CoinChest Review: Scam Or Legit Program To Earn $1000 A Day?

CoinChest Review: Scam Or Legit Program To Earn $1000 A Day?Welcome to my Coinchest review. This is another Clickbank program that promises huge earnings in a short time with any real effort. On this review, you can read if it’s an online scam as it sounds or a legit program to earn $1000 per day.

What Is CoinChest?

CoinChest is presented as a money-making opportunity and a system that is ready to work and not as a training program or something that will teach you a new skill.

The video on the homepage shows you a guy who says that he is the owner and then, you can hear many claims that sound too good to be true. In my opinion, these claims are not accurate.

For example, he mentions that the program is like a license to print money or you will get deposits to your account every morning. Everyone would like to find an application or software that generates money without any work, but it is not how it works.

You will not find any legit way that will make your rich without any actual work from your part. I have reviewed many scams and low-quality products with similar promises.

When it comes on the business model and the way you earn money, the spokesperson talks about cryptocurrencies. It’s not something new. Cryptocurrencies are popular these days on the internet but it would not be my top recommendation to get started online.

A few investors on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become millionaires the last years but they did not achieve that with any application. When you want to invest in anything, you need a good knowledge of the particular topic, a budget to afford any losses and patience.

CoinChest is a Clickbank product. There are many digital products on this marketplace that promises huge earnings without being able to deliver. For other Clickbank products about cryptocurrencies, you can read about Crypto Prophesy and Crypto Coin Sniper.

How Is It Supposed To Work?

coinchest - members areaI guess you want to learn how to get your license to print money. Well, there is some bad news. You will not find such a license.

All the presentation is based on a software and a strategy to help you trade cryptocurrencies. The pieces of software about cryptocurrencies tries to the right move, and the training is supposed to help you to use them.

If these tools and programs could work then everyone on the internet would be rich. It’s not possible to get a tool for a few dollars that will give you $1000 per day.

There are many different types of software, applications, and tools on other money making programs as well. Some of them create secret sites, landing pages, send traffic and more. But they do not deliver the promised results.

The owner of CoinChest has created this program to make money from you. This is how he earns money and not by using this tool.

If you want to learn how to make money in any method, find someone who has made money in the way he teaches before buying. I am not sure that it’s the case here.

On CoinChest, you can see a man on the video who mention the name, Rob Walker. I do not know anyone with that name who have made millions with cryptocurrencies and I could not find information about him on the internet too. It’s a typical situation for many low-quality programs.

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How Much Does It Cost?

You can get the product for $49 on the sales page, and there is a 10 dollar discount for those who will click on the popup of the same page.

Also, inside you will see many upsells that will increase the total price of the product to hundreds of dollars. About the upsells, I have not any information but from my experience, when you cannot make money from the starting product, you will not get results from the upsells as well.

Many people buy every upsell with the hope to find something better or the secret ingredient that will make the system to work. But they waste more money.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee. It is provided by Clickbank so it’s legit. We can be sure that it’s available on the starting price ($49) and the discount but I do not know if you can use it for any extra payments and upsells inside.

In my opinion, the value of the program is much lower than $49. I do not like the tools and applications like the one that is promised here because they do not work as you expect.

My Final Verdict – Is CoinChest A Scam?

The owner of the program promises huge earnings here. On the headline, you can see the claim that the system makes for him $1000 a day.

I do not think it’s possible to earn that amount of money with CoinChest. In my opinion, this is a very low-quality program. Also, the legit programs present how they work and what you can find inside in detail. Some of them offer a free trial or membership as well.

When you watch a lengthy video about a product and at the end of the video, you have a number of promises but you do not know what exactly you will buy, something goes wrong.

The screenshots and the images do not prove anything. On the internet, there are many ways to find anything you want. You can see a few screenshots with earnings in most online scams.

The missing ingredient is not a secret strategy or software. If you want to make money with cryptocurrencies, you must learn more about this topic. The best investors spend many hours per day on learning as more information as possible for the topics they consider to invest.

The same applies when you want to start an online business. You do not have to find a secret recipe. Many strategies and techniques that work are out there, available for everyone. However, most people do not take action or they are not willing to put the required effort.

Here Is Something That Really Works

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I will not recommend something relevant to cryptocurrencies.

The good news is that you can start right now a real online business. Let me show you:

I recommend learning more about affiliate marketing. It’s a legit business model that it does not require to own a product, a budget, or any technical experience.

If you are willing to learn something new, apply the strategy and work hard on it, you can get good results.

There are many types of affiliate marketers but the most successful and profitable create content for their audience. These days work two things, blogging and video. You can do any of them. I have chosen the first one. The only task is to write for topics that people already search on the internet.

I have created a guide about my strategy that you can read for free. On this guide, there are some resources and I use the tools of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Thanks for reading my review on CoinChest. In my opinion, it’s not a good program. However, if you have a different opinion or any questions, leave your comment below.

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