Blogging Guru Blueprint Review – 3 Steps To Start A Profitable Blog

Blogging Guru Blueprint ReviewYou will read on this post an unbiased review of Blogging Guru Blueprint.

Patric Chan, creator of CB Passive Income has created the Blogging Guru Blueprint to help people make money online by blogging.

With this program, he teaches any beginner on online marketing how to create a blog from scratch.

It has three modules that you follow to start your online business.

You will learn how to install and manage a WordPress blog, monetize your blog and getting traffic on your blog.

Blogging is a legitimate way to make money or get traffic on your website through SEO.

These days most online marketers have a blog on their websites to keep them updated and get ranked on search engines for multiple keywords.

Blogging Guru Blueprint is a good program that gives a lot of information about blogging but it lacks on many things that their competitors can give you.

More specific, the training is available in video format. These videos are how-to guides and informational videos about building a website, affiliate marketing and getting traffic.

However, blogging and online marketing are not so simple.


This program will give you great information about blogging but when you are a beginner, you are going to make mistakes.

When you make a mistake you need someone to help you make your next steps.

The Blogging Guru Blueprint’s lack of community and real support make it difficult to get any real help.

Like other Patric Chan’s programs, he gives you helpful information but when you are inside, you are alone.

It does not mean that you cannot make money or that it is a scam. But, I think that you will need help outside the program sooner or later if you decide to build your first blog.


  • Lot of content and information about blogging
  • Beginner friendly training
  • Many internet marketing techniques
  • Created by Patric Chan who is a successful online marketer
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Fair Price


  • You need to download the content (it takes a lot of time)
  • No community at all
  • No real support
  • You will not contact with Patric Chan
  • When you get inside, you are alone
  • The content is not updating

Who Blogging Guru Blueprint is For

This program is created to help people who want to get started with blogging and/or online marketing.

I am sure that there are many online marketers who have some experience but they have never tried blogging before.

It makes sense because some years ago blogging was not a MUST as it is today. If you are one of those guys, you will find this program very helpful.

Also if you have some experience online, you will make fewer mistakes than a total beginner when you get started.

If you are a total beginner, you are going to learn a lot of new things too. The program is user friendly and the videos are simple and easy to understand.

The best part?

You will learn step by step a method that most internet marketers uses to get traffic.

The bad part?

If you have any questions, you will not find anyone to ask.

About the advanced marketers

Advanced marketers are people that they already blogging and they get some traffic.

Well, if you have tried but you have not any results before then I think that you should start from scratch like any other beginner.

But if you have some sales and you just want some help, I do not think that this program will be helpful for you.

Ok, you can find some courses for more advanced bloggers but this program focus on beginners.

So if you are not a total beginner, you can find other alternatives online that I will mention later on this post.

What You Are Going To Learn

Let’s go deeper in this program to find out what exactly you are going to learn.

When you check Blogging Guru Blueprint home page, Patric Chan lets you know from the beginning what this program is about.

  1. Start a blog and share valuable content
  2. Drive traffic to your blog
  3. Monetize your traffic with affiliate marketing and Google Adsense

Blogging Guru Blueprint lessons are going deeper on these three modules. If you master these modules, you will create great and profitable blogs.Blogging Guru Blueprint Courses

More specific on each module, you will learn:

Module 1

Module one has 13 videos on how to build, set up and customize a WordPress blog.

You will learn things that many advanced bloggers cannot apply effectively to their blogs like how to speed up your blog or how to create a user friendly websites.

Module 2

On module two, you will learn how you can monetize your blog.

Affiliate marketing, Clickbank, Amazon Associates, Google Adsense, email marketing, creating great blog post titles and more.

There are 48 step by step videos on module two.

Module 3

Module three is about traffic. Most online marketers problem is how to get traffic because without traffic you cannot make money even if you create the greatest content on the internet.

You will learn about SEO, content marketing and social marketing on 75 videos and over 10 hours of training.


When you buy the Blogging Guru Blueprint, you get three bonuses:

  1. The Blogging Guru Plugin App: It helps you to optimize your WordPress blog
  2. The Blogging Guru Locker App: When you add a video from Youtube on your website you can add clickable buttons on it or you can lock your content to make your visitors subscribe to get access.
  3. The Commission Miner Course: You will learn how to get bigger commissions and crush your competition.

As you can see Blogging Guru Blueprint has many lessons courses and lessons. You can learn everything you need to get started with blogging.

About The Support

There are many reasons why many beginners fail on online marketing. One of them is that too many people try to do everything alone without any help.

When you are a beginner you will make mistakes. So, you need someone to help you.

In this program, you will get a lot of information and you should be able to make questions, ask for help when you cannot apply them on your website and discuss for alternative ways and strategies to build your blog.

However, after joining you are alone. There is only one email where you can ask for help.

It will take some days to answer you (they will not always answer you).

When you visit the home page, you see that the description starts with Patric Chan welcomes anyone who visits the website.

Well if you join the program, you will never contact directly Patric Chan.

Some people may say you that there is not any program that you will talk to the owners.

It is not true, there are programs that you can directly contact the owners. I will mention one of them later on this post.

How Much Does Blogging Guru Blueprint Cost?

You can join the program at $47 and there are upsells that are not necessary to buy.

In my opinion, it is a fair price considering the content quality and quantity.

This program gives you a blueprint to work and start your own internet business. It is a way that works if you follow the video courses. So, I think that it is a good investment.

Why Does It Cost Only $47?

If this program was offered at a higher price, I do not think that I would recommend it.

For two reasons:

  1. They created these videos and they do not update them or add new ones
  2. There is no real support or help when you need it.

With a few words, you pay for the video courses and you cannot expect anything more.

If you want to build a WordPress blog, you will need to give some extra money on buying a domain and a web hosting provider.

Alternative Programs to Start An Online Business

Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate is a training program for online marketers and an online community.

You will find tons of video and article courses on any type of online marketing. New training is added daily from the members and the owners who are active members of this program.

Wealthy Affiliate has a community with thousands of online marketer who help each other and work together.

They have similar starting strategy with Blogging Guru Blueprint. You build a website with a blog inside and you focus highly on SEO.

If you join you have a free keyword tool, web hosting, 25 free websites with a subdomain and you can contact personally with the owners or any other member.

It also has a free trial for one week to test the program.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Other legit programs you may like are Affilorama, Internet Jetset and Amz Training Academy.

I recommend these program because they teach a similar strategy to make money online with Blogging Guru Blueprint but my top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

My Final Thoughts

Blogging Guru Blueprint is a legit program that shows you how to get started with blogging.

It has some disadvantages compared to the competition but you can learn many things for sure.

Overall, a good program for beginners who want to start from scratch but not so good for those who already have some experience with online marketing.

If you decide to join, I would recommend you to stick with the training and follow the way that Patric Chan teaches.

Trying other strategies or doing your own thing while you follow Patric Chan strategy is not going to work. One thing at a time.

Also, be patient. You build a new online business, success will not come overnight.

Keep in mind that if you do not like the program, they will give your money back in 60 days.

So, the risk to lose your money is small.

You can find more information on the Blogging Guru Blueprint home page.

If you have tried Blogging Guru Blueprint you can share your experience with us or you can ask any question you may want below.

Thanks for reading.

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