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Can You Make Money With Fusion Cash In 2018?

Fusion Cash Review:

Name: Fusion Cash
Website: www.fusioncash.net
Price: Free
Make Money Bay Rank: 65 out of 100

What Is Fusion Cash?

Fusion Cash is a site where you can get paid by doing different tasks like complete surveys, click on ads, sign up on other sites, download apps and more. We have seen this concept from similar sites again.

If you take a look at the platform, you will see that you can do tasks from a few cents to a few dollars. Of course, the more money you are going to earn, the harder to complete the selected task.

Why do you earn money for these tasks?

Some people want to advertise their products, and they are willing to pay other people to join. They hope that some of them will stick with their product and they will get a profit in the long run.

The surveys are assigned to other websites from big companies that want to learn more information about their audience. When you start filling a survey, they will ask questions about your demographics. If you fit with their target audience, you complete the survey.

As a site, it has increased popularity in the online world and people who interested to make some extra money. After researching and reading different opinions on forums and social media, we can see that it’s a legit site with no many complaints about the payments.

However, it’s not available outside the USA and Canada. You can still promote the website, but you cannot join and do the tasks. While I do not know why that’s happening, you can consider ySense as an alternative. It is available worldwide.


  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Easy to use the platform and complete tasks
  • Legit website
  • Many ways to earn money


  • $25 minimum cash out
  • Not available outside the USA and Canada
  • Not unlimited offers to earn money

How To Make Money With Fusion Cash

1. Paid To Sign up, Surveys, Tasks, etc.

We can include in this category all the actions you can do on the platform to earn money. While it’s a legit site, there is much misleading information from people who want to promote this website. The site has a good referral program, and many people make unrealistic claims to get these referrals.

I will analyze the referral program later. Now back to the tasks and the offers.

Many people say that you can earn over $100 per offer. Well, these offers are rare, and you will be lucky if you find one. The most common situation is to earn a few cents per offer. Many times you will earn only 1-2 cents.

Also, the opportunities for extra money are not unlimited. You will not get approved for all the surveys you can find on the platform, and if you complete an offer, it is not available for you anymore.

On the positives, the $5 bonus is a big one if you consider how much time you need to earn $5 on other survey sites. However, you need to collect $25 to cash out.

2. The Referral System

Fusion Cash has a very good referral system. For this reason, many members and affiliate marketers promote it on many platforms. If you have listened to someone claiming earnings of $50 per day or $750 per week (I have watched two YouTube videos with these claims), they probably have many referrals.

For every referral, you earn $1 when they confirm their email address, $2 when they complete the first offer, and $5 each time they cash out.

You can expect to earn at least $3 for every real person who joins on the site. In my opinion, the referral program has more value than the surveys and the offers.

How Much You Can Earn With Fusion Cash

It is a side income site which means that it’s unlikely to earn a full-time income no matter how hard you work. Most of the surveys that pay more than one dollar will not approve you to complete the process, and the most offers will be for a few cents.

It’s fine if you are looking for some extra money and you plan to log in one-two hours per day. If that’s your plan, you are in the right place.

However, if you want a full income and you are ready to spend a lot of hours on your money, you will be disappointed. Survey and side income sites are not the best online opportunities.

The referral program has better potential by default. You earn from other people’s work so if you have many referrals, you can make money passively. However, there are better opportunities for passive income as well.

Do you want to promote your links?

Great, you need to learn about affiliate marketing. It’s a legit online business model. The affiliate marketers promote other people’s products or services like the Fusion Cash referral program.

Ideally, you want to educate other people about the product you promote and explain to them how it is going to help them. If you promote your links properly, there is no limit on how much you can earn because you build a real business instead of completing surveys and offers for cents.

So, if I had to estimate how much you can earn with offers on Fusion Cash, I would say up to $100 per month. You can go for more if you spend all the day in front of your computer. But there is a better alternative.

Last Thoughts

Fusion Cash is a legit site, and you can use it for making some extra money. The $5 bonus is an advantage to join here over other survey sites, and there are many positive reviews on the internet.

However, I would not recommend it to anyone who looks for a full income. It cannot replace your job, and it isn’t an online business or a passive income opportunity. For all the above, check my top recommended site to get started online.


Name: Fusion Cash
Website: www.fusioncash.net
Price: Free
Make Money Bay Rank: 65 out of 100

For any questions on Fusion Cash or if you want to add anything, leave your comment below.