cashgem review - scam or legit

CashGem Review: Scam Or Legit?

In this CashGem review, you will learn if this is a legit way to make money online or another online scam. It is a one-page website with minimum information. It claims that you can make money with referrals and invite you to create a new account. However, you will not find what they promise inside.

What Is CashGem?

We can include CashGem in a category of scams that get contact details and advertising revenue from the members without paying them. It is not a legit site, but it is not easy to figure out the scam alerts if you don’t have some experience. Simply, the claims for the rewards and the tasks on the members’ area does not make sense.

Many scam websites make the same claims. I have exposed similar sites like CashInfluence, NextCash, CashChase, ShowCash, and many more. You can notice the similar names, but every part of these websites is the same as CashGem.

The same scam uses many domain names but changes the homepages and the design in some cases. However, the tasks inside, the claims, and the referral program are the same. They are scams because these sites don’t pay the members. Everything looks fine until you request a payout.

You may already know that they don’t ask for money to create an account. They allow you to get inside by adding a name, an email, and a password. So, many people are curious about the claims and try to figure out if they can earn money.

However, every time they get a new email address from a new member, they earn something. The same applies to the tasks that can cost money for you. The site owners can easily sell your contact details even if you don’t complete any tasks.

Selling email addresses is not legit, but this is not your main problem. Your problem is that you will waste time working on this site and money that you will lose to the tasks. They make sure that you will complete tasks by adding them to the requirements for a cashout. They have created a very misleading members’ area, and many people fall for these scams even if they have experience on side income sites or GPT sites.

What Is Inside?

Once you get inside, they show you four ways to earn money. Of course, these are not real money but only website money because you will never get them into a bank account or PayPal account. The tasks are scam alerts from the big rewards that they offer.

Bonus: They offer a $30 bonus when you create an account. It is rare for a free website to give big bonuses.

Refer and Earn: The referral program promises $2 per click and $15 per referrals. Legit referral programs don’t pay so much money per click. A random click from a follower on social media is not worth over a few cents. Free websites pay per action or task and no per referral. Even if a website wants to per referral, $15 is not a real reward. 

Many affiliate programs give a commission from the earnings of your referrals or possible sales, and this could be ok. But CashGem sounds like offering free money. 

$45 Task Wall: These tasks are supposed to be online surveys and apps that you can download. They promise $45 per task. However, real survey sites do not pay more than $1 per survey on average. Many surveys pay a few cents. So, offering $45 per survey is a scam alert. The same applies when you download apps on legit websites.

Post Rewards: Again, they promise $50 to post videos and images on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They also promise $100 for posts on TikTok and Snapchat. If you are not a popular influencer, your posts are not worth over a few cents or dollars.

The problem is that they add money to your account when you complete any of the tasks above. So, you have a feeling of progress and completion. It is another part of the scam.

They Don’t Pay You

If you are a complete beginner with no tasks and referrals, you think that there is a $100 limit. If you check the other pages, you will discover that they request an unknown number of referrals, clicks, and tasks. They tell to reach 100% of the requirements but no information about how many tasks and referrals it takes.

The next issue is that you don’t know when you will get paid. It’s a trick that confuses the new members because they try to figure out what it takes to receive their earnings.

Legit sites want to make it obvious what it takes to get paid because they motivate you. Scams try to confuse and mislead their members to keep them around.

When I research a website, I always try to find payment proofs from third-party sources. For example, if you can find payment proofs for a website on social media, YouTube, and forums, it must be legit. I don’t search for claims of people or what others say about their earnings. I want to see real PayPal payment proofs.

CashGem has not payment proofs anywhere on the internet. It is a clear sign that they don’t pay their members when they reach the payout limits. On other sites like CashGem, they ignore the requests of the member for payments or their messages. If other people don’t get paid, you will not pay you as well.

Fake Payment Proofs and Fake Testimonials

CashGem includes a video on the homepage that shows an account with earnings of over $37,000. It is easy to create these numbers if you are the site owner or create some fake screenshots. The only way to figure out if these earnings are real is by checking some payment proofs.

CashGem has a page with fake payment proofs. This page shows different screenshots with amounts of money. However, they are not PayPal screenshots and don’t include the number of the transaction.

Next, they include some images of other people that are supposed to be testimonials or members that make money with CashGem. However, the website’s creator has found these images on stock image sites and added them to the homepage. The testimonials are not real members.

The claims about over 500k members and $10 million paid are complete nonsense. They don’t prove anything and try to impress the visitors. All the other copies of the same scam make similar claims and use fake proofs or testimonials.

No Support

CashGem does not offer any support to the members or the visitors of the website. We can start with the lack of contact details. There is a random address that an average can’t confirm it and an email. Both of them could be fake as there is no way to confirm them or prove the opposite.

Most legit sites offer a type of support. You can contact them when you have a problem, and then they reply to you. Support is essential on websites that handle payments, tasks, and referral systems. They must be prepared to help their members with technical problems. It does not happen on CashGem, and the website does not offer support at all.

Lastly, it is a site that promises money with referrals through social media but has not created social media accounts. They tell you to promote their business on social media while they do the opposite.

My Final Verdict

CashGem is a website that will waste your time. It is a common scam that you can find it under different domain names and websites with the same claims.

I am quite sure that most websites like CashGem will pop up around the internet in the future. When people start complaining about sites that don’t pay, they tend to close. This is what we expect from CashGem.

If you have lost money to the tasks and receive messages or emails, try to unsubscribe from everywhere. There is no benefit for you. They will keep getting your money as you give them attention. Many people are victims of these types of sites.

If you have not got started yet, you should consider avoiding it. The chances are that a guy on social media tells you about his earnings with the website and how fast you can make tons of money. Those who promote it are people that do not know they will not get paid. The creators of websites like CashGem promote their sites as well.

The best thing you can do right now is to unfollow any profiles, groups, channels, and pages that promote CashGem. These places on social media are not trustworthy and want to mislead you to get money.

For a few legit alternatives, you can check my lists with my best websites that pay and legit ways to make money online. For survey sites, you can start with Swagbucks and ySense.

Thanks for reading my CashGem review. Feel free to leave any comments or questions.