Affiliate Marketing With Shopify – Up To $2000 Per Sale

Affiliate Marketing With ShopifyToo many guides about Shopify on the internet. People recommend guides, strategies, techniques and more. They say: “Check how I make thousands of dollars per day with this trick on Shopify.”

Can you trust them?

Sure, some of them are legit ones.

However, there is a quote I like:

When there’s a gold rush, sell picks and shovels.

How can we apply it here?

Of course, with the Shopify affiliate program.

On this post, you can read everything you need to know about Shopify affiliate program and I recommend some ways to get started as well. But let me explain the basics in the beginning for those who are not familiar with the website.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is a Canadian company that helps entrepreneurs to build and grow their online stores. They focus on drop shipping and gives you all the important tools to get started online.

In my opinion, it’s the number one of the drop shipping industry. You can build your store, find guides, strategies and it has great support. Overall, one of the best sites online to make money.

Now, the plan is to promote Shopify and not to make a drop shipping company but still, you need to know the basics and how it works. I would recommend creating a free account here.

It is not easy to promote a product that you have never tried unless you are an experienced marketer.

There is a free trial for two weeks. Check out how it works, the tools, and the benefits before promoting it to other people.

A quick review of Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify has a unique affiliate program. First of all, it converts really well because of the reputation of the site.

Next, the commission structure is the following:

You earn a 200% bounty commission for each referral who upgrades to a paid membership. So, if a referral signs up for the basic plan that costs $29, you earn $58.

Sounds good?

According to Shopify, you can earn up to $2000 per sale!

You can create your affiliate account for free and grab your links to start promoting it. You only need a website or a blog.

My Experiment That Worked

On this post, I talk about Shopify affiliate program because it works!

That’s right. I will not tell you exactly what I did (I have enough competition already) but it is a high converting affiliate program created to convert the visitors into buyers.

My story is simple. I mentioned Shopify on one of my articles and added my affiliate link. The result until now is five free trials and one basic Shopify plan. Not bad for a two-hour work.Referrals - Shopify Partners

The idea is that if you send traffic to Shopify, you will make sales.

Below, you can see some niche ideas to promote Shopify and send huge amounts of traffic. You can also check here the process that I use to promote any affiliate program.

Niche Ideas To Promote Shopify

There are some obvious huge niches that you can get into. If you make some keyword research properly, you can find many profitable subniches.

1. Make money online niche

Why do people join on Shopify?

To make money online. Yes, it is a board and competitive niche but you can narrow it down and focus on a specific audience.

For example:

make money online for teens/college students/beginners etc.

Of course, the idea is that you create a blog, a site, a Youtube channel, a Facebook fan page or whatever you want and start sharing quality content with your audience. Then, you can suggest Shopify as a great way to make money online.

2. Drop Shipping strategies niche

I think this is the most relevant niche but you need to make your homework. The best way to apply this is by creating a drop shipping store and share your successes with your audience.

You can share a wide variety of strategies like guides to set up a store, Shopify SEO, maximize conversions, copywriting tips and anything that could help a drop shipper.

3. Drop shipping scams niche

There are many fake gurus and scams out there. They say that they have a secret guide but they have not made a single Shopify sale.

Expose them and recommend to your audience to sign up directly to Shopify and read the available guides. Again, you need some drop shipping experience to figure out the fake guides.

4. Start a business niche

So many people have dreamed at least once of starting their own business. You can see authority sites, forums, websites, and experts in this niche. It is a competitive one but you can narrow it down just like the make money online niche.

A drop shipping store can be a business with much potential and there are too many success stories. So, helping people to find their path could be really profitable.

5. Sell Shopify Guides

I do not say to be like the fake gurus. But you can create a store and then, share a complete guide with the exact steps you have followed. Sell it for $5 and add your affiliate link on the guide.

Where to sell these guides?

First of all, you can see many similar guides on digital marketplaces like Clickbank and JVZoo. Next, on gig marketplaces like Fiverr, you on your own website, and last you can sell it on Amazon if it is in ebook format.

If you create value for other people and promote your product, many people will buy it. So, focus to create a good product.


You have the information to earn money with the Shopify affiliate program. It converts well and there are many ways to start promoting it.

Create your account to get started here.

So, choose the way you prefer and makes you feel comfortable. Sure, there are more available niches and ways to achieve it. To be creative would be a bonus for you.

If you want to learn how I work online and send traffic to my affiliate links, check my top recommendation!

For any questions, feedback or ideas to promote Shopify, leave your comments below. I would like to help you to get started online.

You can also ask me to check another affiliate program or review a making money program. Again, leave your comment below.


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