Atomic DFY Review: Scam Or Done For You Program?

atomic dfy review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Atomic DFY review. You will discover if this is a scam or a real “done for you” program as it claims on the sales page. You are supposed to make money without any work from your part, but can you really get results?

What Is Atomic DFY?

Atomic DFY is a Warrior Plus product created by Brendan Mace. It looks like a standard Warrior Plus product like the ones that I have reviewed before as CB Money Vine, Rapid Profix Pro, and Commission Robot.

These are some “done for you” products that are supposed to work with a few clicks as Atomic DFY. However, they do not deliver what they promise. They include a software, some pre-made resources, but they do not give the promised results.

Atomic DFY includes a few tools and promotes them with big claims. They say that you will get a lot of traffic and monetize your assets with just one click.

Atomic DFY Review

I have never seen a “done for you” system to deliver a product that you really don’t have to do anything.

Do you expect to get this product, do one click, and start earning money?

This is what they promise on the sales page, but it is not going to happen. In my opinion, this is a very misleading presentation for a low-quality product.

When online marketers mention the word “assets”, they show a website or a blog. In some cases, they may refer to other types of online businesses that can generate money.

However, some landing pages are not assets. Atomic DFY gives you landing pages, and you must traffic to these pages. The traffic is not automated, or done-for-you and the monetization part is included in these pages.

They claim that you can earn $3,000 per month with the process inside. It is not going to happen, and it will be tough to make even one dollar.

Earning $100 per day or $3,000 per month requires a lot of traffic and hard work. No one will give you that for almost $25 and no action from your part. It is a typical get-rich-quick hype, and I don’t like it.

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How Does It Work?

The product has three parts:

  1. ”Done for you” or the assets
  2. One-click monetization
  3. Free traffic tap

You probably have read the sales page and watched the video. Everything is ready to use, but you just need one click to monetize your pages and a few more clicks to get traffic.

Let me explain all these parts:

Starting with the “done for you”, you just some landing pages or funnels that promote a product. There are one-two pages for each funnel. The design is not great, and there are many affiliate programs that give similar resources, even for free. 

The next part is monetization. You have the option to promote a product with your affiliate links or get leads. These options apply to the same landing pages.

Lastly, there is no traffic system or strategy. The product includes a few buttons that share the content on social media. When you click a button, you will be redirected to the relevant platform and share your content. You can do the same job by copying and pasting a link.

The training is limited in a few short videos that show you how to use the products. There is no value here.

Atomic DFY is another product that sells a few funnels with a lot of hype and unrealistic claims. You will not get a system inside but a few links. There are tons of other products that sell funnels as well, so I don’t see anything special here.

If you are a beginner and want to find something that works, you will get disappointed. The resources and the information inside are very limited. After some hour using the product, you will probably start searching for more information, or you may buy the upsells that is not recommended.

How Much Does It Cost?

The front-end product costs $23.97 or $24.97. The $23.97 price includes a limited version of Atomic DFY. It’s a trick to make the complete product more attractive. So, you can buy the front-end product with $24.97

Next, there are a lot of upsells with additional features and products. If you buy all the upsells, it will cost almost $1,500. On the upsells, you can expect the same quality with the front-end product. They will use claims and fake scarcity too.

Lastly, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Warrior Plus handles any payments and refunds. You will probably get a refund if you do everything right.

About The Owner

Brendan Mace is the creator of Atomic DFY. He is a real person, and we can find him with a simple search on the internet on blogs and videos.

From my research, I have learned that he has created many digital products in the past. They are all of them in the same niche, and I am quite sure that he makes money by creating products and not by applying them.

Many people feel qualified to create training programs and systems these days. So, we have many product launches every single day. While they may work for some sellers and affiliates, most of them do not work for the buyers. Atomic DFY is another launch on an online marketplace.

Is Atomic DFY A Scam? – My Final Verdict

Atomic DFY includes a basic product that is not even close to the claims and the video presentation. The assets are a few landing pages, and instead of traffic, there are a few buttons to share your links on social media.

Even if you don’t rank it as a scam, it is very misleading with no value for the buyer. The landing pages are not worth more than a few dollars, and I cannot find a value to anything else.

When it comes to the claims about $3,000 per month, it is not going to happen with a few shares on social media. Even if you can find enough traffic to make sales, why should you send it on these pages? It does not make sense for me. The owner wanted to make some extra bucks, and the result is a new launch of a low-quality product.

While it’s possible to make money with affiliate marketing or generate leads with social media, you can’t expect people to visit your pages because you shared a link. It is a spammy strategy that does not add any value. People know to recognize and avoid spam links because they are everywhere.

For this reason, I don’t recommend Atomic DFY. It is not a helpful program, and the strategy cannot work in the long-run. Even if you get lucky to make a sale or two, you will not make money consistently.

The worst part is the upsells. You can waste over $1,000 for more features of this product. No matter how many funnels they will give you and what they promise, you buy more parts of a bad product.

Here Is Something That Really Works

If you want to start an online business that will make money, you need to add value and put the work. It’s possible to achieve any results you want if you do the work, and there are no shortcuts.

It does not have to be anything extraordinary. You can do simple things but work on them. This is how online marketers work.

For example, bloggers publish new posts over and over again, and social media marketers engage with other people many hours per day. You just need to choose one strategy and stick to it.

In my opinion, the simplest online business model is affiliate marketing, and this is what I do to make money.

Affiliate marketers do not have to own a product, and you can start with no experience or technical knowledge. Your job is to help people with your content and recommend quality products that solve their problems.

I learned this strategy from a top training platform a few years ago, and I apply it every single day. From my experience, if you take action and do the work, you will get the results sooner or later.

For a top training platform to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. It has over 1-million members, an active community, and many experienced affiliates who are willing to help you.

P.S. Thank you for reading my review on Atomic DFY. It is not a good product, so I don’t recommend it. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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