Clone My Sites Review: $1000 A Day Starting Today Or Scam?

Clone My Sites Review: $1000 A Day Starting Today Or Scam?Welcome to my Clone My Sites review. It’s a program with many red flags, unrealistic claims, and misleading information. It does not look like a legit website, and when I visited the sales page, it reminded me of another online scam.

On this review, you can read what you can expect from the program and if it can help you to make money online.

What Is Clone My Sites?

The program is supposed to be created by the spokesperson of the video on the homepage with the name, Jake. So, Jake says that he is a millionaire who earned his money with some secrets websites that he can set them up in with a few clicks.

To make money with Clone My Sites, you just need to clone Jake’s sites and sit back to wait for your earnings. These sites are supposed to earn money with affiliate marketing. We can see the screenshots from Clickbank and other affiliate programs.

The owner of the site wants to sell an idea that we have seen on many online scams. You just need the right system to become a millionaire and their system is the right one. It works on autopilot, and you do not have to work for it. Of course, you can buy a system that creates millionaires for a few dollars.

All these claims do not make sense. If you want to build a profitable business or earn money in any way, you must do something about it. You must offer a service, a product, or you simply have to work.

From a technical perspective, affiliate marketing does not work with duplicated websites. You need unique and helpful content to get traffic to a site. Search engines do not like the pre-made sites, social media do not wants to link sites that do not add value to the user.

Some people create duplicated pages and send traffic with paid advertising, but this is not what this program recommends, and it takes money to make money with paid advertising. It does not work on autopilot or anything like that.

So, the clone sites of the program have not any real chance to produce results for you. It will be a waste of time to try to make them work too.

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Owner and Testimonials

The program tries to convince us that there is a real system that generates a lot of money. To support the claims, there are a few screenshots that belong to the owner and a few people who say they have tested the system.

First of all, these screenshots do not prove anything. Most online scams use screenshots. They can find them on Google with a simple search or they can create a few of them.

Next, the only information we have about the owner is the name, Jake. There are images with random numbers that are supposed to be Jake’s earnings with these clone sites.

Lastly, there are few testimonials. The only complete names we can find on this program are the names of two testimonials. However, if you search for their names on the internet, you will not find anything about these guys. With a few words, you cannot find or confirm any of the persons who are mentioned in the video.

It has an available email on the bottom of the page but we do not know who will receive these emails. Good luck on getting help from the support.

Similar To Another Online Scam

I have mentioned many times similarities between online business programs. However, Clone My Sites is the same with One Click Payday, another online scam that I reviewed a few days ago.

When I took a look at the disclaimer on the bottom of the page, I realized that I had read that disclaimer again. It’s copy-pasted. Then, it was easy to figure out that the only difference between the two programs is the video.

On the disclaimer, it mentions that the typical purchaser does not make money with this system and there is a mistake as well. Instead of the name of the program, it mentions the name of another one. One Click Payday has the same disclaimer, and I guess we will discover other similar programs in the future.clone my sites - disclaimer

You can find on One Click Payday the same structure and colors on the homepage, the same downsells, and they sell a software that creates duplicates websites as well. They are smart enough to change the name of the owner and the testimonials but everything else, it’s the same.

How Much Does It Cost?

The starting cost of Clone My Sites is $37, but there are many upsells and two downsells. You can get the downsells when you remain to the page with the exit popup. The first out gives a $10 discount and the second one a $20 discount. So, the starting cost can move down to $27 and $17.

Inside you can expect to find upsells from the beginning. If you decide to stick with the program and follow the funnel, the total cost will be hundreds of dollars for a program that simply does not work. The real value is close to zero and I would not expect an improvement with the upsells. They are tricks to get more money from your pockets.

There is a 60-day money back guarantee. I am not sure if it applies for the downsells or the upsells but it seems that if you buy the program for $37, you have two months to ask your money back.

My Final Verdict – Is Clone My Sites A Scam?

It’s another low-quality product that with unrealistic claims and misleading information. There is no value in these clone sites because they do not work.

You need real sites with unique content to make money online. If you check the websites you like to visit daily, they probably are not clones of another website. Most people would not visit a duplicated site but the original directly.

Sites with duplicated content used to work some years ago. They could trick search engines by spamming around the internet. Search engines are more clever these days than a few years ago. They want to provide top quality to their visitors, and they achieve it.

You can get ideas from other sites or try to do something better than someone else. However, buying a program to get clone sites, it’s not the way to go.

Also, the cost, the upsells and the wrong information can do more bad than simply spending $37. Many people have lost a lot of money on low-quality products or wasted a lot of time because they learned the wrong information.

The only way to avoid the online scams is by joining on legit and popular programs. The legit programs have real owners and real testimonials that can prove everything they say. In my opinion, a great training to build your own website would be Wealthy Affiliate. For another alternative, read about Super Affiliate System by John Crestani.

How I Earn Money Online

I am an affiliate marketer and member of Wealthy Affiliate where I help fellow members every day. For this reason, I have created a guide on how to use Wealthy Affiliate to get started online.

Read about my strategy here!

It’s a free guide, and anyone can use it. You can get ideas to find your niche, read how I do my keyword research and my content strategy.

While it’s easy to start an affiliate marketing business, many people are not willing to learn new things or they are not ready to do the work it takes to build a business. These are the only requirements: learn and work!

Thanks for reading my review on Clone My Sites. You can leave your own opinion for the program or ask any questions below.

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