CB Passive Income 5.0 Review: Scam Or Legit? (2018 Update)

CB Passive Income 5.0 Review: Scam Or Legit? (2018 Update)

CB Passive Income 5.0 reviewWelcome to my CB Passive Income 5.0 review. I have reviewed the two previous versions of the program and here is the new one. CB Passive Income is a legit affiliate marketing system but there are pros and cons like any other product.

On this post, you can read how exactly it works and what you can expect if you decide to take action.

What Is CB Passive Income 5.0?

CB Passive Income is an affiliate marketing system created by Patric Chan. With this program, he helps beginners to make money with Clickbank as affiliate marketers.

Patric Chan is a best selling author and successful internet marketer who wants to help people to start their own online business. He has created other products as well. For example, you can read my review about Blogging Guru Blueprint which is a legit program about blogging. Also, he has published some ebooks on Amazon about success and money.

CB Passive Income is a high gravity Clickbank product (best selling). It was the number one for many months the last few years and it would not be a surprise if it will climb in the first place again.

On this site, I have reviewed many Clickbank products. Many of them were not so good. However, CB Passive Income is a legit one. Many big names on the affiliate marketing have promoted it before. Also, I have personally tried it and checked the resources on the members’ area.

Most beginners believe that internet marketing and building an online business is too complicated because some people support these opinions to sell their products.

For this reason, Patric created CB Passive Income which is a super simple program to get started online. I think that anyone who has a laptop and a connection to the internet can use this system. The bad news is that you don’t completely control your business.

Your success and your earnings with this program depend on Patric Chan’s performance. Of course, he is a top marketer and you can expect good results.

How Does It Work?

The reason why you don’t control every part of your business is because CB Passive Income is responsible for a few things.

The business model is the following:

  • You send traffic to a landing page that is created by CB Passive Income.
  • The landing pages have a professional design and offer to your visitors a free gift.
  • If the visitors give their email address to get the freebie, they receive emails and offers from the autoresponder of the program (by Patric Chan).
  • When they buy something, you earn a commission.CB Passive Income system

If you want to start an online business from scratch, you must be responsible for all these steps. However, if you send traffic to the landing pages of the program, you are responsible only for the first part.

This is the best part of the system:

You can completely focus and master your traffic game. Just find a way to send targeted traffic. There are some good guides about traffic on the members’ area as well.

This system has some funs and some people who do not like it. It makes sense that when the quality of the traffic is not good enough, you will not make enough sales or not sales at all. For this reason, you must do good work on this part.

Lastly, you have the option to outsource even the only task that you must handle. There is an outsource promotion. It costs some extra money but in this way you can sit back and wait.

To get results from this program, you must be willing to trust the system. The reputation of the owner helps you to expect good things to happen. So, it’s on you to give it a try and make it work.

What’s Included In The Training?

When you get on the members’ area, there is an introduction to the program and how it works and then, you can get started with the training.CB Passive Income Inside

You can find two steps:

1. On the first step, the users of CB Passive Income will set up their profile. The most important step is to fill in your Clickbank ID. Without a Clickbank account, you cannot use the program. It’s free to create one and available to many countries.

2. After setting up your profile, you can get your links and start sending traffic to the landing pages. On this version of the program, there is training for three different ways to get traffic:

Solo Advertising:

It’s an easy way to get started because you just need to find internet marketers who will allow you to send on their lists. It works well on the internet marketing niche and the cost is affordable most of the times.

You will get a 35 page PDF ebook on solo advertising. The ebook is unique and included great training that covers all the aspects of this method.

Bing Ads:

Bing is the second biggest search engine in the world. Many online marketers love Bing Ads. On the training, you can find two videos of 30 minutes length each one. It will be easy to learn how to use Bing Ads with CB Passive Income.

There is also a link to the training on the official page of Bing Ads to get more information.

Free Youtube Traffic Training:

For those who do not want to spend money to send traffic on their landing pages, it is recommended to get started with YouTube. There are videos, screenshots and a strategy to get into internet marketing niche with YouTube videos.

