Affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate review

The Affiliate Program Of Wealthy Affiliate – A Complete Review

Most people who want to make money with affiliate marketing, they have heard before about Wealthy Affiliate.

It is a well-known training program which has created many great online entrepreneurs. You have probably noticed that many people promote it all around the web.

There is a reason for that. It has a great affiliate program with nice commissions. On this review, you can read anything you need to know about this affiliate program from an active Wealthy Affiliate member.

Affiliate Program Of Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Wealthy Affiliate has two levels of membership, the free and the premium one. They also affect your commissions.

So, there are four types of payments that you will receive for your referrals:

  • Free members who have completed their account: $1
  • Premium Members who used the first-week discount ($19): $4 for free members, 8$ for premium
  • Monthly payment for premium members (49$): $11,5 for free members, $23,5 for premium
  • Yearly membership ($359): $87,5 for free members, $175 for premium

Wealthy Affiliate commissions

You can earn over $100 for every premium member who joins through your affiliate links. You need only two premium referrals to pay your membership.

Let’s see some of the benefits of the program and why so many people use it.

High Conversion Rate

Affiliate marketers avoid websites that do not convert well. When you see so many great marketers to promote a specific offer, most of the times, it converts really well.

On the image above, you can see that the 1/8 of the people who create a free account upgrade to premium. So, if you send visitors who are happy to create a free account, let Wealthy Affiliate to do the job.

In my opinion, there are six important reasons why WA has a big conversion rate:

1. Reputable Program:

This a huge one. Thousands of active premium members, great training, success stories, and positive reviews all around the web. It is not easy to find an excuse to avoid this program.

Even if your referrals have seconds thoughts, sooner or later they will go back if they really want to start an online business.

Kyle and Carson
Kyle and Carson

2. Kyle’s and Carson’s Autoresponder

When you create a free account, you get to the autoresponder of the owners of WA.

They have built Wealthy Affiliate! They are the best in the business to convert your referrals into premium members.

I have seen inactive referrals to upgrade even after six months or more.

3. Auto-Messages

The premium members can create some messages and send them to their referrals at a specific time. A simple message can build trust between you and your referrals.

You can be the first person in the community who will communicate your referral even if you are not online.Wealthy Affiliate auto messages

4. You Can Actively Help Your Referrals

Wealthy Affiliate is an active community and many people make comments and questions under the training and the posts. Every time your referrals make a question, you get a notification and an email. You can log in and help them directly.

5. Community

If you do not want to help your referrals, the community will do it for you. Many premium members are online many hours per day and help other members to fix problems and build their sites.

6. The Welcome Discount

While the monthly fee is at $49, every new member has a 61% discount in the first week. It motivates many new members to take action and test the training at a lower price.

You can also offer them a special bonus!

The high conversions are not the only reason to promote WA. You have benefits as an affiliate as well.

Advanced Training And Resources For Affiliate Marketers

The Affiliate Bootcamp which is the name of the training has seven levels of training. It reveals you every possible way and technique to promote the particular program.  You also get the needed resources to build a website and make keyword research.

1. Build A Website – The Foundation Of Your Online Business

At the first level of the training which is free and available to any members, you will learn how to build your own website. There are many ways to do affiliate marketing and you will learn them in the later courses.

However, a website is the place where you will send your traffic, make your affiliate offers, build your email list and promote your links in any way you want.

In the first week of the training, you will build your first website.WA Affiliate Bootcamp Lessons

2. Unlimited Niche Ideas

It is obvious that you need to get into the make money online niche or any relevant subniche. Most people say that is too competitive.

Well, that’s true.

However, we have already done the research for you. Many undiscovered audiences look for help and information. Just give them what they want and recommend WA as a way to start their own online business.

Here is the complete list of niches to promote WA.

3. Free Keyword Tool

One of the skills you need to learn as an affiliate marketer is to find low competition business opportunities in keywords. The free keyword tool of WA can give you exact metrics of traffic and competition for any keyword.

You can also use it to generate and save new keyword ideas.

4. 50 Available Websites

The premium members can build up to 50 websites without any extra cost. The 25 of them are free with a subdomain and you can build 25 more with your own domains. One is enough to get started but you are free to add as many as you want.

This enables you to test new things, create landing pages, run many websites at the same time and much more.

Two Ways To Promote Wealthy Affiliate Without A Website

The good news for the new members is that they can use the platform and the resources of Wealthy Affiliate to promote it right now.

The focus should be on building their own business but there is no reason to wait for months to earn some money. Here is what they can do:

1. Share the content of WA

Any member of WA can create training and posts on the platform. They earn community points and extra money. You can use this huge database of content to your advantage.

Share content with your affiliate links to the social media. It is quality content that many people want to read. Every time someone creates a new account through your affiliate links is your referral.

So, just share the content!Online Entrepreneur Certification Intro

2. Publish Posts On Your WA Blog

When you upgrade to a premium member, you can publish posts and training. Wealthy Affiliate is an authority website. When you publish a new piece of content, it will get ranked in a few minutes and sometimes it will go to the first page of Google for relevant keywords.

You get credit for every new member who visits WA through your content!


On this post, you read the reason why I promote Wealthy Affiliate. It has a high percentage of conversions, great training for affiliate marketers, resources and you can start making money even without a website.

I can’t think many other programs that offer the same value.

Many people who upgrade to premium members stay active for months or years. As long as they renew their membership, you earn a nice residual income.

The best part?

If you achieve 300 sales in a year, we want to PAY for you to come to our conference in Las Vegas!

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