cash grab review - scam or legit?

Cash Grab Review: Scam Or Secret Money Making Methods?

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cash grab review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Cash Grab review. This is another product by Jamie Lewis and on this review, you can read if it’s a scam or a legit way to make money online.

On the video presentation, we can see some screenshots from the phone of Jamie and the typical claims about making money on autopilot so let’s see if it works as he says.

What Is Cash Grab?

Cash Grab is supposed to be a money-making product. You can find it on the marketplaces of Clickbank and JVZoo.

The video presentation and the structure of the program are quite similar to other previous products by Jamie Lewis like Bank Ramp, Profit 365, and Wealthy Agency.

Jamie creates new products every few weeks. Some of them do not have anything new and Cash Grab is one of these products.

I think the only new thing on Cash Grab is these marketing calculators that he mentions several times on the video. While there is no such thing and he has made up that name for his tool, all the other parts of the program is similar or the same to previous products.

On Jamie’s products, you can find a few short videos on the members’ area, usually a tool that helps you to apply something, upsells, and a lot of unrealistic claims.

They are no scams but in most cases, they are not worth the money. He just creates short guides on videos and PDFs, and sells them as the next goldmine.

In my opinion, Jamie Lewis does not make money by applying the methods that he teaches through these products but by selling these products to people like you.

Cash Grab is supposed to include information for 50 business models. I guess they are guides from his previous products. Yes, there is nothing unique or secret as he claims.

From my experience with this type of products, most of the times are presented much easier than they are. Also, you find only basic information. They are enough to get started but if you want more advanced stuff, you have to pay more money.

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How Does It Work?

I have already mentioned that it includes many business models. On the video, there are mentioned some of them like affiliate marketing, selling on Fiverr, domain flipping, etc.

However, the tool of the program is a calculator that shows you what business is the best for you based on the skills you have and the money you want to earn.

He uses the name, marketing calculators for that tool. However, the numbers that show are very unrealistic.

On the video, you can see a screenshot with time preparation and money. You are supposed to build a business that makes $1000 per month with two hours preparation or $10,000 per month with 2 days preparation.

preparation time - cash grab

These numbers are ridiculous. The legit businesses do not work like that and you can be sure you will not get these results in that period of time.

Next, there are some videos for each of these models. You can be sure that they will not be enough to get $10,000 per month in two days. You can find similar guides with the same quality even for free in other places on the internet.

Cash Grab is created to work for its owner like any similar product. That means it does not add real value to the buyer.

Jamie Lewis launches products with basic information very often. He promotes them, makes a few sales, and move on the next one. Also, some marketers promote them to earn commissions. These are the guys who say how great these products are.

But the people who will buy it must figure out how to make money with some short videos that they could find on YouTube.

It does not mean that there are no legit programs on the internet but they do not have all of them the same quality and value for the user.

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How Much Does It Cost?

You can buy Cash Grab for $37 and there is a downsell to $27. You can find the downsell by using the exit popup on the sales page.

Next, you can expect many upsells like any other product by Jamie Lewis. From the listing on Clickbank, we can find out that it can cost up to $435 for you while it includes one-click upsells.

cash grab pricing

The upsells may include webinars and more guides on the same businesses. Like the front-end product, the upsells are overpriced and they are promoted with similar claims and nonsense.

At the starting price is not included support and you will not get help from Jamie or someone else. You can find only an email in which you can send for any technical issues.

Lastly, if you don’t like Cash Grab but you have already bought it, you can ask for a refund. There is a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s provided by Clickbank.

My Final Verdict – Is Cash Grab A Scam?

I am sure that the 2 days of preparation will not help you to build a business that makes $10,000 per month. Also, you will not build a business on autopilot with this program.

Jamies Lewis just tries to sell you a low-quality product. I have reviewed worse money-making products than Cash Grab but still, I do not think that it’s worth the price.

Even for a few dollars, you can find ebooks, videos, and courses with much better quality. Many legit products include helpful training even on their free membership like Wealthy Affiliate which is a top recommendation.

Even if it’s not a scam because he gives you something for your money, I would not pay for that. The upsells that cost hundreds of dollars are simply ridiculously overpriced as well.

Jamie Lewis put all his efforts on marketing. He makes some claims without any proof, almost always shows you a few Clickbank screenshots and uses phrases like “make money while you sleep”, “on autopilot”, “passive income”, etc.

But when it comes to the product, it’s not as good as promised. At least, his last products were not good enough.

So, I do not recommend Cash Grab. I believe there are better alternatives to invest your money or get the right information. Below, I can show you what I do to make money.

However, I will not promise you overnight earnings or tools that will do the work for you because no one will do the work for you.

If you find the right information, you can absolutely make it work by yourself like many other beginners who take action every day.

Here Is Something That Really Works

Many gurus ask for money to show you their magic program or tool that make money on autopilot. Some people buy many of these get-rich-quick schemes that are everywhere on the internet.

Instead of showing you another scammy program, I will show you something that you can join for FREE.

I am an affiliate marketer and this is what I teach to anyone who is willing to learn some new things and take action.

Affiliate marketing is the process in which you make commissions by recommending other people’s products. You don’t need to own a product or a big budget to get results.

You only need the right strategy. Then, it’s on you how much effort you are willing to put in. You can start working on your business part-time or full-time. It’s up to you but the more follow and repeat a strategy that works, the more money you will earn in the long-term.

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I am an active member of this program and help people every day. I do not recommend something that I do not use and apply every day.

Thanks for reading my review on Cash Grab. For any questions, you can leave your comments below.

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