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15 Best GPT Sites For Extra Cash And Rewards

Today, I am going to show you a list with the best GPT sites.

There are many GPT (Get Paid To) sites on the internet but not all of them meet the standards of their users.

This list includes 15 different sites. All of them have pros and cons but I have chosen them for a reason. Some of them have better rewards than the average site or better payment time, lower cashout limit, more available tasks, etc.

In most of them, you can see two links — one link to a thorough review and the other to the home page of the site.

GPT site is any site that includes multiple ways to earn money with simple tasks. Some of these tasks can be online surveys, play games, watch videos, download apps and more. But, a survey site is not a GPT site.

If you are active on a platform that you do not see on this list, it’s fine. There are many legit sites. There is no way to have tested each active site on the internet.

However, if you are looking for a way to have some fun and earn a few bucks, you will find many interesting ideas.

1. ClixSense:

clixsense logo

ClixSense founded in 2007 as a PTC (paid to click) site. ClixSense and Neobux were the two best PTC sites for many years.

The owners of ClixSense decided to updated and change the members’ area. They have included many different ways to earn some extra cash while they have changed the old structure.

It still a quality website but these days you can find surveys, offers, and micro jobs. I think it includes the most available tasks than any other alternative.

There are many active members. While the website does not share the exact number, it’s obvious from the forum and the people who promote on the internet that it’s a huge platform.

On the forum, you can read success stories, see payment proof of other members and find interesting strategies to maximize your earnings.

The minimum cash out limit is at $10 dollars but it does not include PayPal in the available ways to cash out. Once you request a payment, you will receive your money in 2-5 business days.

2. CashCrate:

cashcrate logo

There are plenty of offers, surveys and cashback opportunities for the members. It’s available worldwide and there is a nice referral program. It has an active forum and a wall with many payment proofs.

The minimum cashout limit is at $20 and in the first payment you must choose between Dwolla and Check as payment methods. After the first payment, you can enable PayPal.

However, there is a shop to turn your earnings into gift cards. You have many options but the most popular is Amazon gift cards. They start from $10 which makes it easier to use your points if you do not want to wait for the cashout limit.

You will get a $1 sign up bonus. Also, there are weekly and monthly contests to earn more money.

3. PrizeRebel:

prizerebel logo

PrizeRebel is online since 2007 and helps people to earn extra money. It’s user-friendly site and you can find what you want fast.

There are offers and micro jobs for some quick bucks. It has not a signup bonus but a daily challenge in which you must complete a specific amount of points. Also, you can earn money with some contests and draws.

The most exciting fact about PrizeRebel is the fast payments. You will receive your payment in 24 hours and the gold members receive their earnings up to 2 hours.

There are many options to get paid. You can get an Amazon gift card from $2, PayPal money from $5, prepaid Mastercard, prepaid Visa and many other gift cards for other retailers.

4. Swagbucks:

swagbucks logo

It’s one of the top sites in this category with millions of members. Many people think it’s the best GPT site but there are some negative reviews on the internet as well.

I think it’s still one of the top ones. Most people join to complete surveys. There are some issues on that part but you can make money with offers, cashback opportunities, searching, watch videos and download apps. It’s easy and straightforward to complete offers on this website.

You can get a $5 sign up bonus but you need to earn $20 more to reach the minimum cashout limit. You can receive your money through PayPal in 10-14 days. Also, there are available many gift cards.

Swagbucks is available in specific countries. If you do not live in these countries you can’t even create an account.

5. InstaGC:

instaGC logo

It’s a good site with many offers, micro jobs, and other simple tasks. The minimum cashout limit is at $1 with a gift card and there is a 10 point ($0.10) sign up bonus. You can get paid through PayPal, Check or gift cards.

If you want to use PayPal, you must verify your phone number and earn 5000 ($50) points which is huge number for a GPT site.

You can create an account fast with your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) but make sure you have not created an account before.

