3 Amazon Affiliate Success Stories – Build Your Site Like A Pro

Amazon Affiliate Success StoriesOn this post, you will see some Amazon Affiliate success stories from real people.

Many experts recommend getting started with Amazon Associates when you are a beginner to affiliate marketing.

While it has small commissions (4%-10%), it converts better than any other relevant program. This happens for the following reasons:

1. People trust Amazon and it’s easier to get your recommendations when they buy them from Amazon

2. Many of them will buy many products when you send them to Amazon. You earn a commission for each one of them. Even if they do not buy your recommendations, you will receive a commission if they have visited Amazon from your links

3. Amazon knows how to sell. It is a huge business with thousands of employees and millions of buyers. It can convert your traffic into visitors easier and faster than other programs.

Hopefully, the examples below will increase your motivation to start your own online business. Before checking the stories, take a look at their strategy.

The strategy

First of all, I have not heard a success story for the affiliate program of Amazon without a website. Also, you cannot get approved for the program if you have not a site or a platform to publish your content.

You need a website. You can create some simple pages. They do not look for anything complicated. Just a place where you communicate with other people and you can add your affiliate links.

The following stories are from people who have built their own sites. The examples have a few pages or short content so, keep it simple in the beginning.

How to build your own website from scratch in 30 seconds

Low Competition

It’s not a secret that you need niches and keywords with low competition.

Of course, you will become the competition later as you grow your site but there is no reason to make it harder for yourself.

So, they target low competition keywords and niches. I have described the process again on this site. You can find it in the following articles:

Add Product Reviews To Your Site

The type of content that will give you the best result is the product reviews. Many affiliate marketers write reviews on products relevant to their niche with great results.

It is the easiest type of content you can write as well. You just write your opinion about a product and add a link to the site where your visitors can buy it.

It works well because people are looking for reviews when they are one step before buying the product.

They are aware of the product but they still have some doubts. By writing honest reviews, you can help them to buy good products and avoid the bad ones.

When you are an affiliate marketer, you need to help the buyers to make more informed decisions.

So, when you review a good product, you just confirm that it will help them. Add your affiliate link and ask your visitors to click it to visit the sales page.

When someone clicks your link and buy a product, you earn a commission.

If you review a bad product, just show them a better alternative. The secret is to write honest reviews. When you are honest, they will come back to read your reviews for other products as well.

Repeat The Process

Most people fail on affiliate marketing because they quit too early. Yes, you will not start earning money with 4-5 articles or reviews.

You will do this process again and again. When you target low competition keywords and write reviews, soon you will start getting visitors from search engines.

However, it takes time to get ranked on the first page of Google.

If you write 2-3 articles per week, you will be fine. After a few months, you will start getting traffic and make sales but it will not happen overnight.

3 Amazon Affiliate Success Stories

I have found three different real stories. Two different types of simple sites you can build and the last one makes it clear why Amazon Associates is a great option.

1. Football Snack Helmets (footballsnackhelmets.com)

This website created by a member of Wealthy Affiliate live!

He had shown all the process on a live webinar. He did the product and keyword research, bought the domain, created the logo and the site framework.

While this webinar is available only for premium members of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s ok to share the story with you.build a site

You will get impressed with the simplicity of the site (content, design) and the niche selection. Most people look for niche opportunities in the competitive and high traffic niches.

However, he decided to choose a niche from the product categories of Amazon and it worked. Without creating lengthy articles, backlinking or writing hundred pieces of content, this site has been ranked on the first page of Google for the most keywords of that niche.

Now, he earns only from this site 700-1000 dollars per month passively.

2. More Real Reviews (morerealreviews.com)

The owner of this site had created a few years before a review website on the make money online niche and he earns over $10k per month.

But he decided to test the strategy on a new website and monetize it with the Amazon affiliate program. The results were amazing.

He had earned over $500 with only a few posts on his new site.

The posts were reviews on products as you can understand from the domain name. He proved that reviews can work well for new sites.Amazon Affiliate Earnings Proof

3. 257 Sales Overnight

The last story is not from a new website but it helps to see the power of the Amazon affiliate program.

If you work on your site and publish new posts consistently (2-3 new posts per week), after one year it will be huge. Many people get a lot of traffic and sales daily.

So, the hero of this story made 257 sales in 24 hours and earned over $600 in commissions.257 sales overnight

When you send traffic to Amazon, many of them will buy different products. Sometimes they will be completely irrelevant to your niche and suggestions but still, you earn commissions.

Last Thoughts

If you want to start your own online business or just to find a way to make money online, an affiliate website would be a great idea and Amazon Associates is a beginner friendly program which happily will convert your traffic.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Your visitors will find more information about the products they are interested in buying, Amazon will get more buyers and you will earn money from the commissions.

Are you ready to get started?

I recommend the following steps:

Now, it’s your turn to follow the steps above and create your success story like these guys above.

For any questions or feedback, leave your comment below.

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