity to put pressure on the visitors to buy. There are no limited spots. Crypto Genius is promoted through spam emails, and it will try to make as many sales as possible.

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How Does It Really Work?

When you pay the price, you will go to the next website that is a real program. However, you will not get what you expect from the presentation of Crypto Genius.

The next program is a scammy trading broker. You will trade money with the hope to get a profit. I don’t know if they pay or not.

However, it’s not possible to turn $250 into $5,900 in 24 hours unless your decision is pure gambling. Also, there is no software, billionaire secrets, or any beta spots as described above.

The chances are that you will lose money sooner or later. Legit websites do not use misleading presentations.

On the internet, there are many guys who have no problem to create low-quality and scammy products. Simply, it’s easier to scam people than doing the work it takes.

Like the offline world, you always have two options. The first one is to put the work and create a great product or business. The second option is to create fake value with your words and deliver a low-quality product.

The process to avoid the second category marketers is always the same. Just do your research before buying. For example, reading reviews is a good way to do your research.

The bottom line here is that Crypto Genius work only for its owner who wants to earn money fast.

The screenshots are not real as well. So, the process that shows us on the video is made up like anything else on this site.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Crypto Genious has two purposes. First, it tries to get your email address and any other personal details.

If they achieve that, they will send you spam emails about similar low-quality product that you don’t need to buy. Some marketers have no problem to sell these emails as well.

Next, they want you to pay $250 to move to the next program. It seems that you can use that money to trade, but the chances are that you will spend it because there are no people that can show us positive results with Crypto Genius.

I mean real people on social media and forums. Instead of that, there are many complaints.

Of course, you can spend more money if you buy any upsells. Usually, this type of websites will get the maximum from each user and will not give something back.

No Owner Or Support

According to the video presentation, the name of the owner is Chris Peterson. It shows us a photo that is not real, and the spokesperson claims earnings of 13 million dollars with cryptocurrencies and his system. Then, he mentions a few nicknames.

We can search on Google to see that there is no multimillionaire with that name and nicknames. It’s obvious that he uses a pen name, and his story is fake.

Also, there is no real support on the sales page or after the payment. They do not mention another name, contact details, or anything helpful.

Fake Testimonials

You can see a few guys that talk about their earnings with Crypto Genius. There are two types of fake testimonials.

First, we can see the images of a few people and some comments. These images are taken from websites with stock images. All these guys can be found on other websites as well. The owner added the images on the sales page and wrote a few words next to them.

Next, there are some testimonials on the video who talk about the website. They are testimonials from Fiverr. Anyone can hire them for a few dollars, and I have found them on other scam products as well.

Here is a man testimonial from Crypto Genius:

crypto genius fake testimonial 3

Below, you can see his Fiverr gig:

fiverr testimonial man 2

So, these guys on the video do not prove anything, but they are proof for the opposite.

Is The Crypto Genius A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Yes, Crypto Genius is a scam, and there are too many scam alerts that we cannot overlook.

If you are not an experienced user, you may be suspicious of the unrealistic claims and the overnight results that they promise. Legit businesses do not give results overnight.

For the most experienced users, it’s possible to figure out the testimonials and research the owner. In both cases, we can see that this is a scam.

They use a pen name and random earnings to present an owner while the testimonials are on many digital products.

So, you will not earn $5,900 in 24 hours. It’s unlikely to find real successful users, and there is no software.

Many cryptocurrency scams mention tools and softwares that do the work for you, and you just receive your earnings. In most cases, they do not exist at all, or they don’t give results.

For all these reasons, the best option is to avoid this program and any similar alternative. I can’t find anything positive on Crypto Genius.

If you have already bought it, just try to get a refund. While there is no money-back guarantee, this is the only action you can do after the purchase.

Here Is Something That Really Works

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P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Crypto Genius. You can leave any comments or questions below.