Crypto Blueprint Review: Turn $10 Into $2473 In Minutes?

Crypto Blueprint Review: Scam or Legit

Welcome to my Crypto Blueprint review. It’s a Clickbank product that promises thousands of dollars in a few minutes. You can see on the sales page the claim about $2473 in minutes. On this review, you can read if this is a legit product or a scam and what you can really expect.

What Is Crypto Blueprint?

It’s a program that is supposed to help you earn money with cryptocurrency trading. On the sales page, you can see the owner Jamie Lewis who is the creator of other digital products as well. Most of them irrelevant to the cryptocurrencies.

He has created both good and bad products. In my opinion, one of the best was Domainer Elite. However, he has created products that I did not like as well.

He tends to make big claims which are not always realistic. For example, I am pretty sure that turning $10 into over $2,473 is unlikely for most people who will buy this product. I would be surprised if anyone could get this result.

At the end of the page, you can read on the disclaimer that these results are not the norm and are extraordinary results from hard work. So, he cancels these claims at the sales page.

Next to Jamie Lewis, you can see the Cryptogirl. She has created a few similar products about cryptocurrencies. You can read my reviews on Crypto Prophesy and Crypto Renegade. These products are not bad but they do unrealistic claims as well and they promise quick earnings.

Jamie Lewis and Cryptogirl have created many products in this niche in the last few months. They work in a similar way and they have a similar structure and upsells on the members’ area. I can’t see why they must create more than one product.

I know that more launches mean more money for them, but when it comes on the buyer and what they can offer, all these products look the same. If you have bought one of the previous products, you will not learn something new.

How Does It Work?

Most of the products by Jamie Lewis and the two I have checked by Cryptogirl have the same structure. There are a few videos and a software to help you make good decisions.

These days the cryptocurrencies are still hot even after the huge losses of many people. I can’t predict the future but today, only a few days after the launch of Crypto Blueprint, the news is not good.

Jamie Lewis mentions Etherium as an example of a cryptocurrency that goes up the last month (because more of them have huge losses). But this is not true. Etherium keeps going down. Below, you can see the price in the last few months.

etherium price - december 2018

I do not know if Jamie Lewis has earned any money on this market. But I know that he makes a lot of money by creating digital products like this one. We can be sure that they work well for him.

On the sales page of Crypto Blueprint mentions that everything is about timing. You must buy and sell at the right time and You will get the timings from the software of the product. The previous similar programs by Cryptogirl had a software as well with notifications on the good timings to buy or sell.

I do not know if there are any real testimonials who make money with these tools but most people who have made money before on cryptocurrencies, they did not use any software. Also, they achieved good results at better times for this market.

We can’t predict the future but I would not trust a software to give me investing advice. The top investors in any market spend their time reading and learning their market and this would be a better idea.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get access to the members’ area for $24,95. Also, there is a downsell to $17. To get the discount, you need to remain on the site with the exit popup.

As you expect, there are a few upsells inside. There is one upsell for $197 and then, if you want to attend his webinars, there is a second more expensive upsell. 

Many people question if it’s worth the price. I would not trust a software for advice on a market that goes down for months but it’s on you to decide. Also, I do not recommend the upsells of any program. You can waste hundrends of dollars.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee. You can give it a try and if you do not like, ask for a refund. The money back guarantee is provided by Clickbank and it’s 100% safe.

The support is limited as you can understand from the webinars upsell. There is an email to ask for help, but you must be able to figure out how it works with the available information.

My Final Verdict: Is Crypto Blueprint Legit?

There is a product on the members’ area. You will not get some outdated PDFs like other low-quality Clickbank products. The product is ok.

However, there are some unrealistic claims like the headline on turning $10 into $2473 in minutes. If you buy this program with that expectation, you will be disappointed.

Next, there are some misleading statements like the price of Etherium. It did not go up the last month. Lastly, there is some fake scarcity. For example, he says that the program will go down soon because they do not want you to get that software.

I do not say that you will not learn something. But the presentation of the product is not accurate.

I would not recommend Crypto Blueprint because of the decisions that are based on a software and overall, I am not sure that the product is worth the money. The additional upsells are very discouraging.

When it comes on cryptocurrencies, the people who have made money from this market put a lot of hours on researching and learning about this market before getting any results.

It’s a market with a lot of risks because of the huge ups and downs but if this is what you want, study your market. Also, you can read about another alternative below.

A Legit Way To Make Money Online

I can show you what I do to earn money and you can decide if you like it or no.

I am an affiliate marketer. For those who have not heard about affiliate marketing before, it’s the simplest way to start an online business. You do not need to own a product or a huge budget to get started.

You need to put some effort and be willing to learn how it works like any other legit business.

The best affiliate marketers create content for their audience. They publish it on their websites. It works in a few simple steps:

  • Choose your niche.
  • Create content for your audience.
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  • Recommend relevant products and earn a commission per sale.

This is not a way to earn money in a few minutes as some gurus promise. You will build a real business and communicate with people on your website. For more information, check the link below.

Thanks for reading my review on Crypto Blueprint. If you want to share your experience with the program or ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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