Can You Make Money With Microworkers?

Can You Make Money With Microworkers?

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In this post, you will read how you can make money with Microworkers, and if it is worth your effort. Microworkers is a website for people who want to earn extra income online and people or companies who look for specific tasks to be completed.

Microworkers is online from 2009 and many members have used the platform in the past successfully. From the number of people who have made money on the platform all these years, we can assume that Microworkers is a legit site. There are payment proofs and people who talk about this on forums, social media, and blogs.

Your job as a worker is to find available tasks on the platform and complete them. There are some instructions to follow but usually, there are straightforward. The tasks are simple and easy, so anyone can do them with a computer or a laptop. However, the fact that the tasks are easy and there are a lot of available workers, it results in not so many available jobs and low rewards.

Usually, the payments per job are about ten cents but you can find bigger payments sometimes (40-50 cents). The average time to complete a job is not standard. There are time-consuming tasks (up to ten minutes) and tasks that can be completed instantly like retweets, likes, and follows on social media.

The problem is that the payment depends on the person who has requested the job and not a standard policy of the site. So, you must develop a strategy inside the website and choose the best jobs for you.

How Much You Can Earn With Microworkers

The idea of getting paid to complete micro jobs is not a new one. I have reviewed PTC sites like Neobux and ClixSense or similar sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk and Clickworkers.

On all of them, you can complete tasks for a few cents. If you have read my previous posts about them, you can see that I believe that they are legit sites despite their problems but the potential earnings are limited.

People who work 1-2 hours per day can earn $1-$2 if you have used to work fast and make a good selection of the tasks. To earn more money, you must work even more hours. In my opinion, this is what you can expect on Microworkers as well. I would be really surprised if someone gets better results.

Microworkers Complaints

1. Problem with the payments

When you reach the $9, you can receive a payment on your PayPal account, bank account on specific countries, Moneybookers (Skrill), or Payoneer. Once you request your earnings, the problems begin. For a reason that I do not know, the company sends you a pin that you need to complete the transaction.

It usually takes a few weeks to send it to the workers who want to cash out. It makes sense that many people will be frustrated when they work for weeks to get a few dollars and have to wait so long time. Many people never return back after their first cashout.

2. There are not many jobs

There are many workers and not so many jobs. It happens to many similar sites. I think the site with the most available micro jobs is the Amazon Mechanical Turk.

3. Spam Jobs

It seems that anyone can create a job listing without any approval from the website. It’s common to get spammed on Microworkers. The spam can be a follow social media accounts, commenting on forums, join on email lists, etc.

Is It Worth Your Time?

I joined this site after a question of a follower on social media. I tried to complete tasks and check the results at the end of the day. While I have done micro-jobs before on other sites, they were a little different here.

Microworkers Jobs

On Microworkers you are never sure if you spam or get spammed. Most tasks are about likes, retweets, follows, comments, etc. It is obvious that you cannot do all of these tasks with your real account because you will annoy your friends and followers. I created some new accounts to get started with the site.

Soon I decided that it is not the best way to work online. On alternatives like Neobux or ClixSense, you can do data entry jobs while on Amazon Mechanical Turk, there are transcription jobs, writing, data entry jobs, and more. There is no reason to spam around and no value too.

So, if I had to choose between these websites I would go with one of the other platforms that are mentioned above. However, if you want to join Microworkers, it’s free to create an account. Despite the negatives, you will get paid when you reach the minimum cashout even if it takes some time to receive your money.

My Top Recommendation To Make Money Online

Many people join micro job sites with the goal to earn some extra money. However, there is an issue on these sites. You exchange a lot of your time for a small reward. I have tried everything online and I know how frustrating is to do the same thing again and again for a few cents.

The good news is that there are other better ways to get started online. Of course, I talk about the benefits of online marketing. You can put the same effort to build your own online business instead of doing frustrating clicks and tasks.

There are many ways to start an online business and here is my recommendation:

I invite you to join me on Wealthy Affiliate and learn the benefits of affiliate marketing. If you feel that affiliate marketing is not for you, check other alternatives to get started on my article on how to make $100 a day online.

You can see that there is no way to achieve these results with sites like Microworkers. For any questions relevant to Microworkers or if you want to add anything, leave your comment below!

7 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With Microworkers?”

  1. If you try to compare rewards for tasks on Microworkers verses Amazon Mechanical Turk and Neobux, Mircoworkers pays more.

    In order to avoid waiting time for payments, just make a request for the verification snail mail early. It’s that simple.

    Jut as someone has said above, $2/hour is great money for people living in developing countries. In fact, I’m Kenyan and people in odd jobs who account for over 70% of the workforce are paid $3 – $5 a day!!!

    So this is cool.

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Ilias,

    Although you are very real and realistic and it is absolutely appreciated, in terms of what is possible to earn while performing micro tasks. I do believe that a full time income is possible, just depending upon a users location. For example, I certainly know from my own travel experiences, that $2 an hour most in the South East Of Asia would be delighted at that kind of earnings and consider themselves rich.

    And that is the beauty of the internet! Those in poorer countries can start to better their lives by earning an income online, even if $2/hr

    1. Hi Derek,

      If someone finds value in the micro tasks, it’s fine to join on this site. It depends on the person and it does not cost anything.

      Also, think about the potential of the affiliate marketing for a person from these countries.

      Even with a free website and hard work, he/she could earn multiple times that amount!

  3. Hallo there mate,

    I am also disappointed that these guys pay you $9 after weeks. You sweat out working hard and then you have to wait for that long to get just $9.

    I was really interested in joining but now I was really turned off by the payment issue. I am going to check out wealthy affiliate and see if it is really something I want to do. Thanks anyways.

    1. Hi Dave, It is sad to have to wait for weeks to receive a few dollars. Also, it is bad for the reputation of the company.

  4. Seems like the payout for the time you spend isn’t really worth it, plus combined with the long payout time decreases the programs sppeal. There are many survey websites that can provide a few dollars per survey so that might be a better option for somebody with a bit of spare time also your not using your own accounts like you mentioned to annoy people.

    1. I think the survey sites have the same earning potential with Microworkers. However, there are some sites where you can find both surveys and micro jobs. ClixSense is an example of these sites.

      There are pros and cons on every site but you can make only a few dollars per month on Microworkers. So, I would prefer other alternatives.

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