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Clickbank For Beginners – 5 Steps To Success (2018 Update)

Making money from Clickbank can be complicated for beginners if you have not a business model that works. You can make a niche site to send targeted traffic to the Clickbank’s products you promote. It is a similar strategy but I have made some changes to work better with ClickBank.

The core idea is the same, we need to find a niche and create a website where your visitors can find you. I know that many people are looking to get started without a website, I am sorry but you cannot build an online business without a site or without creating content.

In some cases, you can create content on another platform and get targeted traffic. But you still need to read this guide.

So in this post, you will learn how to find a profitable niche, build a website, get traffic and monetize it properly.

1. Pick Up Your Niche

Choosing your niche is not a tough process but it is an important decision. You choose the topic of online business.

I created a guide some weeks ago on how to choose a profitable niche in Clickbank.

The best way to get started is to find a niche that you already know and you like to talk about.

Let me explain:

I will not describe the same process here but I will show you a way to find niche ideas. Before visiting Clickbank’s marketplace and start browsing products, take a piece of paper and write down a list of some possible niches that you would like to get started.

Do not worry about products and commissions in the first place but find out things that you really like.

It can be anything like your favorite movies, your favorite sport, a hobby, a skill, or an experience you want to share.

After writing that list, choose the one that motivates you more than the others.

Then, go to the link above and follow the process until finding your niche in Clickbank. However, you do not have to give up your niche if you cannot find good products on ClickBank.

There are many other affiliate programs to get started with.

Lastly, you can also use a keyword tool like Jaaxy to make keyword research to figure out any potential opportunities in any niche.

Jaaxy will help you to find low competition sub-niches with many searches per month. You can get started directly with Jaaxy but it would be better to find out what you like before using it.

Anyway, do not overthink this step. Many people stuck here and spent days or weeks. Do not make this mistake, find a topic you like and go to the next step.

2. Build A Website

If you have selected a niche, you need to start building your new website.

This step will start by choosing your own domain name. You need a domain relevant to your niche if an exact match domain is not available. You are looking for a domain that is easy to write and remember.

Do not be afraid to be creative with your domain name but do not spend too much time either.

Next, you need to build your website.

My advice is to look for a good hosting provider for WordPress.

WordPress is the best choice because you do not need any technical knowledge or experience. Also, you can find many responsive and fast-loading themes for free. It could help you to get ranked better on search engines.

Most online marketers these days use WordPress because it has a great user experience and it easy to manage and make changes. It has a learning curve but anyone can learn to use it effectively.

3. Create Content

When you have a website, you can add content. In the beginning, you need an about page to introduce yourself and talk about the reasons you have created this site.

After creating your about page, you need a privacy policy page and an affiliate disclosure page because most of the affiliate programs are asking for them. These are the basic pages that every website should have.

A website needs to help people to find information and solve their problems. It must be clear to your content how you will help them.

So, the next step is to create the main pages of your website. I cannot tell you what to write because every niche has a different audience but a good way to get started is by taking ideas from other sites in your niche.

Creating content is not a one-time job. You want to add new posts and pages regularly with helpful information. It helps to get ranked higher on search engines and make your visitors return to your site.

Sorry, but creating content is not optional.

4. How To Get Traffic

You need visitors to read your content. If you can not get traffic, you cannot make sales and no one will learn about your site. But you do not want any type of traffic.

You want targeted traffic because only in this way you can make sales.

With a few words, you must find people who are highly interested in reading your content. As you have suspected, I talk about traffic from search engines like Google and Bing.

I think that any online marketer has heard about SEO. However, there are many myths that discourage people to get started.

The best training program to learn how to get organic traffic from search engines is Wealthy Affiliate and you can try it for free. You will understand the process from the first lessons.

Another obvious way to get traffic is social media. You should share your content and engage with people in your niche. You need to create profiles at least on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest.

There are many ways to get free traffic online but I would focus on SEO and social media at the beginning.

5. How To Make Money

If you have made all the steps above and you get targeted traffic, you will make money. The easy way is to add some affiliate links to your content when you write something relevant to the product you promote.

A second way is to build a list and make offers by sending emails. You can offer a freebie in exchange for your readers’ email or just a promise for a newsletter.

The problem is that Clickbank’s products are unknown to most people. So, you need more skills to sell them.

You could make more sales with “how-to” articles or articles that show how a product works. Again, it depends on your niche. However, you will get paid well for your work. Clickbank gives you commissions from 50% to 75%.

If you have not a ClickBank account yet, click here to create a free one.

Some affiliate programs that convert better have lower commissions. For example, Amazon Accossiates has a maximum of 10% commissions and is considered the easiest program to make your first sales.

But you can add affiliate links from different programs. You can monetize your website in any way you may want and it is fine to test what works better for you.

Last Thoughts

Taking action is crucial to be successful in the online world. It is the first step but the most important.

Then you need to build your own brand if you want people to trust you and make sales. A website is the better way to achieve that.  It is ok if you are not great at the beginning, you will improve your skills soon.

My last piece of advice is to ask for help when you need it. When you start your online adventure it is natural to make mistakes, no one can avoid. If you stuck on them, it might be the end of your business.

Most people try to do everything alone and they usually fail or cannot see any result for years. When you have someone to guide and show you what mistakes to avoid, you can expect better results for sure.

The best way to get help is by joining a community of online marketers. I have said many times on this site that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been helped by other members many times the last few months and I help others when is possible.

It is not the only place where you can get help but it is a great one. It has thousands of members who have the same goals and dreams as you.