chris farrell membership review

Chris Farrell Membership Review

Many people are looking for guides on how to make money online. One approach to learning how to earn online is using various membership programs. However, people are presented with very many programs with each program claiming to be the best and promising great results.

One of these membership programs is Chris Farrell membership. Below is Chris Farrell membership review to help users out there searching for a guide on making money online make an informed decision.

What is Chris Farrell Membership Program?

Chris Farrell Membership is a program that intends to show novices how to earn on the web through web promoting. It is a 21-day training program supposed to break the essentials of web advertising for apprentices and help them earn cash on the web.

Some of the concepts that this program aims to give incorporate are setting up a three-page site and how to run it. The program will guide one on identifying a niche, getting emails from individuals in that niche, and afterward advertise items to them.

Furthermore, the program gives the essentials of making a web hosting account, article promoting, building a site from scratch, basics of online social bookmarking, and social media among different rudiments of web advertising.

About The Founder

This membership program was made by Chris Farrell, who is an outstanding and regarded web marker. Chris lives in Beverly Hills, California, but was originally from London, UK. He began online in 2008, where he began from a foundation where he had no past understanding of web marketing.

Extraordinarily in 6 months, he made $250 in numerous days, and after 9 months, this had expanded to $1000 every day. In August 2010, Chris even made over $1,000,000 in sales in only 24 hours. Being a successful internet marketer, Chris seeks to help other individuals who are attempting to make it on the web, where he came up with the Chris Farrell membership program.

Who is it for?

This program is for both beginners who are totally new to earning on the web and existing site owners who are hoping to develop their business. This program will help with the basics and help you to set up your own online business with a well-ordered guide.

However, once you feel comfortable around the basics of web-based advertising, you will exceed this program rapidly as it won’t offer much further value.

Chris Farrell Membership Pricing

There is a 7-day trial where you pay $4.95 (join here). From that point, you have two alternatives:

Pay $37 month to month with no free web hosting.

Pay $297 yearly, which accompanies free web hosting.

Domain names are excluded, and you’ll be required to pay around $10 to $15 a year for that.

In addition to the enrollment, there is an upsell:

Mentor Me program: $997 for private training and coaching.

Chris Farrell Membership Features

Free Unlimited Hosting

This is one of the features you will enjoy with this program when you sign up. You don’t need to struggle to get the best company for hosting or struggle with the details of setting up an account with a new hosting organization. You will be guided through on getting your site up and running with the hosting servers and takes away the disappointment learners regularly confront with setting name servers, and so on.


You will learn how to make a site. You will access tutorials guiding you on the steps required to construct your site.

These tutorials are intended for the complete apprentices. However, it can likewise be useful for individuals with a few aptitudes in this website building. They can update their abilities or skip it along these lines making their training quicker.

Can get a complete site

You will gain access to a complete site. If you don’t have sufficient time or the aptitude required to build your own site, you can easily gain from this. You simply need to download the ready-made site and follow the guideline on the best way to transfer it to the web.


You will have entry to support. The most critical thing that most learners need is support. If you have any questions, you can find solutions to them easily from Chris and his group. The Chris Farrell Membership customer support is extremely useful and quick at answering to individuals’ needs, and that is a critical aspect in considering this program beneficial.

Chris Farrell Membership Trainings Tools

This program has several tools and training types.

10 Minutes to Success

This is the main training course with 31 videos which incorporates lessons on the accompanying topics:

  • How to make your first few website pages and landing page
  • Pick a profitable niche
  • Pick a decent domain name
  • Obtain web hosting
  • Install Word Press
  • Set up an autoresponder
  • Compose and make emails by use of an autoresponder

OP Lite Course

This course is meant for individuals with an idea of which niche to go for. In this 17 video course, you will figure out how to set up your site, building landing pages, and setting up your autoresponder.

Done For You

This training tool is meant for those with no idea on which niche they want. It assists individuals with ready-made niches.


There are a few other video courses on a wide variety of topics, for example,

Money Making Lab

A course that instructs about traffic methods, growth procedures, Facebook Ads, sales channels, making membership styles, among others.

I Love Traffic

A course particularly on both natural and paid traffic.

Word Press Wealth

A course on the fundamentals of utilizing Word Press

Understanding Facebook

A course that shows you how to make a Facebook page and drive activity

How to Make Money Online

A course fundamentally on the web advertising

Video Made Easy

A course on the best way to make videos and advertise them

Chris Farrell membership Pros and Cons


  • It’s exceptional “Novice” (as is commonly said in the business) cordial, giving bunches of data to the starter.
  • It is easy to begin, and with the program offering you a 30-day unconditional guarantee, you could give it a try to check whether it is for you.
  • There are smaller courses giving fundamental PC aptitudes like video downloading and clarifications on what a niche is and how to begin a WordPress blog.
  • Website formats that permit any tenderfoot to make a webpage.
  • There is a support forum if assistance is required.


  • There’s no free start-up with this program.
  • It doesn’t run extremely inside and out with SEO (site improvement), Keyword research, or niche competition, which are critical.
  • There are a couple of extra additional items which are not clarified at the starting point and are excluded in the month to month cost.
  • It’s not for anybody hoping to increment past the fundamental level of learning in web advertising.


The Chris Farrell membership program is an awesome program for you in case you’re new to web advertising, have extremely constrained computer abilities, or if you have a specific enthusiasm for email advertising. Chris has prevailed with regards to making some captivating substance, simple to follow video tutorials and well-ordered guidelines on how to begin.

Nonetheless, you may well end up realizing that there is significantly more you need to learn, and Chris does not go into more developed expertise, so it is constrained in that limit. Simply know that in the long run, you should go look for another training program since this one does not have sufficient support, and it is outgrown easily.


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