Can You Make Money With A Free Blog?

Can You Make Money With A Free BlogSome days ago, I posted a guide on how to start a profitable blog and I mentioned that you can start one even for free.

The answer is that you can make money with a free blog but it will take more time than a regular one and I will analyze the reasons below.

What Is A Free Blog?

You can start a free blog on a blogging platform that has a free membership. The process is the same to all of them. You create an account, get a subdomain and you are ready to start publishing your posts.

Most of them have premium memberships that you can upgrade later if you want it and all of them have limitations on the basic membership.

Below you can see a list of free blogging platforms:

You can easily get started on any of this sites. There are many other platforms that you can start blogging for free but I just mention some popular ones.

If you have created an account, you can start blogging. Next, you will add content and get traffic. The process is the same with a regular blog or website.

Pros and Cons of a Free Blog


  • It is free: If you buy a domain name, you will pay $10-$15 and $10-$20 per/month for a web hosting provider. If you have a free blog, you do not pay anything.


  • SEO: Most bloggers focus on SEO because it is their main source of traffic. If you are creating content regularly, you will get organic traffic but it will not be at the same levels with a regular blog. This happens because subdomains do not work as well as the regular domain names and free blogs usually have poor user experience which is an important SEO factor.
  • You do not own your free blog: They allow you to use their platform and blog but they have many rules and terms that you need to follow. Also, they can delete your account any time they want. It has happened before to many users.
  • They do not look great: You cannot design a free blog with the way you want. Usually, there is a limited number of themes and plugins.
  • Limited options to make money: When you have your own website or blog, you can monetize your traffic with any way you want. With most blogging platforms, it is not possible. An example is the WordAds, the only available ads for blogs on

Can You Make Money With a Free Blog? โ€“ Potential Earnings and a Proof

There are many reasons to avoid starting for free instead of a little investment but you still can earn money from a free blog. However, many people do not believe that it is possible, even experienced marketers.

For this reason, I have found an interesting article from a Wealthy Affiliate member that shares his results with a SiteRubix blog. See the picture below.

Siterubix sites can get traffic.

He reached the 4,201 visitors per month from search engines. You can read the full article here.

If it is possible to get 400 visitors per day, you can get even more if you scale your blog by creating more content. However, when you start earning money, a good investment would be a domain name and a web hosting provider. You will get even better results.

My Recommendation

On the example above, you see that a SiteRubix blog can get traffic. SiteRubix is not a random choice from a list of blogging platforms.

If you join SiteRubix, you have two WordPress blogs with many available themes and free training from Wealthy Affiliate. In a few words, you will have a good looking blog and a strategy to make money.

Also, there are more available subdomains to choose from than other platforms because there is a limit on how many subdomains a user can get. On platforms like WordPress and Blogger, many people get many subdomains to use them for spamming and black hat SEO strategies.

This is not going to happen on SiteRubix because free members have 2 available subdomains and premium members 25. Last, you can monetize your blog with any way you want.

If you are ready to get started, get your free blog here.

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