Auto Chat Profits Review: Scam Or Earn Money In 14 Clicks?

Auto Chat Profits Review: Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Auto Chat Profits review. It’s a new product that promises big and fast money with a secret system. But can you really make money in 14 clicks or $423.67 a day as they claim or this product is another online scam?

I am going to answer that question below and you will learn how exactly Auto Chat Profits works.

What Is Auto Chat Profits?

Most people would buy it only for the claims and the promises on the homepage because there is no much information about the product. They try to sell the opportunity to make money online. For this reason, the owners of the product have created a landing page with many marketing tricks (unrealistic claims, fake scarcity, downsells, etc).

It’s not the first time I review a product like this one. Many people try to sell you a secret website, software, tool or other things that are supposed to work fast and on autopilot. These days when you hear about secret systems, it’s better to stay away.

Auto Chat Profits is a product from the listings of Clickbank. You can find many similar products in this marketplace. For example, you can read about Voice Cash Pro, Explode My Payday, EB Formula, AZ Sniper, and Five Minute Profit Sites. The last one has almost the same the sales page.

Some of the characteristics of all these “secret systems” are the big claims, the huge upsells, and the unknown owners. Auto Chat Profits has all these issues.

We can start with the unknown owners. On the video presentation of the product, the spokesperson mentions the name, Samantha Smith. There is no more information about her and you cannot find any real person related with the product even if you decide to buy it. It’s only a voice on the sales page.

With a few words, it’s on you to trust this fancy presentation with the big promises. You can see some screenshots with earnings but the visitor cannot confirm if they are real or who makes all that money.

The bottom line is that you visit a sales page with no real person or any proof of the earnings. Then, they promise that you can make money in 6 minutes and 14 clicks. It sounds good but the legit ways to make money do not work like this one.

How Does It Work?

The sales page mentions a weird robot technology and secret software. Both of these statements are completely misleading. There is nothing weird or secret.

In my opinion, the product is so common that you can find similar features even for free from other places on the internet.

You get a pre-made website. That’s all. Many online products offer pre-made sites. It’s not a system or something that works on autopilot. Then, it’s your job to send traffic on this site and if your traffic converts, you can make sales and earn money.

The recommended traffic method is solo ads. So, you need to spend even more money after buying the product to get traffic. It’s a risky way to get started and your results depend on your seller. If you buy low-quality solo ads, you will just waste your time and your money.

The chatbot software that is promised is only an extra feature on these pre-made websites. It’s not something new and I would not expect to see any major results for this one.

The pre-made site promotes Clickbank products. To set up your website, you need an account on Clickbank to get your affiliate links, a domain name, and you can connect your site with an autoresponder.

It’s a standard low-quality program. The pre-made sites are not anything great and most of the times do not convert well. I do not say that you cannot make any sales at all but I would not pay for that.

However, you will not make sales if you do not send quality traffic on your sites and this requires an extra cost on Auto Chat Profits. If you are a beginner, you risk losing a lot of money if your ads do not work.

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How Much Does It Cost?

While the method of the program is quite risky and it’s doubtful that it can work, it does not mean that they give it for free. They have a complicated pricing structure and if you are not careful, you can spend hundreds of dollars.

The starting price is at $37 for the basic product which allows you to add your domain name and get the pre-made websites. There is a downsell that offers a free trial for a few days and you pay $7 per month to continue.

On the members’ area, there are three upsells with a cost of $481. So, the total cost is over $500 without adding the links to other resources and the cost of the solo ads.

upsells auto chat profits

The 60-day money back is legit but I think it works only for the $37 starting price. If you buy the upsells or use the free trial, I am not sure if you can get your money back.

Additional to the expensive upsells, there is no real support on the members’ area. You have to figure out everything by yourself. As I mentioned above, you cannot find any real person on this program. There is an email to send questions but when it comes on using the product, I would not expect any help.

Even the best programs can be tricky without someone to help you. When you are a beginner, you need guidance because it’s natural to make mistakes.

My Final Verdict – Is Auto Chat Profits A Scam?

There is a common issue on many online products about business and money making opportunities. They are not designed to add value to the buyers.

Let me explain:

The creators of many similar programs do not even include their real names on their programs because the big affiliate networks allow it.

So, these people just add low-quality products to these listings and hope to make sales. Then, some affiliate marketers promote their products to their email lists to earn a commission. With a few words, these products are created to make money for a few people and not to help the buyers. I guess that you found Auto Chat Profits on a promotional email as well.

I do not say that every product on the big affiliate networks is a scam or very low quality. You can find some good ones like Affilorama and Super Affiliate System. However, many of them are not worth it.

Auto Chat Profits is one of the low-quality products. It’s not a scam because they give you something in exchange for your money. But you will not get quality training or a good traffic strategy. The landing pages are not anything great and all the people who will buy this program will promote the same pages to the same people.

It’s obvious that there are many issues on this strategy. Even if you are lucky enough to make a few quick sales, you will not earn money consistently without figuring out an alternative source of traffic.

Also, they will keep pushing new offers and upsells. Some people buy multiple similar products and just waste their money. Lastly, a poor landing and a bad strategy will not become better with a chatbot.

For all the above reasons, I don’t recommend Auto Chat Profits. There are better ways to get started online without the risk of spending hundreds of dollars on upsells and solo ads.

Here Is Something That Works

If you want to become an affiliate marketer and build a profitable online business, you must be willing to work and learn new things.

These secret systems never give results. You can keep wasting your time and your money with these fake gurus or you can build a real business.

Affiliate marketing is the simplest way to get started online because you do not need to own a product. It does not mean that it’s easy but you can focus on marketing.

The top affiliate marketers create content on a website for their niche and many of them promote more than one product. So, your focus should be on helping your readers and your audience. When you can do that, it’s easy to recommend a few good products and earn a commission per sale.

This is what I do on this website. I find online products, do some research and write my opinion. You can write your opinion in any niche you want and get paid. For more information, check the link below:

Thanks for reading my review on Auto Chat Profits. If you have tried the product or want to ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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