click4kash review - scam or legit?

Click4Kash Review: Scam Or Legit?

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Welcome to my Click4Kash review. It is a website similar to older ones that I have reviewed. So, you will find out if it is a scam or a legit way to make up to $500 today with social media. There are many big claims and information that you need to consider before getting started.

What Is Click4Kash?

According to the homepage, Click4Kash is supposed to be an influencer network that you can use to make a lot of money by sharing a link on social media. The first problem starts with the term influencer network. It makes sense that most people cannot understand this term because there is no such thing as an influencer network.

We find this term on a series of scams that have a similar homepage and the same members’ area. For example, you can read about Tap2Cash, ShareCash, and Money Genie. There are many similar websites, and new ones are created every few days. All these sites do not pay the members, even if they meet their requirements.

The next scam alert is the claim about earning $500 today. Starting from zero and making so much money in one day is unlikely in any legit way. These claims just try to get your attention, but they are not real. It’s not possible to make $500 today with a few tasks and copy-pasting some links.

Many people can’t figure out that this is a scam because there is no joining fee. It is a free website, so they create an account. Click4Kash and the other copies of this scam collect the data of the members. Then, they can use it for a profit by selling it or promoting different offers.

Once you create a new account, you fill in your name and email address. Later, you may add your phone number or any payment details. They can use all these details.

The problem is that the members’ area is very misleading like the homepage. They have a process with referrals and tasks that looks legit. So, most members cannot discover that something goes wrong until requesting a cashout.

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How Does It Work?

If you create a free account, you will get a $50 sign up bonus. Next, there is a number of tasks and referrals that you need to complete. When you do any of these actions, they add money to your Click4Cash’s account, but you will never see that money to your bank account.

Referrals: There is a referral link on the dashboard. They say that you can make $2 per click on that link and $10 per new referral. The problem is that these rewards do not make sense. There are no legit referral programs that pay so much money per click. Also, they do not pay for free referrals. It’s ok to make money when your referrals buy something or do some actions. However, the website will lose money if they pay for free clicks and referrals.

$40 TaskWall: They advertise tasks like surveys and apps for $40. If you have any experience with survey sites, you know that they do not pay more than a few cents per survey. $40 for surveys is a scam alert.

However, these tasks are not surveys at all. When you choose any of them, they will redirect you on a third party website that will request your phone number. Then, they charge you for every text message they send you.

Social Media Submissions: The site gives you specific instructions to submit your referral link on social media. If you do that, they promise different rewards. 

For a YouTube video and a link on your Instagram profile, they promise $50. When you tweet their link or post it on Facebook, they promise $10 for each post. At the same time, they allow you to get credit for any clicks or referrals from these actions. These rewards are too high as well. A short YouTube video and a few links are not worth so much money in legit sites.

You Will Not Get Paid

There is a minimum cashout limit of $200 that is ridiculously high for any website and some requirements that you don’t know before completing any tasks. Their goal is to keep you on the website as long as possible without paying you.

If you stick to the site and meet these requirements, they will allow you to request a cashout. They will get your payment details as well. After that, you will wait for weeks or months without any updates. In some cases, they reject your payment for fraud clicks.

The truth is that there are no payment proofs from this website. There is a page with some screenshots, but these proofs are not real. Also, the testimonials on the images are not real members. The owner has added these images from other websites and added a few words next to them.

Lastly, the videos say only words and do not prove anything. The same applies to YouTube videos and other places on the internet that promote Click4Kash. The bottom line is that they don’t pay, and we can’t find any payment proof from this site or other copies of the same scam.

No Owner Or Contact Details

The last scam alert of the site is the lack of important information. While they use some misleading information, you can’t learn about the owner or any company behind this site. They claim they are online for the last ten years, but the truth is that the site is a few months old.

There is an email that no one replies back and a few social media accounts with only a few likes or followers. For example, their Facebook page has only 300 likes, while their Instagram profile has only three published posts. So, this is an unknown website without any support at all.

Is Click4Kash A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Click4Kash is a copy of other scams that use the same information and members’ area. They will not pay you no matter how much money you have earned.

Everything on the homepage and the members’ area are misleading. They plan to get the contact information. Once a user creates a new account, the members’ area tries to make them share the link and complete the tasks. In this way, they can get even more members and earn advertising revenue from these third-party companies.

If you don’t share your phone number, you can’t lose money directly. However, you can meet the requirements too. The best decision you can take after sharing your phone number is to unsubscribe if possible.

Sites like Click4Kash close after a few months. It is logical to expect the same thing here. When people figure out that this is a scam, they start complaining and leave negative comments around the internet. The owners close the oldest sites and create new ones under different domain names.

There are some places on the internet that promote them. When someone promotes a site like this one, it’s a good idea to stay away from them in the future. They are extremely misleading and will figure out ways to get the attention of other people again.

How To Make Money On The Internet

While there are many ways to get started online, I can tell you my top suggestions and you can decide if you like them or not.

First, if you don’t want to put any work or not have not enough available time, you can start with online surveys. The rewards are low, but you can earn some extra bucks per month. For two top survey sites, you can read about Swagbucks and ySense. They are popular sites with millions of members and are online for years.

If you are willing to do the work and want to make a full-time income, my top suggestion is affiliate marketing. It is an online business model that any beginner can apply.

Affiliate marketers promote other people’s products and earn commissions when they make a sale. The range of the commissions varies from 5% to 75%, depending on the product and the company. Thee are some top companies that have created affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.

As an affiliate marketer, you will learn to help other people online and recommend quality products that solve their problems. It is not about promoting things on your friends or relatives and can’t work by spamming a few links on social media.

For a top training program with step by step training on affiliate marketing, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. It has a helpful community and great tools to start your own online business.

Affiliate marketing is a long-term opportunity and not a money-making trick. If you put the work to build your business, you can get amazing results like other marketers who have done before you.

Thanks for reading my review on Click4Kash. It was not a legit site, but there are better alternatives. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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