citizenme review - legit

CitizenMe Review: Legit App For Paid Surveys?

citizenme review - legit

Welcome to my CitizenMe review. This is a legit website that you can use to earn some extra money in your free time.

The concept is not unique because there are many applications for paid surveys so, in this review, you can read how it works and if it is worth your time.

What Is CitizenMe?

CitizenMe is a website that helps companies to make market research and users to make some extra money by answering simple questions.

It’s a typical online company that creates surveys. However, you can’t complete these surveys to their website but you must download an app.

The process is very simple and this is one of the benefits of CitizenMe. It’s very easy and straightforward to use their app and complete these surveys. You will not find any distractions or tricks as you try to navigate through the website or the app.

An important difference of CitizenMe from other alternatives apps and websites is the way they store your data.

Most survey sites collect use your data in any way they want for their benefit and you do not even know about that. CitizenMe uses a completely different method. They store your data and you have access to it. Then, it’s on you to use it or no.

With a few words, they respect your privacy and let you know what information they have collected for you. If you do not like it, you don’t answer relevant questions.

Next, there are no restrictions based on your location. You can join from any country in the world. However, the available surveys will depend on your demographics. You may not get enough surveys in some countries. Also, before getting started, you need to make sure that you can receive payments in your country.

How To Make Money With CitizenMe

The only way to make money with CitizenMe is by completing surveys. You will not find any additional tasks or offer like some GPT sites. Also, the company has not created a referral program at all.

The surveys are a little different than most survey sites. You will not find big rewards. Most of them pay 10-20 cents but they are much shorter than the average online surveys.

This is not a problem for most members because you don’t have to spend a lot of time for every single survey. This process has pros and cons and you may like it.

However, you will find many disqualification issues like most survey sites. I think that you will not finish the most surveys you will start. So, you will spend some time answering questions that you cannot finish.

As you can understand, the disqualifications will reduce your potential earnings with that site because you will spend a lot of time without being able to get paid.

The number of the available surveys is limited as well. It depends on the demographics but I think they are not as many as other top websites.

The good news is that there are some notifications that let you know when a survey may fit your demographics. But these notifications will appear to other members as well.

It seems that for every survey, they need a specific number of participants so you must see the notification and start answering questions in time.

In my opinion, there are some benefits to complete surveys on CitizenMe but there are some problems as well like most survey websites and apps.

How To Get Paid

You can only cash out through PayPal. The good news is that CitizenMe has not a minimum payout limit.

That means you can receive your money to your PayPal account every time you complete a survey. If you cannot create a PayPal account for any reasons, you can still join the website but you will not receive your money.

Also, you have the options to complete surveys and donate your rewards to charities. For those who prefer gift cards and other ways to get paid, they must look for other places to earn money.

Pros and Cons


1. Instant payments: It’s great to complete a survey and get your money instantly to your PayPal account.

2. No cash out limit: Most complaints on survey sites is about the time it takes to receive your earnings. It happens because of the huge cash out limits. However, you will not face a problem like this on CitizenMe. You can get paid even for only one survey no matter how small or big the reward is.

3. User friendly: The application is easy to use, the process straighforward and you will not find any difficult or complicated questions.

4. Fun process: You can complete the surveys super fast. This makes the process super easy and fun. Many members say that they enjoy completing surveys on CitizenMe.

5. Legit website: They send your earnings to your PayPal account every time. There are no surprises and no complaints on that part of the website.


1. Too many disqualifications: The disqualification rate is very big and it can be frustrating for the members who focus on making money because they waste much of their free time.

2. Not enough surveys: The number of available surveys is limited even if the website breaks them down in shorter surveys. You must log in with no delays when you get a notification.

3. Side income site: You already know that your potential earnings from paid surveys are low. It’s not possible to earn more than a few dollars per week or per month.

My Final Verdict

CitizenMe is a legit website and you will get paid every time you complete a survey. However, you must evaluate if it’s worth your time and the disqualifications can be an issue for some of you.

Comparing to other alternatives for surveys, it a decent option. While you will not become rich, you will enjoy using the application and there are no unpleasant surprises from their part.

These days many survey sites struggle to deliver what they promise so when we find something that still works, it can be only a good thing.

When it comes to your options to make money, I know you can find better alternatives. Even if you want to complete simple tasks, you can earn more on GPT sites like Swagbucks and ClixSense.

They include more survey from third-party platforms and additional offers or tasks. They are side income websites as well but there are more opportunities on these sites.

For those who are interested in making a full-time income on the internet, they must look for something completely different. The simple tasks do not pay well because everyone can do them. So, here is something that really works but most people will not.

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Thanks for reading my review on CitizenMe. It was a legit survey site in which you can earn some extra dollars. If you want to add your opinion about the site or ask any questions, leave your comment below.