You do not have to be in front of the screen. Affiliate marketers use many ways to create videos and promote their links. With the training here, you get enough details to get started.

Who Is It For?

CB Passive Income is for people who want to make money online but they do not know the way. So, it’s created for beginners.

In my opinion, a beginner is anyone who hasn’t earned money online yet or can’t earn a full-time income for any reason. Also, it’s great for people who are not willing to create content and build their own websites and landing pages.

The only problem is that you can’t send your own emails and completely control your business.

You can add the emails of your subscribers to your autoresponder automatically with Inbox Pro Version that costs some extra money but these people want to subscribe to the Patric Chan’s list and not to yours. However, you earn the commissions as promised from every sale.

Patric Chan promotes only products from Clickbank’s listings. All the products are relevant to the internet marketing niche. You have no choice to your niche or the products.

For some beginners, this is exactly what they are looking for. They do not have to mess with all the technical issues and writing. Other people want total control. I think all the business models have pros and cons so it’s on you to decide if this is for you.

If you are a more experienced marketer, I do not see why you don’t create your own landing page and autoresponder emails. However, it can work for more experienced marketers as well.

How Much Does It Cost?

I have already mentioned on this review, two-three features with extra cost. So, there are a few upsells. However, you can use the program and get results without them.

With the starting price that costs $47 per month or $497 one time fee, you can get everything that is mentioned in this review. The features that are available at an extra cost are the following:

Inbox Pro Version: This feature will enable to connect your CB Passive Income account with your autoresponder. There is no reason to get rushed with that. It would be better to consider it later when you get some results.

Mass Bot Profits: An automated chatbox to promote digital products on Facebook Messenger. I have not used it and you can use the program without it.

Internet To Income Insider: With this upsell, you can receive emails from Patric Chan about opportunities in the internet marketing world. If you have purchased the 5.0 version of the program, you can get this upsell for free. For the users who have bought a previous version, there is an extra cost.

The good news is that you will not see any surprises inside. Yes, there are upsells but they are not necessary to make this system work. You can get results without them. Also, two of the threes upsells will not help with your effort to send traffic but you can get them to expand your knowledge and your business later.

For those who do not like to risk, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. If you do not like what you see inside or you can’t make it work for you, just ask your money back. The guarantee is provided by Clickbank and it’s 100% legit.

Pros and Cons


1. Legit Program: This is the fifth version of the program. Many affiliate marketers have bought and tried on the past. While there are complaints on the internet for every program, we can say that this is a legit one. The resources are professional and the training is good.

2. Owner: Patric Chan’s reputation is a strong reason why you should consider to give it a try. Your subscribers will receive emails from his autoresponder. It improves your chances to get results.

3. Beginner Friendly: The program is created to help beginners to get results. As a member of the program, you will be responsible only for the traffic. It cannot be simpler than this one.

4. Traffic Methods: There is training for three ways that can work. Solo advertising, Bing Ads and free YouTube Traffic. You will get the information you need on the members’ area to create your first campaigns.


1. Upsells: No one like the upsells. They increase the cost of the program and this can’t be a good thing. You can read about the upsells of CB Passive Income above.

2. Control: The only issue of the system. The fact that someone else does all the hard work for you it’s a good thing because you can focus on marketing. However, if you do not like how Patric Chan works, you cannot do anything about it.

My Final Verdict

Well, I have already mentioned that it’s a legit program. On the previous reviews, I had ranked it as an average program. It recommended ways to get traffic that did not really work and the training was not good enough on them like forum traffic or Pinterest traffic.

On this update, the training is much better and it is focused on YouTube, Bing Ads, and Solo advertising. Overall, it’s a good strategy.

The cost of the program is affordable for most people who are interested in buying a program like this one. The idea is to send quality traffic. If you do not know how to achieve that, use the training in the members’ area. Your results depend on the traffic.

For those who do not want to spend any money at all, there is a 60-day money back guarantee (get your money back any time you want) and you can focus on creating videos on the internet marketing niche. You will get ideas on what videos to create on the training.

If you have some budget to spend on advertising, you can start stronger and create some campaigns.

