Cash Website Success Review: Scam Or $500 Per Day?

Cash Website Success review - scam or legit?

In this Cash Success Website review, you will read if this is another online scam. We can see a few claims about earning $500+ per day and then, the site will redirect the users to another third-party site.

Here is why there are two different websites and how they work.

What Is Cash Website Success?

Cash Website Success is a one-page website that all the links send you to another program. For a visitor who visits for the very first time a page like this one, it looks like a news article.

However, the story is not real. There is no local mom who makes $500 per day with this program and their recommendation. Simply, it’s a fake news article.

The purpose of Cash Website Success is to send you on the Money Sucking Websites. It’s a well-known online scam that promises overnight success on Amazon.

There are many similar programs that promote the same website. For example, you may have heard Prime Time Profits or Real Profits Online. Everything you can see on these sites is 100% fake.

On Cash Success Website, the article is supposed to be written from someone with the name, D. Fischer. However, this is not a real name and you will not find more information about the writer no matter where you will search on the internet.

The major work from home opportunity is supposed to be the Amazon affiliate program but with the site, you see on the other side of the links.

Also, there is an image of a woman with the name Kenzie Anderson. Again, this image is from a site with stock images and this name is not real.

Below you can see the image of this woman:

Cash Website Success image

And here are some google results for the same image:

fake image

Many different websites use the same image with different names.

The bottom line is that all the information on the article is not accurate like these images and names. While you can make money on the internet, it will not work by surfing on social media as it is described here.

How Does It Work?

Cash Website Success does not work because there is no program or system. It simply redirects you to the next site.

Money Sucking Websites has a video presentation and a very annoying popup. It’s a two-page website and then, if you buy the product you can go to the members’ area.

There are a lot of unrealistic claims and nonsense on this video. It is supposed to make $500 as an affiliate of Amazon. According to the spokesperson, the only thing you need to do is to push a button and wait to send the money on your bank account.

Affiliate marketing is a legit way to make money but it will not work by pressing a button. It takes time and some effort like the most legit businesses.

On this program, you can find many marketing tricks you can find on similar money-making schemes. There are fake testimonials, fake scarcity, and expensive upsells on the members’ area.

Fake scarcity is a little obvious with the timer and the limited spots. They are not real. This program is online for a long time and many people have lost their money.

Next, you can see the fake testimonials on the second page. They are at the end of the page like the woman below:

fake testimonial

Here is her Fiverr gig:

fiverr testimonial

These guys are hired by the owners to say what the owners want. They have not earned that money or tested the product.

If you decide to buy it, you will find a few short videos with basic and outdated content. They will not work as promised and the only way to get more information by the product is through the upsells.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of the product is at $47. However, the upsells can cost hundreds of dollars. You can hear from the testimonials and video about a free website. So, you can expect to see paid websites and more reasons to give money.

Usually, when you buy a low-quality product, you can expect low quality in the upsells as well.

The owners of the product will keep sending you offers even if you do not buy the upsells. They will be about similar products most of the times and there is no reason to buy any of them.

On the payment form, they mention a money back guarantee but I do not know who will take responsibility for the refunds. Also, there is no support on the sales page or the members’ area.

My Final Verdict – Is Cash Website Success A Scam?

You will not make $500 per day or any money at all with these schemes. Based on that we can say that Cash Website Success is a scam.

There is no work from home opportunity and this was a fake news story from someone who wants to sell a product. Also, it’s a series of scammy pages one under different domain names.

You can find many other reviews on any on these sites and all of them agree that they do not work. While these stories about quick riches sound very good, always there is something you don’t expect.

On this one, you will find a worthless product on the members’ area, and the owners will try to sell you more upsells and scams. It’s a cycle of nonsense and extra costs

You can be sure that the legit programs do not use fake testimonials and pen names. They build a reputation based on real results and facts.

The problem on the internet is that many people will try to sell you different guides that do not work on how to make money and there are many fake gurus as well. The only way to avoid them is by reading reviews and what other people have to say.

Also, many legit programs have a free membership or a free trial in which you can find enough information and make your decision later.

So, the best thing you can do is to stay away from Cash Website Success and check for better alternatives.

Here Is Something That Really Works

Many people make money with affiliate marketing but in a very different way than the one that is described in these programs.

While it’s easy to get started because you do not need to own a product or a budget, you must be willing to learn new things and take real action.

The good news is that you can start your own online business even today and join a community of fellow affiliates. Simply, you will recommend products to people who already want to buy them.

With this strategy, many beginners have created profitable online businesses. It’s not difficult, you just help other people and make your recommendations.

On the link below, you can find my method to make money online. It’s an affiliate marketing strategy that can work if you follow the steps.

Thanks for reading my review on Cash Website Success. You will not earn money or learn something new from this site. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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