You can join from any country in the world but you need to have access to a verified PayPal account.

InstaGC Review

6. Gift Hunter Club

gift hunter club logo

Another good website to earn some extra money and have some fun in your free time. There are many different types of tasks like offers, surveys, and micro jobs.

Also, you can find contests, draws (raffles) and you can earn money by showing your payment proof. For those who are willing to take a lot of action, it is worth taking a look at the contests.

You can get paid through PayPal ($5 minimum) or use Amazon gift cards ($10 minimum). When you use PayPal, there is a small fee that you will not see on other GPT sites.

Gift Hunter Club Review

7. Treasure Trooper

treasure trooper logo

Treasure Trooper is one of the top GPT sites. It’s a site with a user-friendly platform, design and it’s like playing a game.

You can find the standard surveys and offers but there are available games, slots, draws and a treasure hunt.

There is a $1 sign up bonus. The minimum cashout limit is at $20 and you can ask your money with PayPal, Check and there are available gift cards.

It includes a forum but it is not as active as the forums on the top sites on these lists. For those who are interested in the referral program, you can earn 20% from your direct referrals which is a normal commission for a side income site and there is an additional 5% second trier commission.

8. GrabPoints

grabpoints logo

It has a big number of options to redeem your earnings when it comes to the available gift cards. Most of them are about games. Also, you can withdraw through PayPal and Skrill with a $3 minimum.

There are many offers with surveys, cashback opportunities and super simple tasks to earn a few cents from each one like watching videos and downloading apps.

The referral program is a little different than most similar sites. You commission depends on the country of your referrals and they must earn at least one dollar to get your reward.

GrabPoints Review

9. Cinchbucks


It’s a website in which you earn CB that you can convert later into money, Bitcoin and gift cards. You can withdraw your earnings when you reach the cashout limit at $10.

There are all the standard features of a GPT site and a little more. You get coupons for shopping, there is a 10CB ($0.10) sign up bonus and you get a $0.50 more just by completing your survey profile.

Also, they have an addon for notifications when there is an available offer so you can log in to your account only when you have something to expect.

Cinchbucks Review

10. SuperPay.Me logo is a simple GPT site with super fast payments and low minimum cashout limit. The same company owns Offernation and Rewarding Ways, two quite similar sites to

If you reach the $1, you can withdraw your money. Also, there is a $0.20 sign up bonus. That means you need only 80 cents to reach the cashout limit. Once you request for your first payment, you can expect the money to your account it 24 hours.

There are many options to get paid as well. PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Amazon gift cards are the available payment methods but they have different cashout limits for each method. Review

11. TimeBucks

timebucks logo

TimeBucks is an interesting website. You can earn money by clicking ads, watching videos, completing simple tasks, offers, following on social media and cashback opportunities.

The referral program offers 15% commission for the first tier referrals but there are different commissions for lower levels of referrals.

The focus on the site is on the super simple tasks that pay you a few cents like clicking ads and watching videos.

You get $1 as a signup bonus and you need nine more to reach the $10 cashout limit. They do not give gift cards. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Payeer, and Bitcoin.

12. QuickRewards

quickrewards logo

The first time I visited QuickRewards I thought this must be a very outdated site because of the design. However, it works and there are many opportunities to earn money like solving captcha, get grocery coupons and the common offers.

It’s not available worldwide and you can join only from the USA and Canada.

It has a $5 minimum cashout limit, fast payments, and good support. The payments are sent through PayPal in 12-48 hours.

Also, most of the reviews on the internet about this website are positive from blog, videos, and users. It’s a simple site with old design but it works well.

QuickRewards Review

13. Maximiles

maximiles logo

Maximiles is a legit and good GPT site but it’s available only in some countries of Europe. On this list, you can see a few options that are available only in the USA and Canada so here is an alternative for people who live in Europe.

You can earn points with surveys, cashback offers, read emails and offers. However, you can’t turn these points into cash. You have to use them for gifts.