So, it’s a simple way to get into affiliate marketing and earn some money.

Click here to get access to CB Passive Income 5.0!

Thanks for reading my review. If you want to share your experience with the program or ask any questions, leave your comment below.


56 thoughts on “CB Passive Income 5.0 Review: Scam Or Legit? (2018 Update)”

  1. Just what I was looking for! I’ve heard about CB Passive Income in the past but never really considered it. I was reading around but still wasn’t been able to decide until I read this article. I love how you broke it down and explained everything it in parts. This article provided all the info I was looking for and then some. I’ll definitely give it a try. I figure I have nothing to lose considering the money back guarantee. Thank you!

    1. Sure, you can test it and decide later if you will ask your money back. Patric Chan gives you that option so it’s fine to use it.

  2. I think that this article can be very helpful for those people who want to earn extra money online. It is not expensive at all and I think that based on this review, it is definitely worth it. I am currently occupied with marketing strategy but I will for sure try this one.

  3. So you actually send traffic to a landing page that is created for you? I mean, you can’t promote an affiliate link to a landing page on Facebook, so you should have your own landing page from where you redirect users to Patric Chan’s landing page?

    This can actually make you money IF you get quality traffic to the landing page and from there on it’s all in the hands of PC… So in theory if you get enough traffic, you should be able to convert well.

    Question, if the landing page is your own and people enter their emai address, do you also collect those emailaddresses (to make use of your own autoresponder some day…?)

    1. You send traffic to the landing pages of the program to get the emails of your visitors in exchange for a free offer that is provided by Patric Chan. Then, they receive offers to their email address from Patric Chan’s autoresponders.

      The good news is that you do not have to worry about that process. Just send some traffic on the landing pages.

      Yes, you can collect these email addresses with the Inbox Pro Version of the program.

  4. I was undecided on whether to try it out or not as I wasn’t sure exactly what they are about so thanks for going over every area you need to know about them.

    It seems to be legit like you say, but if I compare the features of this platform to Wealthy Affiliate I think I would go with WA as I have found the training there to be spot on. You say they are $47 so it might be worth trying it out and seeing just what they are for myself.

    I’m interested in whether or not they have a trial or whether you can try it out at a cheaper cost?


    1. Hi Josh,

      CB Passive Income is a different program than Wealthy Affiliate. They are both on affiliate marketing but CB helps to focus on only one thing (traffic) while WA teaches you how to take control of every part of your business.

      It’s on you to decide what works for you. The time that this comment is written, there is no free trial on CB Passive Income.

  5. I’ve been eyeing CB for a while now but haven’t taken the plunge.  This program might be the catalyst I need.  I do have some issues though, I don’t like to give up control and am a “I wanna know exactly how everything works” kind of person.  Sometimes this has worked well for me and others, not so much.

    You’re right about one thing,  I don’t like up-sells.  That said, can you give me rough pricing on these up-sells?  I like to know what I get and how much it costs, etc.

    Right now I simply have a blog site and use affiliate marketing to generate a little income but I’m always looking for more ways to monetize.

    Thanks again.

    1. The upsells cost $97, $99 and $100. You do not really need them at the beginning so do not worry about them. If you have already some traffic on your blog, you can test CB Passive Income with that traffic. It could increase your earnings.

  6. I appreciate the honesty in offering both pros and cons because even though you don’t recommend it, you show that there are some upsides… which is obviously why some people buy it, I guess.

    Honestly, it’s kind of sad that many new marketers are convinced into this system because I feel like it would give them a bad taste in their mouth for affiliate programs that DO offer good training, good templates, control over the email list, etc.

    1. Many beginners want to get results fast. CB Passive Income gives you that opportunity but it is not a real business. You do not build your list but Patric Chan’s list. Also, there is no website or good training to learn any skills.

      In my opinion, it takes only a few weeks for most beginners to give up the system.

  7. Kyoko Connolly

    Hi Ilias,
    It is a great review on something many novice marketers may fall into. I have never heard about this particular product, but I see many similar programs (and also I joined many of them).

