Cash For Patriots Program Review: Scam Or Checks Up To $7,980?

cash for patriots program review - scam or legit?

In this Cash For Patriots Program review, you will read is this program is a scam or a legit way to make money.

We do not hear every day about programs that share free money and this is something you must consider before believing any of the stories on the video presentation of the program. So, here are some more details about the program.

What Is Cash For Patriots Program?

Cash For Patriots Program is supposed to be a program from the government that will give free money to people. However, there is no proof of anything that is mentioned on this video.

For this reason, I did not take for granted any of the claims and did my own research that you can read here.

First of all, Cash For Patriots Program is created from Agora Financial. It’s a company that gives financial tips to people. But there are too many complaints about the company the practices it follows. I will give you more information later about Financial Agora.

The first important thing here is that Cash For Patriots Program is not created by any government. With that fact, all the story of the video presentation seems to be fake.

Next, there is no proof of anything on the video. The spokesperson mentions different names, locations, and earnings. However, we cannot find any of these guys.

The last weird element is the ways that this product is promoted. I learned for Cash For Patriots Program after receiving a spammy email. I am sure that the official programs are not promoted in that way.

Also, according to other bloggers and users, some misleading ads send many users to the sales page of that product.

I suspected from the sales page that this program is not real. It looks like some money-making schemes we can find around the internet that promise overnight earnings in various ways.

This one just try to convince the users that the government will give them money but before receiving the money, you must buy their product.

So, it’s not a real program but a company tries to mislead you to buy a product that you do not need.

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How Does It Work?

There is no money to get here. This is a program that is going to give you tips to make money by investing.

With a few words, Agora Financial will send you a newsletter with investing ideas and recommendations. If you invest in their recommendations, you may earn some.

I am sure that you were expecting something different but this is all you will get. Later, there are will be more upsells from the company to give you more details.

Some people may want to know if these tips work. I am not sure about that because I have not tested them. However, there are too many complaints about this company that you should consider before giving any money and personal details.

In my opinion, if this was a legit newsletter, they would not need to mislead users to a fake program with nonsense and unrealistic claims just to make a sale.

Usually, I review programs that deliver their product online. I have seen many of them to promise things that they cannot deliver and almost always they include a very low-quality product.

The strategy on Cash For Patriots Program looks quite similar to these online schemes but it is created to sell a physical product.

The legit ways to make money from zero take some effort and most of the times you must learn something new. For this reason, I would not just trust the tips of an unknown company to invest my money.

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How Much Does It Cost?’

This is not a free product. They promise you free money from a legit program but they ask for payments. So, you must pay $49 dollars to get their newsletter but there are many extra fees.

Agora Financial has multiple products and investment ideas. They will promote you some of them sooner or later. Also, there are upsells on each one of their programs.

On the BBB, we can see complaints from many people who have lost thousands of dollars with Agora Financial. They keep asking for more money as long as you continue to pay them.

Of course, there is no guarantee for any investment you make through that company. If you lose your money no one will care. You will not get a refund or something in return if you decide that you don’t want their services.

The buyers have a decision to make based on what they have seen on that video presentation. They don’t know anything about the product inside and those who do not make some research do not know that there are no money to receive.

About The Owner

After watching the video presentation of Cash For Patriots Program, the spokesperson mentions the name, Zachary Scheidt. After some research, I found a page with that name on the Agora Financial’s site.

The weird thing with that guy is that there is no information about him on the internet. He also says on the same video that he has published a book on Amazon and was successful.

While there is an author with that name on Amazon, we can’t find any best selling books under that name. It was only one book with only a few sales.

Also, this name is mentioned in some other products that have many bad reviews on the internet.

330 Complaints On BBB

cash for patriots program complaints

There is no benefit to read all these complaints but you can take a look at some of them to figure out how this company works.

They promise to their customer that they will make extra money as they do on Cash For Patriots Program but they do not deliver.

Most of the complaints are about refunds and payments. In some cases, it seems that they do not cancel the subscriptions. Overall, it’s not easy to get your money back or solve any issues on that part of the company.

Read The Disclaimer!

If you take a look at the small letters at the bottom of the page, it mentions that “Information contained herein is obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed”.

agora financial disclaimer

Simply, the claims, the quotes from other people, the people who are supposed to make money are not accurate.

This story is created from some people of Agora Financial and they do not really care if they say the truth or no. This is another scam alert that shows that many of the information here is not real.

My Final Verdict – Is Cash For Patriots Program A Scam?

In my opinion, Cash For Patriots Program is a scam by Agora Financial. If decide to buy that product, you will not get a share on trillions of dollars but only a newsletter from a company with hundreds of complaints.

The strategy of that company is the same for many different programs. They make unrealistic claims and promise different amounts of money as they do on Cash For Patriots Program.

After losing some money, you will try to get something back but it will not be so easy as it sounds. They will do their best to keep you and your money around. Also, this is a company with investing tips so you may lose money by applying their tips.

The best thing you can do is to stay away from Cash For Patriots Program. If you visit any similar programs in the future, just make some research before as you did on this one.

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Thanks for reading my review on Cash For Patriots Program. It was not as described in the video presentation but there are better alternatives to make some money. Below, you can leave any comments or questions about the program.

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