Clickbank University Review – Is Your First Check Waiting?

Clickbank University ReviewClickbank University Review

Product Name: Clickbank University
$47 per month + upsells
Matt Hullet, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan
Overall Rank: 
55 out of 100

What Is ClickBank University?

Most affiliate marketers learn about Clickbank University when they create an account on Clickbank. From the first days, they will send you many spam emails to make you buy their product.

When I first saw their sales video, I thought that it would help me to make my first sale as an affiliate. They do not say it clearly but they say that “the biggest rush online is to make your first Clickbank sale”. You cannot blame anyone who thinks that they will help affiliate marketers to make sales.

However, it is not the case. They have created Clickbank University for people who want to create their own products and become vendors on Clickbank.

The bad thing is that they present the product in a misleading way for the beginners who want to get started with affiliate marketing. They make them buy a product that they do not need.

As a product for vendors, it is a legit one. I would definitely recommend it for people who want to create a digital product. But if you are a total beginner on online marketing or you want to become an affiliate marketer, stay away from it.

So, if you are interested to become a Clickbank’s vendor, you can expect to buy a regular Clickbank’s product.

I mean that you that will find some guides relative to the business model, you will see that it is not so easy to make money as they say on the sales page and there are needed upsells inside.

If you want to start with this program, make sure that you can pay more money later. Upsells is a strategy that most people hate when they buy a product online and you will see some upsells inside the program too.

Below you can see the pros and the cons of the product.


  • Good training for Clickbank’s vendors
  • Easy to follow lessons
  • Good website builder


  • Upsells
  • It is not helpful for affiliate marketers
  • Beginners have better alternatives
  • Poor support

Who Is Clickbank University For?

If you are an affiliate marketer and you expected some help to build your website or learn a way to promote Clickbank products, it is not what you are looking for.

You will not learn anything about SEO or keyword research. Only some list building information could be helpful for an affiliate marketer.

Is it any good for beginners?

Well, if you are a beginner, you can learn many new things. It is not the way that I recommend on this website but sure, it is a legit one.

The training is easy for a beginner to understand and you will not have any problem to get started.

However, I recommend to beginners to start without creating a product and just promoting other people products. With this way, you can learn the basics of online marketing like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and much more without worrying about customer service, support, and unhappy customers until you are ready.

When you learn how to get traffic and make sales you can create your own product and follow any way you want. It is just my opinion and a good training program to learn that way is Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Included In The Training?

Training is good in overall and it will teach you everything you need to create your own products (if you buy the upsells). But it is not great on marketing as it lacks in some parts and you may need help outside the program if you are a total beginner.

The main idea is that you will get visitors from social media and you will build your list with them. They are not new ideas and you will not find any creative ways to attract visitors.

One of the upsells is the Clickbank website builder, it will help you to build your websites and it is really important to get started. It makes the process much easier and you will need it if you have not build a website before.

So, it is a great training for people who want to learn how to create a product and the website builder will help you. However, the techniques to get traffic and build your list are not anything special.

How Is The Support?

Many people think that they will get a guide and they will make money just by following it. It is not so simple. When you apply any method, you are going to make mistakes. Even the best marketers make mistakes sometimes.

For this reason, good support is really important for any making money product.

But Clickbank University support does not work. Members questions do not take an answer for many days in the comment section under the training.

The owners should be more active when they earn so much money from every member.

How Much Does It Cost?

The standard price is at $47/month and there are two upsells.

  • Clickbank Website Builder costs $297/year
  • Clickbank Advanced Masterclass $97
    Clickbank University Pricing

    The image is from the affiliates page of the Clickbank University

In my opinion, you will need the website builder from the beginning to build your first website unless you know how to build it by yourself. Also, the Advanced Masterclass will help you and if you have already pay for the website builder and the monthly fee, I guess that will buy the last upsell too.

You do not buy a program that costs $47/month but a product that costs $344 to get started. Make sure that you can afford that money before you join.

I think that it is an expensive one and I am sure that you can find cheaper business opportunities and training programs online.

My Final Verdict

It is a product that will teach you some new things about product creation if you want to become a Clickbank’s vendor. If you want to start with this business model it may worth your money.

But if you are an affiliate marketer, you will not get any help. It is not a product that helps affiliate marketers to make sales or get traffic to their links.

For those who just looking for online business opportunities, I inform you that it is an expensive product but yes, it is a legit one.


Product Name: Clickbank University
$47 per month + upsells
Matt Hullet, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan
Overall Rank: 
55 out of 100

Thanks for reading my review of Clickbank University, leave your comment below if you have any question or you want to share your experience with this program.

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