bUnited Review: Scam Or $34,100 With 10 Referrals?

bunited review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my bUnited review. This is a program that looks like a scam but it has confused many beginners, bloggers, and even experienced users who have joined several programs before.

In this review, you will read why I think that it’s not legit and what I have discovered on my research.

What Is bUnited?

This is supposed to be a site in which you can get paid to unite or to save the world. While these words sound very nice to our ears, we must be more specific.

Do you join to save the world or make money?

If you join this website to make money, this is a site that promises thousands of dollars just by inviting a few friends or sharing your referral link. That’s all about.

They say that you will have discounts, there is a banner of Vodafone, they are supposed to treat the world better, etc.

I have seen many weird things on the internet so I prefer to be carefull with this type of sites.

I know that many online scams give you a referral link and promise huge amounts of money per referral. For some examples, you can read about Viral Pay, Kids Earn Cash, Viral Dollars, etc. All these sites do not pay their members.

In my opinion, bUnited looks like these websites.

The first thing we much check on any site or program that promises some money is the claims. Usually, when something sounds too good to be true, it’s not true.

bUnited has a calculator that estimates your earnings based on your total referrals but the money you are supposed to earn is ridiculously high.

On the video presentation of the members’ area, it claims that you can earn $34,100 for only 10 referrals. Of course, they must take action and get some members but still, no legit program or website pays so much money for FREE referrals.

They give an explanation on the members’ area for these rewards but it’s common sense that you cannot be profitable when you pay $10 for free referrals.

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How Does It Work?

The structure of the website is not unusual. We have seen similar promises again. But the concept of saving the world and the explanation of how it works is unusual. For this reason, let’s start from step one.

It’s super easy to create an account and you do not pay anything. When you go to the members’ area, there is a video presentation. The say again that we can make money by saving the world.

Next, you can see your referral link but not how you can save the world. Also, there are three pre-made messages. You can use these messages to invite your friends. It can be through emails, social media, messenger, etc.

Then you can play with the calculator that estimates your earnings. For example if you invite five people and they invite on average five more people each, you can earn $39.050.

bunited calculator

You earn $10 for every referral four levels down. That means you make money from the referrals of your referrals, and then from their referrals, etc.

If you have joined any MLM before, you may are aware of the multiple levels of commissions. But this is not important because you can’t control the actions of your referral because you do not know who they are. With a few words, you can only invite referrals on this website.

Can You Really Get Paid?

The only way to figure out if a website pays is to find a few people who have been got paid before.

But guess what:

We cannot find any payment proof on forums or social media from bUnited. According to the website, some people will get paid in 60 days but for others may take a couple of years.

I think that most members who will read this article are among them who will take a couple of years. The problem is that we have not seen any payment proof from those who receive their money in 60 days.

The bottom line here is that no one has got paid from this site. When something like that happens, we assume that they do not pay at all.

I would have not any problem to update this review and add your payment proof if you have one. However, until that happens, I will rank bUnited as a scam.

From my experience, the legit sites pay on time and you always know when you will get your money. It does not make sense to invest time and money when someone is not clear with his program.

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Can You Really Get Discounts Or Save The World On bUnited?

According to the site, the members are supposed to get discounts from their advertisers.

However, there is not any action you can do on the members’ area but only to copy your referral link. You can’t get a discount and you can’t see any proof from their activity to save the world.

There are two pages on the members’ area about the discounts and their activity to save the planet.

On the first page, they claim that you will get a 20%-30% discount on things you already buy. However, you can’t get any discount today. You can see only a banner of Vodafone. They claim that people in Germany have a discount from Vodafone already.

The second page includes a list of giving back programs that will save the planet. You can find a plan with changes that will happen if bUnited reach the 500 million members. I do not know if these programs are real.

Until now, they do not give anything. There are no discounts and I do not know any members from Germany to confirm the discount with Vodafone.

But for the members of all the other countries in the world, there are no discounts.

My Final Verdict – Is bUnited A Scam?

The only difference between bUnited from other online scams is that they explain why they are going to delay your payments. There are many weird issues on that site so I don’t think this is legit.

The money you are supposed to earn is too much for a little effort. When that happens on a money-making program, almost always something goes wrong. It does not make sense to make over $30,000 with ten free referrals.

Also, there is no payment proof anywhere on the internet and they say that it may take years to get paid. Based on the claims and this statement, I think bUnited is a scam.

The only things that make people believe that this is a legit site and there is the plan are the claims about saving the world and the name of the owner that you can see on the members’ area.

There is the name of Jim Jorgensen as the co-founder of bUnited and a link to Wikipedia. I think we will figure out in the future if he is a real co-founder of this site and if he will pay the members.

When this review is written, there are no payment proof from this site and no discounts on the members’ area.

For this reason, I do not recommend bUnited, and I think it’s a better idea to avoid this site.

Here Is Something That Works

The legit programs will pay you. Period.

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However, the commissions are realistic. You will get paid per sale and not for free referrals. It depends on the program and there is a big range of commissions, from 1% to 75%.

There are affiliate programs that work with referrals like the affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate but your referrals must take specific actions like upgrading to premium. You do not have to worry about the commissions but I just give you a quick description.

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Thanks for reading my review on bUnited. In my opinion, you can find better alternatives to get started online. You can leave below any comments or questions about bUnited.

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