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Bananatic Review: Scam Or Legit Site To Earn Money?

Welcome to my Bananatic review. You will read on this article if it’s a scam or legit website to earn rewards and how exactly it works. At first look, it sounds like a great idea to earn money in your spare time by playing games.

What Is Bananatic?

Bananatic is a website and app with many options to earn some extra money. It looks like a GPT website, but the focus is on playing games. It has many unique features, and the website looks like a game too.

On GPT (get paid to) sites, you can earn rewards by completing simple tasks and offers. For a few examples of popular GPT sites, you can read about ySense and Swagbucks. In my opinion, Bananatic is similar to them because of the variety of tasks.

When you complete a task successfully, you get a reward in bananas. You can use bananas in many different ways. There is a shop in which you can buy stuff for your games, Amazon gift cards, send cash to your PayPal account, and you can bet your bananas to earn bigger prizes.

It looks like a game because you get experience points and badges depending on your activity on the platform. You can go up in levels, and there are many active members on the platform all day long, according to the site’s stats.

Of course, the motivation of most members is to earn money or gift cards. It makes sense because this is the reason why Bananatic is created. When it comes to money, it’s only a side income site. If you wanted to play these games anyway, or you want a few quick dollars, you could give it a try.

You play most of the games on third-party sites that you join through Bananatic. Then, there are some quests you must complete to earn bananas. The games you can find on Bananatic will not be your main focus, but yes, you can find some free ones on the site.

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How To Earn Bananas

When I created my account, I earned 50 bananas. I think it was for watching their tutorial on how the site works. Then, they credited to my account 50 more for enabling notifications from them.

I had 100 bananas, so I was curious to learn how much one banana is worth. You can exchange 5,000 bananas for a €5 Amazon gift card. That means you must collect 1000 of them to exchange them for something with the value of €1. My 100 bananas bonus was not anything great. Anyway, there are many ways to earn more of them:

  1. Game quests: This is the main way to earn bananas. You choose from a list of games the one you like, and you must complete these quests. Usually, the first quest is to register on the game’s website and complete an easy task. The reward is different for each game.
  2. Purchase bananas: You have this option too. 1000 bananas cost $2.
  3. Adverts: This is a list of third-party websites in which you can complete simple tasks and earn some money. The tasks can include anything—for example, surveys, cashback, playing games, watching videos, etc. You can find these third-party sites on most GPT sites.
  4. Fun zone: A list of games you can play on the site of Bananatic. They are free games. You earn bananas by clicking ads and achieve higher levels.
  5. Cashback: Some sites on the internet can buy something you want and earn a few bananas in exchange.
  6. Recommend: This is the referral system. You earn 10% for every banana your referrals earn for 300 days. Also, you get 25 bananas and 25 exp points for every active referral.
  7. Download: You need the app to use this option. You earn a few bananas for each app you download.
  8. Social media: On this option, you can earn exp. to like, follow, or share the social media accounts of Bananatic.
  9. Level of experience: Do simple tasks to earn exp.
  10. Bananapedia: You get paid to write or create videos. The rewards are not anything great. If you are interested in writing, you can check my top way to make money online.
  11. Banana TV: You collect bananas by watching short videos.

Pros and Cons


Legit site: If you collect enough bananas to reach the cash out limit or exchange them with gift cards, you will get paid.

Good reviews: Most reviews from users and websites are positive. In my opinion, you will not find any major issue. There are a few complaints about some payment problems and delays, but they are only a few of them comparing to the number of happy users.

Active forum: You can ask questions and read what other users say daily. Good support is always a good thing.

Fun website: Most GPT sites are boring. You can earn extra money on many other websites, but this one makes the process interesting. There are experience points, ranking, prizes, and a page to bet your bananas.


Potential Earnings: I think this is the only issue. If your motivation is only to make money, you may get frustrated. It takes time to complete the quests and the other tasks while the rewards are really low. I would not even consider tasks like clicking ads and watching videos. Even the page in which you write articles and create videos offers very low rewards for the tasks.

My Final Verdict – Bananatic Review:

You can earn money or gift cards on Bananatic. This is the motivation of most users. Some of them want to send money to their PayPal account or get some Amazon gift cards. Others want to get more stuff for their games. You can achieve any of these goals. The only issue is the time it takes to achieve that. If you are a gamer, you will not worry about that. However, if you search for ways to earn money, there are better alternatives on the internet.

For those who search for GPT sites, you can try ySense and Swagbucks. Both of them are user-friendly sites, and you know the reward, and the time it takes to be completed before choosing it. The tasks and the rewards are a little better, but still, they are websites to earn a few dollars per day.

Some people are registered on many side income sites and search for the best opportunities. So, you can check for tasks on many of them and remain an active member on Bananatic as well. If you are looking for a full-time opportunity, the GPT sites cannot help you achieve your goal.

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Thanks for reading my review on Bananatic. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with the site, leave your comment below.