Can you make money with Yahoo Answers?

Can You Make Money With Yahoo Answers?

There are many ways to get traffic and earn money online. In this post, you will figure out if you can make money with Yahoo Answers and how.

This method was popular a few years ago. These days there are many other alternatives to do the exact same thing, to answer questions and get traffic. So, it has lost many of its members. However, let’s see below how it works.

How To Use Yahoo Answers To Get Targeted Traffic?

People with many different questions are active on Yahoo Answers. You can find questions about health, sports, politics, finances, and many other topics.

If you create an account, you can ask your questions too. Other members answer these questions. You can browse some of them and feel free to answer them if you know the answer.

Next, people will see the answers. They can like or dislike an answer, give a different answer or move on to the next question. Also, the asker can select the best answer.

This is the process of the site. It is really simple. But on this point, you cannot even think about how you can earn money.

Let me explain:

When you answer these questions, you are free to add links to relevant sites, posts, and videos. These links can send traffic to your site.Link on Yahoo Answers

Your goal here is to provide value and help the other members to get the right answer. If you consistently answer questions, you will start getting traffic to your site. Then, you can earn money by adding some relevant affiliate links to helpful programs. If you do not know how affiliate marketing works, you can check my guide here.

Yahoo Answers is another way to send traffic to your site. Before getting started, make sure you have read the rules. You cannot add your links until reaching level two (there are levels for the members). They apply that rule to avoid spammers. So, it will take a while until you can send traffic to your site.

In comparison to other ways to get traffic, I believe that there are better opportunities than Yahoo Answers. I will show you some other alternatives below in this post. However, some people still use it for their marketing.

What Type Of Marketers Use Yahoo Answers?

I mentioned above that you can send the traffic from Yahoo Answers to your site and from your site to some affiliate programs.

It would not be a good idea to add affiliate links on Yahoo Answers. You will get negative votes and you may get your account banned because of spamming. Well, I would not blame them.

So, you need a website. You do not have to get your own domain but it would help you to get established as an expert in your niche. Anyway, you can start with a free website and decide later if you want to buy your own domain.

For those who already have built a website of any type and wanted to see if they can use Yahoo Answers, research questions for your niche. If you see active people in your niche to ask and answer questions, you can start answering some of them too.

The fact is that there are better ways to get traffic if you want to create content. And yes, you have to create helpful content. It cannot work with few-word answers. So, you must consider if that’s the best strategy.

Some type of marketers who can make money with Yahoo Answers:

  • affiliate marketers
  • drop shippers
  • digital product owners
  • people who want to promote a forum on a similar niche
  • YouTubers

Advantages and Disadvantages

Starting with the advantages, Yahoo Answers has an established audience. It is not so popular as a few years ago because of the competition, but there are still many active members.

Next, the traffic is super targeted. It has not the same value as SEO which is the best option but overall, the traffic from Q&A (questions and answers) sites and forums convert really well. If you establish yourself as an expert on any of these sites, you can get tons of traffic.

Lastly, there are some SEO benefits. The questions will be indexed in a few minutes and can get ranked for specific keywords in the first place on Google.

On the disadvantages, there are more effective ways to put your effort. You need to research and create content daily to give the best answer to the questions of your niche. It’s a nice way to help people but you can reach a bigger audience if you create content for your own site or blog.

How Much You Can Earn?

I have seen some posts that claim a full-time income or $100 per day. These posts are outdated, or the creator has never used that site before.

In some popular niches, you may have some chances to go full time. However, a realistic expectation is to earn a part-time income after a few months if you answer a few questions daily.

This is only my opinion. If you feel you can go full time, just do it.

You want a website, some helpful content on your site relevant to your niche, and some product recommendations. An active site works better than a set and forgets website but you can test different ways.

When you build your site, start sending traffic and check if it converts. If it does not work, you need to make changes until making a few sales.

Alternative Ways To Make Money Online

There are many Q&A sites. Some of them have many visitors, and others do not work so well.

Also, there are many forums in every niche where you can find people engaging daily.

A better solution could be to visit Quora. It has more traffic than Yahoo Answers. However, it has more competition too. Many people try to answer questions and send traffic to their sites.

In my opinion, the best way to help people and get traffic to your site is by creating unique and helpful content. The main difference is that you publish that content to your own site and share it on social media.

It is more effective than answering questions and many people earn over $10k per month in this way.

Click here to learn how to build a website and earn a full-time income online.

Final Thoughts

If you are already an online marketer you can find some potential visitors to Yahoo Answers. If you are a beginner, you can use it to earn some extra money.

It is similar to any other Q&A site. A few years ago, it was the biggest site in this category. Nowadays, there are fancier websites to ask a few questions.

I would recommend you to check two of my previous articles. The first one is for those who want to make extra money by answering questions.

The second one is for those who are ready to start an online business. You need to invest some time and effort but a full-time income is really possible.

Read my article on how to make $100 a day online.

I would like to hear from you.

Are going to try Yahoo Answers?

Have you tried it before?

Leave your questions, your experiences, and your ideas below!