commission replicator review - scam or legit?

Commission Replicator Review: Scam Or $1000 Per Day?

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Welcome to my Commission Replicator review. It is a new product that promises thousands of dollars with no effort from your part. There are plenty of products with similar claims on the internet. In this review, you will find out if this is a legit one that delivers the promised results or a scam.

What Is Commission Replicator?

Commission Replicator is a product from Warrior Plus that sells a few funnels. They claim that you will earn $1000 per day just by copy-pasting. This is a typical get-rich-quick hype, and it’s not possible to work as presented.

First, there are many similar products on online marketplaces. For a few examples, you can read about 5 Figure Day Full Throttle, Novelty Site Builder, VViral, and more. Some guys create new launches every few days, promote with spam emails, and promise everything for a few dollars. The owner of Commission Replicator has created multiple programs that are supposed to work overnight too.

If you buy any product like this one, you see some landing pages and basic information. Of course, there are many upsells that cost hundreds of dollars.

Let’s talk specifically about Commission Replicator. On the sales page, it promises that you can copy-paste a system that has made $500,000 in affiliate commissions, automated traffic, 100% done-for-you, results in 24 hours.

Internet marketing does not work in 24 hours with copy-paste. I can’t analyze the problems on that because these claims do not make sense at all. If we could buy a product for $22 and start making $1,000 from the first days, everyone would be rich. People could stop working and buy the systems of these guys.

Making money online or offline takes work. There are no shortcuts, and the guys who sell shortcuts want to get your money. It’s as simple as that.

On the members’ area, there is a product that I will describe below. However, the focus is on the sales page because you can’t see what’s inside without paying. The product is just average with a few landing pages.

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How Does It Work?

The members’ area includes a few short videos and a few funnels. The first thing you can see is a page with the training videos. They include simple instructions on how to set up the product.

Next, you can find a few links that send you to the sales pages. Of course, you need to be an affiliate in marketplaces that sell the products you want to promote. The front-end product has two funnels, even if they advertise fifteen on the sales page.

The main feature of Commission Replicator is that they include bonus pages. They promote the product as a standard sales page, and then it tries to create more value with the bonuses. However, the value of the bonuses is zero. They just use a few fancy headlines to get the attention of the visitor. With a few words, the claims and the bonuses create perceived value for the visitors and not real value.

When it comes to traffic, there is no such thing as automated traffic. If you get these pages, it will be your job to find ways to get visitors. Without traffic, nothing can work. It is ok to go out there and build an audience or invest some money in paid traffic, but you could do the same thing without the product. It does not help you in this process.

The last part of the product is the email swipes. They are pre-written emails that you can copy-paste to your autoresponder and send them to your subscribers. It is fine to use these emails or edit them to look unique.

Every buyer of Commission Replicator will use the same funnels, bonuses, and emails that is something to consider before making your final decision.

How Much Does It Cost?

The starting price is $22.97. As I have already mentioned, there are multiple upsells. The owner has created a very basic product, so you will probably need them.

There are six upsells in total, and their maximum cost can be over $600. Each upsell includes downsells. They will give you more funnels, traffic, tools, and license rights. Of course, I don’t recommend buying upsells unless the front-end product has already worked for you. If the program does not work, you waste more money when you get the upsells.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is real. If you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund by Warrior Plus.

About The Owner

The name of the owner is Glynn Kosky. He has created many products about affiliate marketing and how to to make money. I have reviewed some of them like AffiliSites PRO, High Ticket Hijack, and Freebie Commissions. They use similar claims and a software on the members’ area as well.

So, many people who are active in this category of products as buyers or sellers know him. His job is to create and sell products, but it does not prove that they work. The testimonials are people who create other products in the same marketplace and not regular users.

Is Commission Replicator A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Commission Replicators is not a scam because it sells a product. However, it does not deliver the promised results for most users. Earning one thousand dollars per day takes a lot of work and cannot be achieved with no effort.

Products that make launches like this one work only for those who sell them and their affiliates. They include a basic product, expensive upsells, and say things that do not make sense. For this reason, I don’t recommend Commission Replicator on any other similar product.

The program wants to attract beginners who don’t make any money yet but search for something that works. Many beginners believe in automated systems, passive income, autopilot, etc.

If you have already a source of traffic, you would not care about products like this one. It would be easy to promote a few affiliate products. Also, if you have made money in any way, you know the work it takes. However, most beginners have not figured out yet the process, so these guys try to get their money.

If you check the top internet marketers in any niche, you will see that they actually create good content and know their niche. These guys do not search for the next magic software. They do the work.

It does not mean that these funnels can’t make a few sales. I just say that it cannot work overnight. Getting traffic takes months of work or a budget to pay for it.

How To Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing can work for every beginner, but you must follow the right way. If you start from zero, your problem is not the right landing page or funnel. The first thing you need to care about is how to get traffic. If you don’t have a method to get traffic or budget to pay for it, all the funnels are useless.

On the internet, you can get paid or free traffic. Paid traffic means that you pay to put some ads on different websites. The advertisers pay money per click and get targeted traffic to their websites. It’s a quite simple concept, but you need to learn how to create ads and promote them to the right audience.

A legit program that you can use to learn how to get paid traffic is Super Affiliate System. It has step by step videos, resources to get started, and a nice forum to get help if you need it.

On the other hand, free traffic takes work, but you can keep your money. You will create an audience on a blog, YouTube, or social media. You just need to publish content and grow your audience in one platform. Next, you can promote products that can help them to solve their problems.

You need the right strategy to get traffic and turn into money. Many people create content online, but most of them don’t have a profit. For a great program on free traffic, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. It has top training, tools, and a helpful community for affiliate marketers.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Commission Replicator. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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