    I am still not clear on what they are promoting? Are they promoting CB Passive Income that is in Clickbank or they can promote anything on CB? From what you mention, it seems like they promote CB Passive Income and make money by commission.

    If so, there are many products like that which have less valuable contents (for what we pay for) but higher commission so marketers just do their best (and spend a lot of $$ drawing traffic) to promote these products. But the product itself has no value (just some training they can get from anywhere). Some people may make money on these things, but these products don’t last too long.

    You also made an interesting point, that CB passive income users will bid the same keyword, and therefore, the bidding price will go up and Patric Chan makes money. I thought it was very profound.

    Thank you for the great review!

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      Hi Kyoko,

      Some people have tried to copy this business model, and they have created similar products. Also, it reminds me of some MLMs where you join just to promote the opportunity. It makes sense to have joined similar products even if you have not tried CB Passive Income before.

      When you join the program, Patric Chan sends emails to promote CB Passive Income. After a while, he sends other offers for different Clickbank’s products, but all of them are on the make money online niche.

      The only way to see what he sends is to subscribe to your own list with another email. 

      The problem is that you invest in a business that you do not control. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Patric Chan invites people to do.

      They bid on the same keywords and send the same emails.  Many people subscribe to more than one email lists. And it’s possible for someone who searches with terms that Patric Chan recommends, to receive multiple emails from him.

      Or even worst, to avoid your list because he thinks that he has already subscribed.

      Anyway, the process is weird, even if you make some sales, in the long run, you will need another way to build an online business.

  8. Hi Ilias,
    Great honest review on CB Passive Income 4.0. It looks like a nice way to start earning money online.
    Has you mentioned It could be a useful alternative for people that don’t want to write content.
    However, I don’t like the fact that you can’t really control the business.
    One aspect I like about this program is the trainning on how to increase traffic on social media.
    However, I think what would hold me back from subscribing to this program is the small amount of trainings. Especialy when you start your online business, you need step by step lessons for a good progression.
    Thank you for your work! Have a great day!

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      Hi Julien, 

      The training covers some basic aspects, and you will be able to get traffic if you apply what you learn. However, we cannot be sure that the traffic will convert, and it does not cover more advanced strategies.  

      In my opinion, the guides on Bing Ads and solo ads are more detailed than the free traffic training. But, again there is a learning curve that may cost you money.

      Yes, you do not control your email list. Your subscribers are not yours. They want to get emails from Patric Chan. Next, he decides what emails and offers he will send. 

      I think that building an audience and get visitors or subscribers who want to hear your opinion, it’s a better option.

  9. As someone that has tried an earlier version of CB passive income, I agree that it’s not a scam but it is a very poor program. As a very new person to internet marketing you can learn a few things in this program but it’s very limited. You can make money with this program but very few will because you are selling within a highly competitive niche. Most people are going to lose money with this program.

    Finding an actual education platform that teaches the basics, provides the tools needed and a community for support would be a much better way to go. These platforms do exist.

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      Hi Steve,

      There are not any major changes from the previous versions of CB Passive Income. Only some new guides have been added.

      I agree, there are better ways to get started online.

  10. Great post indeed.

    The good for becoming a member of BCPI 4.0 is the training and the gift.

    Each member will be learning
    new things about internet marketing.

    I can say that Patrick system is good for
    newbies and person with average
    knowledge as well in internet marketing.


  11. When I arrived at this web page I thought CB Passive Income 4.0 was a scam. However, upon reading your review, I realized that it’s not a scam at all. However, I don’t think this program will work for me. Based on the cons that you listed, it seems as though there’s plenty of room for improvement in this program. I really dislike the fact that the user isn’t allowed to choose their niche.

    1. The niche is the internet marketing and you do not have any other option. If you want to try a different audience try another alternative.

  12. Seems like CB Passive is not a scam after all. I have heard about it before and I really thought that it was a scam site.

    However, the fact that you can not choose a niche or create a website, is quite frustrating because your business will not last without an actual website. however, I like the fact that you get engagement on Social media which is a key part of building a long-term business.

