Copy My Email System Review: Scam Or $440 A Day?

Copy My Email System Review: Scam Or $440 A Day?Welcome to my review of Copy My Email System. There are some huge claims on the homepage of the program. On this review, you can read if these claims are real or if this is just another online scam.

The last weeks, I have exposed a few online scams. For example, you can read about Smart Cash App and AD Formula. The last one is similar to this system, and you will learn why below.

What Is Copy My Email System?

When you visit this site, it looks like an online business program. There is a headline that promises over $160 per day, the video presentation and a box where you can fill in your name and email.

We can assume at the beginning that it’s another program with huge unrealistic claims. According to this homepage, you are supposed to make money by sending emails.

First of all, I have never heard about this type of jobs or services. Sending emails is the easiest task an online business owner can do. With the autoresponders, everything is automated so no one really needs someone to send his emails.

Even if someone could hire you to do something so simple, he would not pay you so much money.

Also, email marketing is something completely different than sending emails or work from home jobs.

Copy My Email System is another site that promises huge earnings without any effort. You just duplicate the system, and you will become rich. Sorry, but this is not how you can make money online.

Also, in this presentation, there a lot of claims without any proof. Images from expensive cars, random money number and more. I have watched so many similar videos on other programs that these images look familiar.

Anyway, there are no email processing jobs, and online businesses are not looking for relevant services. When a program promises this type of jobs, you can expect that something goes wrong.

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About The Owner

The spokesperson says that he is the owner of the system. He mentions that he has earned over a million dollars by sending emails. He is supposed that travels the world and makes money on autopilot.

The problem with Bobby is that no one knows about him. We cannot contact him, we do not know anything about his companies and there is no way to find any information.

It was not a surprise. Many programs that are not so good, they have unknown owners or owners who do not reveal their real name. I really doubt that he has earned that money. It’s obvious that he does not make money by sending emails but by trying to promote you his “systems”.

Learning from the right people is important. Your results depend on your knowledge and skills. So, make sure that you learn from someone who can prove his earnings or you will try programs and strategies that simply do not work.

Copy My Email System is not one of the programs that sound legit and this guy does not look like someone who has created a profitable online business.

What’s Inside?

The spokesperson said that it is a free program and is going to reveal you a system to earn money online by sending emails. The time this review is written, when you fill in your email, you get redirected to two other pages.

The first one is a page that is supposed to be the system. It asks more details like your address and phone number. When you get inside, you discover that it’s not a free website. There is a big introduction with some random information, and then, they say to go to the first step where you can earn $100 in 10 minutes.

The first step is the following:Copy My Email System inside

As you can see in the image above, you must pay $34 to get started. The video on the first step is just another video presentation to make you buy that system. There are additional costs and upsells too. If you decide to go through their funnel, you will spend hundreds of dollars to get a system that is supposed to send emails.

There is a second website that popups when you fill in your details. The creator of the Copy My Email System promotes with his affiliate link another program. It’s Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. While this is a legit program, it’s not free and it has nothing to do with sending emails. You must pay a lot of money to sign up on this one.

My Final Verdict – Is Copy My Email System A Scam?

There is a lot of misleading information on this program. The video on the homepage shows you some fake news stories, and then, you see a guy who says that he is a millionaire without any proof.

Next, he promises that it’s a free system just to get your contact details. When you give anything he asks, you have to pay to get this system. However, it’s not only one payment but many of them.

Copy My Email System is a scam. There is no real system. To earn money, you must send traffic on the program while they ask you to get deeper into their funnel.

Also, there is no real support or someone to ask for help. You are alone on the members’ area to figure out anything. There is no money back guarantee as well. Most people who have tried this program have not made money. There are a lot of negative reviews and complaints on the internet. So, stay away and try other alternatives.

Here Is How I Make Money Online

The good news is that there are legit ways to make money online. However, I will show you only what I do.

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Where is the catch?

It takes work. If you are tired of the schemes that promise overnight earnings on autopilot, you must try something different.

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Thanks for reading my review on Copy My Email System. It was not a good program. However, if you have a different opinion or you want to ask any questions about it, leave your comment below.

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