Automated Income Sites Review: Another Online Scam?

Automated Income Sites Review: Another Online Scam?Automated Income Sites is a program that promises 1000 dollars per day fast for anyone who will buy it. Many online scams use similar claims and structure to send their visitors into their funnel. So, it’s not the first time we see a site like this one. On this review, you can read more information about this program and learn it is supposed to work.

What Is Automated Income Sites?

Many digital products promise instant earnings with a secret system. But when we hear about huge earnings overnights, we do not expect something good.

Internet marketing has a lot of opportunities for those who are willing to work and learn. However, when someone claims the opposite like the owner of Automated Income Sites, usually it’s a scam or another low-quality product without any real value.

One of the easiest ways to figure out that something goes wrong is the structure of the site. Unrealistic money claims, fake testimonials, fake scarcity, screenshots with earning are some of the issues of these sites. You find these issues with Automated Income Sites as well.

The program promises $1000 in a few minutes after buying the product. There is a man on the video who repeat different money claims many times on this presentation. He uses the name, Marc Harrison. We cannot confirm if this is a real name. There is no information about him anywhere on the internet.

You will not find any legit way to earn $1000 in seven minutes when you start from zero. It takes work and time to build a profitable online business. If it was so easy, everyone would be rich.

Also, there is a lot of fake scarcity here. There is a timer, and the spokesperson mentions that there are limited spots. This is not true. Whenever you return on this site, it’s still available for everyone.

With a few words, there are many tricks on this site to make you buy a product without any actual value. They do not mention anything about the system or what you are going to buy, only money claims and scarcity.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

The spokesperson mentions a few sites that are ready for you and anyone else who will buy the product. These sites are a few clone sites.

However, on the second page, there is a new video that mentions that the program works because of the website hosting. Your pre-made sites are supposed to get ranked on the search engines because of the hosting service of this program.

If you have some experiences from online marketing, you know that search engines like the unique and quality content. These clone sites are not unique while they include duplicated and poor content. They will never get enough traffic from the search engines.

It’s not the first time that I review a program that promises clone sites. For example, you can read about Cash Money Sites, Private Cash Sites, and Profit With Alex. All of them promise instant earning with a system that creates pre-made sites. However, most people just lose their money when they test them.

The worst part:

When you proceed on the payment page, it mentions that you pay for premium web hosting and not for a system or some sites. This is not what the video on this site promises. These guys promise a money making product not a place to host your sites.automated income sites - pricing

For this reason, the spokesperson mention on the second video that the secret of this system is the hosting. It seems that all the website is a funnel for a web hosting service.

How Much Does It Cost?

This product is the beginning of a deep funnel with many upsells. It starts at $97 and a 60-day money back guarantee. However, I am not sure that you will get your money back here. It’s on you to trust the owner or not.

If you are looking for support or help, you will be disappointed as well. There is an email on the homepage of the site but do not expect any help here. You are alone to figure out anything.

My Final Verdict – Is Automated Income Sites A Scam?

On this program, they promise a lot of money in a few minutes. However, the owner or the owners know that you will not get the promised results. In my opinion, Automated Income Sites is an online scam. They do not even try to deliver a quality product. There are only tricks to make you buy it.

The legit products have no problem to let you know more about what you will see in the members’ area. Some of them have a free membership or trial.

On this one, you have no idea before giving your money. Do you know how these sites look like or what you will sell?

No, they do not let you know more information because there is no real system.

After reviewing hundreds of online programs and sites, I would recommend staying away from any product that promises quick riches. Many people make money online, but I am sure they achieve that without this program.

Here Is Something That Really Works

Most beginners look for a simple way to get started online. Simple does not mean that it does not take work or you will not learn anything. If you are ready to work to build a real online business, let me show you how to do it.

I am an affiliate marketer, and this is what I recommend. The process of affiliate marketing is really simple. I find what people search on the internet and then, I create content on that topic. The good news is that you can find what people search in a few minutes. I use a keyword tool that is provided from Wealthy Affiliate and get stats for many keywords.

When you find low competition keywords, you need to create content and publish it to your site. Do not worry about that. It takes a few minutes to build and set up a website these days. There is nothing technical.

If you create content for topics that people search on the internet, you will get ranked on the search engines and people will visit your sites. Then, you can recommend helpful products and earn a commission for each sale.

The focus of this online business is on two simple steps: learn what people search on the internet + create content that provides the information they want. This is only a small description of this method.

For more information, read about my strategy here!

Thanks for reading my review on Automated Income Sites. It was not a good site but if you have any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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