    The automated e mail system is also something I’m not very fond of. I would be better of sending my own emails.

    Great review I like liked it!

    1. High John, it is not a scam but it has a big risk to lose money with paid ads if you choose that way. For this reason many who have lost their money believe that it is a scam.

      But there are people who have earned money with this program. It is not so easy and fast as Patric Chan claims on the homepage but it is a legit one.

  13. This seems like a cool program. Just to clarify, you are creating spaces to advertise other people’s stuff? Or do you learn how to sell something you own – like a course?

    I’ve heard of this kind of system before but never tried it. Do you have to upgrade after 14 days, or do you still have access to the free portal after that?

    Passive income is always nice, but I’m wondering if there is a better (or cheaper) way? This seems kind of ‘spammy’ and I feel like I would loose a lot of friends (especially on Facebook) over this method.

    1. You promote a landing page that you can find inside the program. If someone subscribes Patric Chan send him emails offers. The niche CB Passive Income and other relevant programs.

      After the 14 days you still have the landing pages and access to the program but they do not send emails anymore.

      It is not spammy, but it has a risk if you use paid ads.

      It easy to get started because you do not create any content but it is tough to create your list. 

      There are many different programs but my top recommendationg for beginners is Wealthy Affiliate and it has a free membership too.

  14. Hi there,
    Thanks for the great informative review of CBpassiveincome online business.
    I have never heard of this company until now and luckily for me, I am glad that i have read your post on the ins and outs of this business.
    I just clicked on the website and it looks flashy and inviting.
    If we did’nt know of these dodgy businesses, we would be a lot poorer today, that’s for sure
    Thanks for the great review
    Cheers PB

    1. You are welcome, Phil!

      Yes, it is flashy with big words from Patric Chan that makes you feel that you can earn money fast and easy. Well, it is not easy or fast but it is not a scam.

      The problem is that you need targeted traffic and many subscribers just to make a few sales. That’s a big investment.

  15. Hi Llias
    Thanks for your review of this product. I’d not heard of it before. It seems there are a ton of ways to make money online these days. Although the quick cash sounds good at the start, I’m of the same opinion as you that some point you are going to have to build your own site with your own content.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for your comment James. A website is the best way to promote your content and your products. Patric Chan has multiple websites where he sells his products.

  16. I had joined Patric Chan’s app program in Shanghai. It cost me around 1K USD but to be honest I got nothing. He is from Malaysia and I believed he made money but not his customers.

    Thanks for your reviews but CB Passive Income sounds like you pay him monthly fee to promote his products to earn a tiny commission. Patric Chan owns subscriber list, so you wouldn’t accumulate any asset after you promote for him.

    I believe what CB passive income does is legal but not ethical. It just like you pay a small money to get a job permission and when you will get the commission when sales happening.

    1. I am really sorry for your experience. I know the feeling of losing money and time in something that it does not work for you.

      Patric Chan has created a system that works great for him. When someone gets into this program has to promote CB Passive Income. He recruits affiliates to promote his product. That’s true.

      But after the $97 payment, you do not have to pay anything more, you get 50% commission on every sale and he really sends emails on your list.

      So, he makes what he promises on the home page. 

      You can only blame him that he does not warn you about the possible expenses on advertisements after buying this system. 

      I have said again, I am not a big fan of this way but it is a legit one. There is a big risk but it works for some people.

      The only thing I can do with my review is to warn people that they may lose a lot of money trying to promote this product with paid ads.

  17. Hello Ilias
    Thanks for sharing your reviews on CB passive income 4.I`m never one to be tempted with clickbank products but a friend suggested I should look at this as he believed Patrick Chan is a very successful affiliate marketer.
    Now looking for reviews your site came up and im glad you have explained things so well and in an easy to understand way.
    Now you mention not having to create content to make money with CB passive income, does this not go against the flow? in every online learning material they never stop reminding you that content is king,how come one does not need to create content with this program?
    Thanks for your answer

    1. Content is the king when you have a website. It helps you to communicate with your readers and get ranked on the first page of Google.

      Creating quality content is the best online business you can do these days. 