I know this is not the best motivation to join a side income site but it’s just an option. Anyway, there are plenty of gift options. The delivery of the points is a little slow. You may wait up to 60 days to be added to your account.

Maximiles Review

14. Earn Honey

earn honey logo

You can earn money with Earn Honey by clicking ads, watching videos, completing surveys and offers. It’s online since 2015 so it’s not an old GPT site but it has an increasing reputation and many members.

It’s available worldwide but the users from the USA can expect better reward and it informs you about this when you are on the members’ area.

You can get paid with PayPal, Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards from $2. There are options to donate money to charities as well.

15. One Day Rewards

one day rewards logo

One Day Rewards has the lowest cashout limit on this list which is at $0.10 with Bitcoin. There are many other ways to get paid. The minimum cashout limit for PayPal is at $1. They pay the members three times a day on standand hours.

On the members’ area, you can find offers and surveys, but you can find other simple tasks as well. Also, there are daily contests but no signup bonus.

The site is a little confusing to find what you are looking for but it’s a legit site with a low cashout limit.

It’s easy to create a new account. Then, complete one-two offers and cashout.

One Day Rewards Review

Start With A GPT Site

Every website on this list has specific available ways to get paid and specific cashout limits.

The first thing you must do is to make sure the sites you want to choose they have a payment method that you can use. It would not be a good thing to earn money that you can’t receive.

Next, the GPT sites have a number of offers and surveys. They include Offerwalls which is a list of other third-party provides. In this providers, you complete the surveys and the offers.

It’s a win-win situation from all the parts. It’s a good thing for you because you do not have to search for each provider. You just join a GPT site and you can find them all together. The GPT sites earn a commission and the third-party providers can find people to complete their tasks.

These third party providers are common on many of these sites. With a few words, you don’t have to join on each one site. Many of the offers and surveys are common on all these sites. The same applies for the websites that include micro jobs.

Many times the third-party providers will ask for more details (email, name, address, phone number). In some offers, you must visit and create accounts on other websites that require your details as well. For example, cashback and sign up offers.

You can choose which offer you will complete or no but it would be a good idea to create a new email address only for GPT sites. It will help you to save your good email address from spam and you will be able to organize your offers.

When You Should Avoid A GPT Site

The websites on this list are top GPT sites and I would expect from most of them to continue on that level.

However, you may have doubts or consider starting on a new site that you cannot find on this list. Here are two tips about choosing or avoiding GPT sites.

Read reviews: When people are unhappy with a service or they are not getting paid for their work, they let you know about it. There are reviews and comments on blogs, forums, and social media for most side income sites.

Payments: The first thing you can do before investing too much time on a site is to test the payments methods. You can reach the minimum cashout limit and check if it pays and how much time it takes to send your earnings. If the cashout limit is too high and you have doubts, it’s better to stay away.

I think if there are no many negative reviews and you get paid even for a small amount of money it’s ok to keep completing offers, surveys or sending traffic if you are interested in the referral program.

How Much You Can Earn With GPT Sites

You will not become rich with any of these sites. They are great to earn extra money in your free time and have fun but this is the best you can expect.

The top earners on these sites with tasks, offers, and surveys can make $100-$200 per month but they put too much effort for these results. I am not sure that it’s worth to put too much time. A better approach is to log in when you have free time and just checks for any available opportunities.

Making more money with the referral programs is possible for those you can send traffic from a blog or paid advertising, But this is the same as affiliate marketing. There are more profitable programs to promote on the internet for sure.

So, I think it’s better to have fun and earn a few extra bucks when it’s possible.

If you are interested in earning a full-time income, you can read about my top guide to make money online.


You can choose any of these 15 sites and start earning money and gift cards. Some of them have a low cashout limit and fast payments. You could get your money to your PayPal account today or the next days.

If you have any recommendations of other GPT sites that are not included on this list or any questions, you can leave your comments below (no links). It would be great to make this list even bigger with your ideas.