Best Easy Work Review: Scam Or $500 Per Day?

best easy work review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Best Easy Work review. You will learn if this program is a scam or you can actually make $500 per day as they claim.

Most people have seen many similar sales pages like the one on this program so you can figure out that something goes wrong here.

What Is Best Easy Work?

Best Easy Work is presented as a money making program that will help you to make hundreds or thousands of dollars per day. However, there is no information about the business model that you will follow or any contact details about a company or any person.

This is a typical scam alert and most money-making schemes do not include this type of information on the sales page.

The claims are about free automated websites that can make $500 per day. But again, no information about these websites.

You are supposed to make that money easily and fast with no work from your part. With a few words, it is promoted as a get-rich-quick scheme.

It’s not possible to make $500 overnight when you start from zero no matter the business model you follow. Online marketing takes work and time.

The first problem is that you cannot find any proof for these statements.

On the video presentation, you can see some offices with a Best Easy Work sign. But their work is not so good. They do not look real.

Next, there is a guy that shows checks of thousands of dollars. However, you can see that the video is recorded with the free version of SceencastOMatic. So, he receives or sends checks of thousands of dollars but he could not give a few dollars to buy the premium version of the tool.

checks best easy work

The design of the website looks very cheap and outdated as well. Even the quality of the video does not look good.

Their claims about an automated money-making program that can make for the members’ thousands of dollars in commissions are not supported from this sales page.

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How Does It Work?

The program promises free automated money-making websites and easy $500 days.

With the free websites, it means free landing pages. You will just get a landing page like the one you just signed up. The page will include your referral link and then, you must promote in the same ways as they promoted it to you.

That means you must send traffic to these pages. The traffic is paid and there is a risk when you put some ads on the internet. If you are beginner, you may lose a lot of money until learning how they work.

There are many online programs that work in the same way. I do not recommend any of them. The members’ must risk a lot of money just to get their money back.

You will not get any resources or training that you can use to build a business or make money in a different way. But you can only promote Best Easy Work.

As you get referrals, you can get paid only for the membership level that you have already paid. To earn the high ticket commissions they promise, you must have paid that money first.

So, it’s not a free program. But they just trick the visitors to get their contact details.

If you want to go through that process, you must be prepared to pay thousands of dollars on upsells. You do not have to but if you don’t upgrade, you will lose commissions.

This is not an ethical business model as you can understand. You don’t promote a product or a service but the opportunity of making money to other people like you.

How Much Does It Cost?

You have already understood that this is not a free product. It includes multiple levels of memberships and you must invest money to get any results.

You can get inside for free. The first paid membership costs $88 and the last one $5,000.

They are 10 levels of memberships including the free one. However, you don’t make 100% of your referral upgrades. For example, if you have bought the $5,000 membership and a referral buys the same level, you will make $4,000.

Next, you will probably buy traffic. The more you invest in that program the more traffic you must buy.

It’s unlikely to get back an investment of $5,000 with a $100 investment on ads. But if you play slow and stay on the cheap memberships, you may lose any big commissions from your referrals.

I cannot estimate the total cost of the program. It depends on your goals. But it can cost thousands of dollars just for getting started and testing enough ads.

In my opinion, it’s a stressful process that does not work well. Also, it’s a little outdated.

Today, you can promote expensive products and earn commissions per sale for free. Of course, you must know what you are doing but they are real products and not an opportunity to make money.

Lack Of Important Information

Like any other similar money-making scheme, we can find any information for the company or the owner on the sales page

I do not know if the man on the video is the owner, a member or just a paid spokesperson. The important thing here is that we cannot confirm any checks and the story that is presented.

Also, we cannot find important pages. There is no support page or any contact details. They have not created a privacy policy page or anything that could make them look like a real business. Simply, the work on that sales page does not look professional.

My Final Verdict – Is Best Easy Work A Scam?

Most people who will visit the sales page of the program will find it by clicking on an advertisement or through a spammy email. The link you clicked is the link of your sponsor.

If you check the sales page, you can see that you must have a sponsor. Usually, we can see sponsors on MLMs and pyramid schemes. The bad news is that this is a pyramid scheme.

When you get inside, you can only promote the program that you have just joined. There is no other product or anything else that you could promote without the opportunity of making money.

So, there are multiple membership levels with no product. This business model is a pyramid scheme according to the description of Wikipedia.

It does not mean that you will not get paid. Some pyramid schemes pay the members that make sales but this is not a legit business for obvious reasons.

Next, the creators of the sales page try to mislead the users to buy a product that they do not need. The easy $500 days do not make sense. It’s a made up number. I am sure they do not have enough data from members who make that money.

The claims are completely unrealistic and they do not present what it takes to make money and what resources they will give you. You will just get a referral link to promote with paid traffic.

Lastly, these checks on the video are not proof. He covers the important details and does not provide any other type of proof.

For all these reasons, I think that Best Easy Work is a scam, and you probably waste money and time if you decide to join it.

How To Make Commissions On The Internet – The Right Way

As I mentioned above, the business models with the expensive membership levels are outdated and unethical. Twenty or thirty years ago people used to join similar offline schemes to make big commissions.

The good news is that the world has changed and the internet gives us a lot of opportunities.

You do not have to pay huge memberships to sell high-ticket programs. But you can promote legitimate products or services in almost every niche and make hundreds or thousands of dollars per sale.

You do not need to own a product, have experience or technical knowledge. You just promote other people’s products.

This online business model is known as affiliate marketing. This is what I do to make money as well.

Also, you don’t have to sell a product for thousands of dollars to earn this type of commissions. Many products have requiring monthly payments that increase your earnings over time.

It’s a new world out there full of opportunities. You really don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for unknown programs.

Also, you can check my guide to make money online with the help of a training platform for affiliate marketers.

Thanks for reading my review on Best Easy Work. You can leave any comments and questions about the program or share your experience below.

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