      My advice is that you need a website and to start creating content and my top recommendation is to build niche sites.

      However, there are ways to make money without website even if is more difficult.

      Just to be clear, CB Passive Income is a legit program but it is not the best you can find on the web.

  18. Bonzo124; After I fill i my name and click bank ID will I be qualified for membership with CB Passive?

    A Landing Page is created after receiving my detail so as a free ebook is given in exchange for my email address which I understand to be a channel for traffic through my Landing Page.

    Why should it be necessary for me to have social Media followers?

    If all emails are written and sent out to subscribers in Patrick Chen’s name Why to exit CB Passive then and only then I must be known to subscribers?

    1. Hi Dorcas  and thank you for the interesting questions,

      1. When you join, there are already created landing pages to choose which one you like and you just write in a form your ID to replace Patric Chan’s links.

      2. It is not necessary to have social media followers, it is the only way to get free traffic if you start from scratch and you want to make money fast. The alternatives are PPC ads or solo ads.

      3. They are your subscribers and you have paid for them or you have spent a lot of time to make them join your list. With the way, Patric Chan manages the list, they feel to be his subscribers. So, you cannot send them a custom email or invite on possible another project.

      For example:

      If you want to build a website later and you want to invite them, what will you say to them when they do not know that they are in your list?

      It will not be easy.

  19. Hi Ilias,

    I’m glad I came across your CB Passive Income 4.0 Review. I’ve heard a lot about this program on YouTube from CB Passive Income 4.0 members. I was on the fence until I read your CB Passive Income 4.0 Review. For only $47, how could I go wrong. Thanks again for steering me in the right direction.


    1. Hi Jack, this program is promoted a lot on Youtube and other social media. I have seen it the very first time on Twitter when I had visited the profile of a well-known affiliate marketer.

      They drive free traffic to their landing pages with this way and some of them make many sales.

  20. Great post and very thorough review of CB Passive Income. I like the fact you don’t have to create content but the big downside of this is that you already have to be established in social media and many people who want to start out to earn money online are not established.

    For people who do have a following then this looks like a good training platform to earn money online.

    1. Hi Harjit, it is not enough to have a huge following on Twitter or Facebook. It needs to be on a making money niche or you cannot drive targeted traffic to your lead pages.

      Without targeted traffic, you will not make any sales. Now it sounds tougher than before to earn money with CB Passive Income but that’s the truth.

      In my opinion, niche selection is very important if you want to have any success online. You cannot build a following in a niche that you do not like.

      So, before joining make sure that making money online is your niche.

  21. CB Passive Income is a platform for people with very little time to invest into themselves. I feel that if you are going to become an entrepreneur, then you need to be ready for long days and sleepless night, in the beginning at first. CB seems to make it easy for you if you lack the time and are able to give little effort towards your business.
    The downside of CB, in my opinion, is that you don’t control the content. You are putting the life of your business in the hands of someone else. With that being said, CB would be the worst business move to an eager, strong minded individual.

    1. It is a fair point, Gee. There are no easy ways to build a business and the same applies in the online world. 

      The weakness of many people to communicate online make them search ways that they do not to create any type of content. 

      Patric Chan gives on those people a shot. It is not the best business model but is a legit one and it can work if you learn how to get targeted traffic with ads.

      However, I do not think that it can last in the long run. It is just a way to get started and see that you really can earn money online. Soon, you will find an alternative program or you will learn how to create your own lead pages and autoresponders.

      Thanks for your comment.

  22. Thank you for the review. You answered most of my questions. The only thing I find troubling is the fact that I will have a pay a lot of adverstising. Idon’t think that most people will have hundreds of dollars to spend on advertising, plus a montly fee. Do we know which products are being sold?

    1. When they join on Patric Chan list, they get offers from him. At the beginning, he promotes the CB Passive Income but later he promote other relevant Clickbank products too.

  23. Very interesting read. In general, I become a bit careful when I hear “passive income” in relation to the online world. To get a real income, I think that you in most cases can really not allow yourself to be passive.

