Buxify Review: Scam Or $150 Per Day?

buxify review - scam or legit?

In this Buxify review, you will find out if this website is another scam, or you can actually make $150 per day and $2000 from the first month. There is no explanation of how it works and why they pay you on this site, so here is what you can expect.

What Is Buxify?

Buxify is supposed to be an influencer network. This is what they say on the homepage and claim to be the #1 site in this category. However, there is no such thing as an influencer network, and digital marketers do not use this term at all.

The problem is that some websites on the internet claim to be influencer networks, but they are scams. I have reviewed many of these websites before. You can check some examples as PaidLeaf, LiteBucks, Cash4Clickz, and Tap2Earn. They may have different homepages, but you can find many similarities, and the members’ area is the same.

Buxify is a new copy of this scam. It has the same members’ area, promises huge amounts of money for simple tasks, and there is no payment proof on the internet from the website.

The first confusing part is it is a free website. At least, you can create a new account for free, and inside, you can see money in your site’s account. In this part, most members believe that they have found a legit goldmine.

However, this website is created to get contact details and any other personal information that the members share. The owners will use them for a profit. There are many ways to achieve that, but the most common one is to sell it on marketers and businesses who want to send you promotional emails.

Once you create an account, you give them your email address and login details. Later, they will ask your phone number through the tasks and those who want to request a payment will give their payment details.

Every part of the homepage and the members’ area is misleading. The owners want to keep your around because they earn money when you are active or just send them more referrals.

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How Does It Work

The main reason why they can trick too many people on this website is that they give the impression that it is a legit site. It is difficult for an average user to figure out the difference between a legit site and a scam website that pretends to be legit.

When you get referrals and complete tasks on legit websites, they add money to your account. The same process happens in Buxify, but they don’t pay you and the rewards are extremely high.

First, it starts with the signup bonus. You can see $50 in your account just by joining. Of course, you can withdraw that money. You must meet some requirements and give you the following options to get started.

Referrals: There is a referral link on your dashboard, and the site encourages you to spam it on social media. Also, you can see some buttons that redirect you to some social media networks with pre-written messages. They add $2 per click and $15 per referral to your account. These numbers do not make sense at all. Legit referral programs do not pay for clicks from social media, while a free referral is not worth much.

Task Wall: They ask you to complete a few simple tasks. The reward is $50 per task. The problem here is that they are not real tasks. When you click on them, they redirect you on third-party websites that request your phone number. If you fill in your numbers, they will charge your number for every text message that they send to you.

Social Media Promotions: If you create a video on YouTuber with some instructions from the site or add your referral link on your Instagram bio, they promise you $50.

They Do Not Pay

They have a page in which you can request a withdraw. However, it has some requirements, and you don’t know what it takes before completing any tasks. The intention here is to keep on the site without knowing the exact time or number of tasks that it takes to get paid.

Next, there are no payment proofs from this site. While they have a payment page, they show us a screenshot from personal messages. This is not a payment proof. Lastly, this website is a copy of similar websites that do not pay their members.

If no one has ever got paid from this site, it’s unlikely to become the first one. Also, some guys who create videos on YouTube do not show us any proof, but they create these videos to complete these YouTube promotions.

Lack Of Important Information

There are some missing elements on this website. The most important one is the name of the owner and any contact details about him or the company. Most online scams hide this type of information from the public for obvious reasons. Also, there are no social media accounts or legal pages.

They have no problem to write a few fake stats. According to the homepage, they have 225k members and paid $68 million. However, it is a very new website that most people who are interested in opportunities to make money online have never heard about it before.

Is Buxify A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Yes, Buxify is a scam. There are no real payment proofs on the internet, and that means they don’t pay the members. The website has been created to trick average users who may find accidentally and get their contact details. They target people who have no experience from similar websites.

The members’ area gives a feeling of making progress and achieving something, and this is the worst part of the site. Without the members’ area, you would give them your email address and let it go. However, they waste the time of the members and their money if they complete the tasks.

Usually, the members who join sites like this one will receive more promotions in the future from similar online scams. The only exception is when they find them from a friend. However, if you have found it on a Facebook group or a YouTube channel, it’s better to report it and stay away from it.

The claims about $150 per day or $2,000 per month are completely unrealistic and a common scam alert. When you see websites to promise fast and big earnings, they are not legit most of the time. While it’s possible to achieve any level of success online or offline, it takes hard work, commitment, and patience.

The bottom line is that Buxify is not as promised. There is nothing you can do about it, and no one will take responsibility. It’s a new website from an unknown owner. Don’t lose any more time with it.

Here Are Some Legit Alternatives

The good news is there are plenty of legit websites to get started. Your expectations on the internet depend on the time you are willing to invest and the type of tasks you complete.

For those who look for something simple and easy, getting started with surveys and tasks can be a good idea. These sites have not a potential for a lot of money, but you can earn a few extra dollars per month. My top suggestions in this category are Swagbucks and ySense. They have millions of members and many success stories.

If you are interested in earning a full-time income, you can consider starting your own online business. Affiliate marketing is an excellent business model for beginners because you don’t need to create a product, have technical knowledge or experience. The goal is to make commissions by promoting other people’s products.

It takes work, but it’s a long-term investment and generates revenue for years for those who build their businesses. For a step-by-step guide on affiliate marketing, you can check Wealthy Affiliate. It is a top training program with an active community and tools to start your business.

P.S. Thanks for reading my Buxify review. It was not a legit product, but there are better alternatives. For any questions, you can leave your comment below. Also, feel free to share this post with anyone who needs to read it.

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