Can You Make Money With Online Surveys?

can you make money with online surveysMost beginners when they are looking for a way to make money online think that completing online surveys is a good idea. It happens because it sounds easy and fast. There are many programs where you can register and many websites that recommend it as one of the top ways to earn money online. So, can you make money with online surveys?

Sure you can make money with paid surveys but this is not the only way to earn money online and it is one of the less profitable too. I am going to give you enough information to make your own decision if it worths your time.

How Paid Online Surveys Work?

One of the positives of this way is that it has a very simple process. If you are registered in some relevant programs, you wait for emails with offers for paid surveys. Then you open these emails, click the link to the survey and start answering questions. Most of them last 10-30 minutes.

You do not need any knowledge, just fill in questions about products and services you have used before. When you complete your survey the money are added to your account. You know how much money are before you take each survey.

They pay you for something so simple like this because many companies want to know the honest opinion of their customers about their products. So, they pay some money to get useful information.

Are Online Surveys Worth Your Time

When you are doing something so simple and easy like completing online surveys, you can not expect tons of money. In most of the times, you will get paid for a simple survey 0.50$ to 1$ for twenty minutes on average for each one. Sometimes you will earn more from a survey but it happens rarely.

The next problem is that you will not find available surveys at all the times. If you want many available surveys you need to register in many relevant websites but it does not guarantee anything. Many times when you start a survey, you can not finish it because of the demographics that researchers are asking.

Even if you have registered in multiple survey websites, I doubt if you can earn over 100-200$ per month. In the scenario where you earn 100$ per month, you will finish 4-5 surveys per day. So, 20 minutes per survey plus the time you spend for the unfinished surveys. I think that in the best case scenario you spend 2 hours per day to get 100$ per month.

Other Alternatives

To determine if it worths your time and effort we should calculate how much you can earn with other ways when you spend two hours per day.

The way that I usually recommend is to build a niche website. The process is very simple, you choose a topic that you like or you know and start creating content. You write informative posts and share them on social media. Sure, there are new things to learn but with this way you can earn much more money that completing surveys.

If you spend two hours per day in creating posts and share them, you are going to write 2-3 posts per week. In one year you will have written 144 posts. If you get 5 visitors per day on each one from social media and search engines, it is near 600 visitors per day. When you have visitors you can earn money by advertising, affiliate marketing and much more ways. You can learn how to build a website on Wealthy your online business

You can also find some online jobs if you have any skills or try your luck as a freelancer. Many website owners hire individuals for simple tasks or for tasks that they can not do by themselves.

Many people earn a full-time income online but it takes some time to build a successful business. It needs some patient but you can earn much more money than paid surveys.

Where To Start?

I learned how to work online on Wealthy Affiliate. When I was trying to find a way to earn some extra money online I read an article about WA. After watching the first lessons of the free trial and some videos I knew that I could learn a lot from this program. You do need any experience or expert knowledge, you will learn everything from scratch.

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