    Other than that, I think that the CB passive income business model makes it sound easier than it is. Of course easy not having to create content or worry about building any website myself. But sending traffic is not as easy as it sounds, and can end up being expensive. Going for the easy and quick solution is often not a good solution in the long wrong in my opinion.

    But very interesting to read about this business model, and might be right for people that already has a big following, or has some great ideas how to create bog amounts of traffic cheap.


    1. Hi Mikael, I agree that it sounds easier than it is. If you start from scratch and want to earn money fast the only way is by running some ads.

      Bing ads or Solo ads that recommended by the program will not work from the very first time in most cases. 

      You run a campaign, check the results, find out what works, fix the mistakes and repeat. You also should consider before starting that there are many other marketers and beginners who target the same keywords. 

      Higher the competition, the most money you spend.

      I say that to show you that it is not easy at all to make money with this way. It is a legit one but not easy.

  24. Interesting review and a tempting way to make some money. I have tried to make money myself this way. Sending people to a simple sqeeze page and offering a book or video in exchange for their e-mail but it is more difficult to get to convert than if you are creating content. Here, all is done for you. The downside with the CB Passive Income is that you are completely dependent on Patric Chan and if he quits you no longer have a business. If you want a a long term business it might be better to build everything yourself, from scratch.

  25. Great explanation of C.B. Passive income.
    It does look like a starting point for beginners but in the end going for something like W.A. would seem a better option. At least you can learn everything you need to know. surely if people are a little wary of writing content for their websites, cannot they pay someone else to do it for them, at least in the beginning?
    The difficult part of internet businesses is getting appropriate traffic to your website. Patric Chan has left that to the subscriber. I think this looks genuine but not something I would recommend. I agree with you W.A. is a much better option.

    1. In my opinion, you need to know how to communicate online if you want to build a business. There are no alternatives. No matter the type of the business.

      Can you be an offline entrepreneur if you do not talk with other people? No!

      The same applies online, you need to find a way to communicate for this reason writing is a MUST.

      Even if you hire a freelancer to make the job for you at the beginning, you should improve your skills and start writing to your audience by yourself.

      It is not hard, if you write 500 words ped day in a few weeks you will write great articles.

  26. I think I heard about a program like this. I’m glad someone was able to break it down into terms I understand. Someone commented that you are basically buying traffic for the Chan man which is basically the whole deal. I like how your website had flow to it. I also appreciate the time and quality you put into it.

    1. Hi Rani and thanks for your kind words. CB Passive Income works when you send traffic to a landing page. It usually is paid ads because if you have a source of traffic already, you can find better ways to earn money.

      When someone signs up, he receives emails from Patric Chan with your affiliate links. I hope it helps.

  27. Interesting review on cb-passive-income 4.0. I kind of like the idea that they have a website and landing pages created for you, but you can’t come up with your own content and it sounds like it teaches you nothing on SEO.

    You’re definitely right that it can take some months to get a good sized following on social media and if you don’t know what you’re doing with paid ads, it can really cost you. I’m glad to see that it is possible though to make money with it, though it sounds like it could take longer than producing your own content, especially if you are a beginner.

    1. Hi Brian, if you start from scratch then you may lose some money at the beginning with the paid ads. Earning money with PPC and solo ads is not so hard but you need to learn how it works.

      Yes, you will not learn anything about SEO, blogging or website building. If you are interested in learning about SEO and content creation check my Wealthy Affiliate review.

  28. Your CB Passive Income 4.0 review answered a lot of questions for me. If it actually works, it might be worth a try, but it seems I would be spending money to buy traffic to build Patric Chan’s email list. That’s a losing proposition.

    Also, you mentioned that in the free traffic training Chan teaches forum posting. I don’t think that works now.

    I did like your recommendation. It’s free to join so I’ll check that out. It looks promising.

    1. Hi Gary and thanks for your comment, the free traffic could be more informative and updated. However if you want to join this program, then it would be more effective to start with bing ads or solo ads.

      Sure, you have not any control of your list but if you decide to quit, you can take your list and send email to your subscribers from your autoresponder.

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