The 10 Best Free Traffic Sources in 2017

The 10 Best Free Traffic Sources in 2019 (Updated)

On this post, you will read about the best free traffic sources in 2019.

It is not easy to get free traffic if you are a beginner on online marketing. Search engines do not trust your website, you does not have backlinks or a big following on social media.

But you must find your direction.

You can start blogging and target keywords for Google traffic, build a Facebook page or a huge following on Twitter.

When you start getting enough traffic to make sales and grow your business is definitely worth the hard work you have to do before. But you cannot work on every place on the internet. Start with one or two ways until you master them.

Below you see a list of the 10 best free traffic sources to choose what it fits your business.

1. SEO

The 10 Best Free Traffic Sources in 2017

Search engine traffic is the best traffic that a website can get. It is the type of traffic that any online marketer wants for his business.


Because it is the most targeted traffic you can find on the internet. Targeted traffic means sales. When you get ranked for specific keywords, the search engines visitors who type these keywords are highly interested in reading relevant content and/or products.

For this reason, it has more competition than other sources of traffic. But there are some strategies and techniques to get started.

First of you all, you need to have a website or blog. After that, a new website should focus on low competition keywords. The last step is to create quality content regularly your website.

Repeat the process.

If you create content 2-3 times per week or more after some months you may get ranked on the first page of Google. It is not an easy way but if you want to master on something in 2019, SEO is my top recommendation.

You can learn SEO by yourself but avoid getting information from many different sources at the same time because it can be confusing for a beginner. Find a strategy to follow and master it, not many of them.

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2. YouTube


Youtube is growing rapidly the last few years. I have said again in a previous post that it has over a billion active users.

The best part?

They use YouTube both as a search engine and as a social media platform where having fun watching interesting videos.

How can you take advantage of this traffic?

Start a youtube channel for your website. If you want Youtube to be the main source of traffic for your website or your landing page then you must be really good at creating videos.

There are many ways to do this. Powerpoint videos, recording your desktop and talking in front of the camera are the most common ways that Youtubers use to create videos. You can also hire someone to create great videos for you if you a have a budget to spend.

Many say that SEO and YouTube have competition and you cannot get traffic. Well, everything on the Internet has competition these days. You need to become the competition and stop being afraid to create content.

YouTube SEO is working like Google SEO. You need to create new videos consistently that are interesting and informative.

Stats like the click-through rate and the average time that a user watches your videos are very important to get ranked on the first page of Youtube.

So, create great videos.

3. Facebook


Facebook stats are impressive.

It is the third website on Alexa ranking under Google and Youtube but it has the second daily time on the website (under Reddit!) per user (10.54 minutes on average) and over 6.5 million websites link to Facebook (Google at the second place with over 3 million).

You probably already know that the best way to use Facebook for getting traffic on your website is with Facebook fan pages and/or groups.

The good news is that you can find people interested in every niche. The bad news is that Facebook traffic is semi-targeted.

This happens because people just look for interesting content on Facebook to share with their friends but they usually do not want to buy things.

It does not mean that the Facebook traffic is worthless. But it has lower quality traffic from Youtube or search engines.

Once again, consistency is the secret. Create a group or a fan page and update it every day at the beginning. After a while, you will start getting organic likes and views on your post.

Keep in mind that the design of your Facebook page and the quality of your posts will determine your success on Facebook.

4. Instagram

I think that building an audience on Instagram can be a very profitable strategy in 2019. In some niches, it can be a better traffic source than Facebook and YouTube.

You can expect a lot of engagement if you create interesting posts. Many influencers get tons of likes and comments for very simple posts.

If you want to get started with Instagram, you need to play the Instagram game.

First of all, you will need a good mobile phone. You will work with phone and upload photos or videos. Next, you must be consistent, post content relevant to your niche and be active daily.

Many businesses depend on their traffic from Instagram to make sales and the last years, many new big names have been created on that platform.

It’s free to join and start creating content so you can make it work for you.

5. Twitter


Twitter has over 300 million active users and the 80% of them access the site via mobile. However, they estimate that 23 million active users are bots.

In my opinion, any website or business (online and offline) should have at least a presence on Twitter and Facebook even if they do not update daily their content.

Users seem to trust brands that they can see on social media.

Let’s see how you can get traffic from Twitter.

Twitter is not like the other social media. Your tweets are active only for 15-30 minutes after publishing them. Simply if you do not want to be forgotten by your following, you must Tweet every 15-30 minutes.

It is obvious that you can not be logged in your Twitter account 24 hours per day. So, you need to automate your tweets with tools.

