commission map review - scam or legit?

Commission Map Review: Scam Or $537 In 24 Hours?

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Welcome to my Commission Map review. It is a new launch by Jamie Lewis, and you will read if this is a scam or a legit opportunity to make money online. Of course, the claims of the program mention up to $537 in 24 hours that does not sound realistic.

What Is Commission Map?

Commission Map is a new digital product that you can find on the marketplace of Warrior Plus. It promises to give you weird niches and traffic sources that will do the work for you.

According to Jamie Lewis, the hardest thing on online marketing is to find the niches, so he is supposed to find them and let you do the rest. However, instead of weird niches, he mentions different products from the marketplace of Clickbank and a few ways to get traffic. So, he does not really give you anything but some instructions.

Also, I do not agree that the hardest thing is to choose your niche. While it’s a part of the process, the most important thing is what you do after that, and Commission Map has not much information for that part.

On the presentation, we can see some standard claims that do not make sense. The members are supposed to make money super fast and easy without actual work. He uses the example of a student and shows different screenshots.

With a few words, this is get-rich-quick hype. Many Warrior Plus products use that hype, and I have reviewed products with the same claims as ViralTek, Ranksnap, and CB Money Vine.

So, all these fancy claims cannot impress me, but it is obvious that something is wrong when they do not explain the product and just mention different numbers.

Another part of the presentation is the fake timer and scarcity. Nothing will happen if the timer goes to zero, and the membership is not limited to some close partners. Many affiliates of the product already promote it around the internet and try to make as many sales as possible.

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How Does It Really Work?

On the video and the sales page, Jamie Lewis talks about weird niches, and this is going to be a program about affiliate marketing, as we can understand by the screenshots and the words that he uses.

While there are many ways to get started with affiliate marketing, he suggests the standard way that the affiliate gets a landing page and tries to send paid traffic.

These weird niches are products that you can find on Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warrior Plus. You don’t get suggestions for niches but suggestions for products to promote. The buyers of Commission Map can find a tool that makes simple searches on these affiliate networks.

These products already exist, and many marketers promote it. Some of them are unknown and do not have many sales, while others are more popular. Also, no one guarantees that these products are legit and deliver what they promise.

If you know how to use the search boxes on these affiliate networks, you can find them by yourself without the help of the product.

Next, Jamie Lewis says that he gives traffic sources. I think the right word is that he recommends a few traffic sources. Most products have some icons next to them with the suggested traffic sources, and usually, they are the same.

There are some videos with training on these traffic sources, but these videos are very short. They do not include strategies or step-by-step training. They show you how to get your first steps, and then you are alone.

He suggests Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook, and Gmail Ads. There are videos about free traffic in which you can use forums, Reddit, Facebook groups, Craiglist, and more.

The bottom line is that you can get a list of products that you can find on free networks and traffic suggestions that you could find for free on blog posts or videos about ways to get traffic.

How Much Does It Cost?

The starting price is $12.95, and there is a downsell to $9.95 that you can get with the exit popup of the sales page. The purpose of the product is to get more and more money for the buyers. While you can start at a low price, there are upsells with additional features inside.

You can find three more upsells with a total cost of $163, and there are downsells on each upsell. Next, you can see other products by Jamie Lewis on the main menu of the members’ area. The products can cost over $1,000 in total, and they have similar claims and marketing strategies.

The 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by Warrior Plus, and you must contact them to get a refund if you don’t like the product.

About Jamie Lewis

Jamie launches new products every few weeks or months. I have reviewed many of them in the past. For example, you can read about Domainer Elite, Affiliate Shortcut, Cash Grab, Bank Ramp, Profit 365, etc.

Some of his products were good, but others were not so good. His focus is on marketing, claims, fancy videos, and not the actual products. In many cases, he has launched parts of older products as new ones. For example, Affiliate Shortcut is a part of Domainer Elite.

I do not say that he is a scammer, or all the products are not worth your money, but he is not consistent with the quality of these products and many times just wants to make a new launch and grab some extra sales.

He has no problem to make unrealistic claims and use get-rich-quick hype on his videos. Also, he has no problem to create a few short videos and launch a product fast instead of adding real value.

Most of his launches start at a low price on the front-end product and include multiple upsells trying to get even the last dollar out of you.

Is Commission Map A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Commission Map is not a scam, but I would not give money about it as well. Jamie Lewis has created a tool that searches for products on a few affiliate networks and a few short videos.

I do not find any value on that. There are already many free resources on the internet that include these topics, and everyone can search on some affiliate networks.

You will not get any resources or tools that you can use to build a website or a funnel, so you don’t have anything to begin. You still need to find and pay for tools that will help you to create your first campaign.

When it comes to the claims, you will not make $537 in 24 hours. These numbers do not make sense. While there are online marketers who make that money, I don’t see how Commission Map helps to achieve that. Also, if you are a beginner, you will need additional information from other sources to make even one sale.

Even if you start with a big budget for paid traffic, there are many things to learn about paid advertising. You need to test landing pages, keywords, traffic sources, etc.

The process of earning money online does not have to be complicated, but you will not make hundreds of dollars overnight. Jamie Lewis wants to sell his product, but the truth is that it takes time and work to start getting results consistently. Commission Map will not really help you with your efforts, so I do not recommend it.

How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer

The process is quite standard on affiliate marketing. You need a product to promote and traffic that converts. Finding a product is the easy part. There are many affiliate programs and networks.

Many big companies have affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, and you can find other programs to promote with a simple Google search.

The difficult part for most beginner affiliates is to find the traffic. It is not easy to send people to check your offers. It makes sense because if you have already an audience, you are not a beginner and you do not need help.

So, the first step is to start building an audience. There are two types of traffic to achieve that. You can use paid and free traffic. Paid traffic is expensive and you can get right away, while free traffic is free and you must work for it. You can choose any strategy of traffic you want. There are successful affiliates that use any strategy.

My top training program for paid traffic is the Super Affiliate System. It is created by a millionaire affiliate and includes all the training and resources you may need.

For free traffic, my top suggestion is Wealthy Affiliate. It has over one million members, top training, the best support you can get, and I am a member as well.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Commission Map. I don’t think that it’s worth your money, so you may consider the other alternatives above. Below, you can leave any comments or questions.

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