amz training academy review

Amz Training Academy Review – Legit Program But…

Amz Training Academy Review

Name: Amz Training Academy
Price: Premium Membership, $37/month or $297/year
Owner: Gaz Cooper
Make Money Bay Rank: 67 out of 100
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What Is Amz Training Academy

Amz Training Academy is a program created by Gaz Cooper that teaches you how to build small niche sites. The idea is not a new one, and many online marketers make money in this way. Niche sites are targeting a specific group of people. With niche sites, you have not a tough competition, and there are more chances to get ranked on search engines.

On Make Money Bay, we have talked many times about the benefits of building niche sites and our recommended training. Amz Training Academy applies a similar strategy. They recommend you to create unique content, create Facebook pages, and upload videos on YouTube. In my opinion, this is a great strategy, but I have noticed some negatives too.

I think that it should not focus only on the Amazon affiliate program as a monetizing method. In some niches, you can find other ways to make money with your site, more profitable than the Amazon affiliate program. I like to promote Clickbank products, find private affiliate programs, or put ads on my sites. It depends on my visitors.

Also, I did not like the idea of using PLR articles. Duplicated content is not acceptable from search engines anymore as the spun articles too. If you have seen a spun article before, you know what I am talking about. Simply they do not make sense for your readers.

PLR article was working some years ago, and many affiliate marketers were using them. However, this strategy is outdated, and your site may get banned from search engines.

On the positives is the step by step training where you can learn how to build and set up your website and the free WordPress hosting. It is important that you do not have to pay additional money for hosting when you are a beginner.


  • Legit program
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Step by step training
  • WordPress hosting and themes


  • Outdated training (PLR articles)
  • Do not offer a free trial
  • Focus only on Amazon Associates as a monetizing method

Who Is Amz Training Academy For?

This program is good for two types of online marketers. The first one is total beginners who look for an effective way to make money online. But it is no for those who want to make money fast. It takes time for a new website to get ranked on search engines or build an audience on social media. If you create great content on a new website regularly, it usually takes over three months. Sometimes over six months or even a year depending on the competition of the niche.

The second group is people who want to learn how to make money with Amazon affiliate program or niche sites. They may are already experienced online marketers who want to learn a new strategy or to scale their business by creating new websites.

If you find yourself in one of these groups, Amz Training Academy would be a decent choice. For those who want a quick way to make money, or they do not want to create content, they should look for something else.

Training and Tools

Starting with the training, there are four different courses with multiple lessons on each one of them. The lessons are with video and content. Here are the courses:

  1. Complete beginners course
  2. Advanced Amazon course
  3. YouTube video course
  4. WordPress course

The training covers the basic aspects of website building, but it is enough for a beginner to get started with the Amazon affiliate program.

Also, Amz offers some tools with your membership:

  1. Facebook store builder
  2. Video and article library
  3. PLR articles
  4. WordPress hosting
  5. WordPress premium review theme
  6. Support forum


Amz Training Academy has a forum in member areas where you can make questions and get help with your websites when it is needed. It is important to get help when you start a new online business, as I have said again in many other reviews.

Also, you can see the creator of this program Gaz Cooper on the forum. On most making money programs, you never contact the owner. You pay one time, and you are alone. Only a small percentage of them have real and good support.

How Much Does Amz Training Academy Cost?

Amazon costs 37$ monthly for twelve months or 297$ a one-time fee. I think that it is a fair price. You learn about a legit online business model, and you get hosting for your website. However, not many beginners will give 297$ or 37$ per month without knowing what is inside. I was a beginner for a long time, and I cannot blame them—too many scams on the internet they cannot trust.

I would like to see a free trial on this program. More people would join after taking a sample of the courses. Anyway, you have 14 days to ask for your money back if you do not like what you see inside. It does not count as a free trial, but it is something to consider if you are uncertain about your decision.

My Final Opinion

Amz Training Academy is a legit program where you can learn how to make money with the Amazon affiliate program. It includes easy to understand video for beginners and shows the basics of keyword research, YouTube, and WordPress. It is not a scam for sure.

Gaz Cooper also has a decent community and support for his members. Keep in mind that this business model takes some months before start working. It makes sense because there is a learning curve. So, you need to be patient until getting results.

However, it includes outdated information that can confuse a beginner. PLR articles will not help your new online business, and they may harm it. If you decide to join, build your website carefully and take one step at a time.


Name: Amz Training Academy
Price: Premium Membership, $37/month or $297/year
Owners: Gaz Cooper
Make Money Bay Rank: 67 out of 100