Traffic on Twitter is less targeted that Facebook traffic but still can be a boost for your business.

Many marketers on Twitter like to spam. Just it does not work this way. My advice is to send the traffic to your website or to a landing page to get their emails.

6. Pinterest


Pinterest is different from social media like Twitter and Facebook. You are not sharing links or articles but visual content like images and videos.

Here are some interesting stats about Pinterest:

Over 150 million active users, almost half of them are from the USA.

80% of Pinterest users are females.

Pinterest could be a great source of traffic if you use it right. To be honest I am not spending a lot of time on Pinterest but still, I get some traffic.

However, there are businesses that their main source of traffic is Pinterest. If you want to be a great Pinterest influencer you must learn how to create great graphics.

Make your pins fun and interesting and communicate with other people on Pinterest. Then you will grow up your following and get a lot of traffic.

You may see people on Youtube and blogs who recommend following people with the hope to follow you back. You may get more followers with that way but they will not click your links. Do not spend your time in spammy ways and focus on the quality of your work.

7. Reddit


Reddit is the #4 site in traffic in the USA and the #8 worldwide according to Alexa. While on Pinterest the more users are females, on Reddit happens exactly the opposite and most of them are males.

When you decide to promote your business on Reddit, you should know that this community hates spam. You cannot create your account and start posting your links. They will kick you out asap.

If you want to get traffic from Reddit you must be an active member who adds value to your subreddit before you post your links. Again, your links must add value and not just promote your products.

An advice to get started. Find a subreddit relevant to your business and answer questions for a week before you post anything. When you think that you know what people like in your subreddit like, make a great post without posting any of your links. If they find it interesting, create another quality post with a link to your website.

You can get tons of traffic from Reddit if you add value to their community.

8. Forums and Q&A Websites

Some years ago forum commenting was a really popular way to get traffic and boost your SEO. These days forum backlinks do not improve your SEO anymore and people do not participate in forums like before.

But they can still work for you.

If you are an active member of forums or Q&A websites like Quora you can get targeted traffic.


Two steps to follow:

  1. Add the link to your website in your forum signature
  2. Help people

Every time you answer a question, they can see your signature and some of them they will click on it.

It is a simple way to get traffic but it is not easy. You need to participate some hours per day on popular forums on your niche to get enough traffic.

You can also create threads with long tail keywords on the title. If they get ranked you get traffic from search engines too. However, it would be better to establish yourself as an important member of the forum before doing this.

9. Kindle eBooks


Amazon is the #12 website on Alexa rank and you can use this traffic to get visitors on your website.

Many people who visit Amazon buy informational eBooks on every niche. You can simply create an e-book and list it for a few dollars. If you cannot write an ebook you can hire a writer.

You can add some links to your website or a landing page. While you will not get tons of traffic, this traffic will be targeted because your visitor has already bought your product.

Many marketers start with this way and send traffic to their affiliate links without a website or a list.

A good training program to learn this way is K Money Mastery.

10. Blog commenting

Blog Comments

Blog commenting is a great way to get targeted traffic if you use it right.

Many people make comments on blogs and other websites because they think that it will improve their rankings on Google. This is just an SEO myth.

However, you can get targeted traffic if you make quality comments on blogs relevant to your niche. Making a quality comment means that you read the post and you add value. It should be at least 50-100 words comment to make the visitors of the post to pay attention to what you have to say.

Comments like “Great post” or “Very helpful, thanks” do not work. They are spam comments and everyone knows it. Yes, you will get some clicks with these spam comments but not conversions for sure.

Search for new blog posts in your niche and avoid blogs with no traffic. Make a great comment where you tell your opinion and submit it.

You can get on average 5-10 clicks per comment on blogs with high traffic.

If you want to test this strategy, make 100 comments and check out the results for the next month on Google Analytics. Some of your comments will not get approved but it happens.

This traffic is targeted when the blog that you have commented gets targeted traffic. For this reason, look for blog posts through Google and not through social media.


In my opinion, these are the ten best free traffic sources in 2019. As I said above, do not try to master more than 2-3 at a time but you must master at least one.

You want to avoid trying a little of everything.

There are more ways to get traffic than these ones, I just present you the most effective of them. If I had to recommend one of them for a new website, I would go with the SEO traffic at the beginning.

It is not just about the traffic but the targeted traffic.

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I have not included ways that you cannot start from scratch like email marketing. It is important to build a list but you need another source of traffic to be able to get subscribers.

If you want to make any question or you want to add something leave your comment below.

Thanks for reading.