Affiliate Marketing With A Free Website (Image Proof)

Affiliate Marketing With A Free WebsiteMany people avoid investing money online and they are not ready to pay 50-100 dollars to build their first site.

So, this article is for them.

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing with a free website and make money.

After the first earnings, you should buy your own domain name but it will be an easier decision later.

On this post, you will learn what is a free website, proof that they work, strategy tips and free platforms to get started.

What Is A Free Website?

When people say about free websites, most of the times mean sites with a subdomain. A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain name according to Wikipedia.

For example, the is a domain name. If I had built it on a free website builder like SiteRubix, it would be something like

This is the simplest way to build a blog or site and there are many free platforms to get started. Some of the best platforms are mentioned at the end of the article.

Online marketers tend to use free websites to create backlinks for their main sites. There are a few techniques to do that but most of them are considered as spam backlinks from Google.

Also, many people who blog or write for fun create these sites as well.

In my opinion, it is fine to build a free site to make money if you have a low budget or you want to test new things. Of course, this a suggestion only for beginners.

If you build your website properly, sooner or later you will get traffic. It will not have the same results as a domain you own but you can transfer it later.

I know they work because there are people who have tried it. You can see proof below.

A Proof Of Traffic With A Free WebsiteSiterubix sites can get traffic.

You can click the image or the click here to see the full article.

These stats are from 2013. A member of Wealthy Affiliate who has built a million dollar internet company, he had started with a SiteRubix website.

As he says, he had created this website to get started, worked on it for a while, but abandoned it later because he did not expect any results. After that, he transferred the website to another domain name.

What can we learn from this story:

  1. Free websites work
  2. They can get organic traffic

Also, he answers on how he had got all that traffic. He just followed the strategy of Wealthy Affiliate.

Some people will say here that it happened a few years ago and it does not mean that every free website builder works on the same level.

The answer here is simple. On the proof above, he received almost the 65% of his traffic from Google.

Google still looks for unique and informative content for his readers.

To be more specific:

Google focus even more heavily on unique and informative content than a few years ago.

If you follow the same strategy properly, you will get similar results no matter where you have built your site.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy For A Free Website

I have published my affiliate marketing strategy and you can read it here. However, on a free website, I would change three things.

1. Do A Good Keyword Research

When you have a new site, you cannot outrank an authority website. Some beginners do not understand this simple concept and they make bad choices.

To be clear, backlinks will not help to outrank an influencer in your niche. So, focus on keywords that other marketers do not target. Most of the times, they are low volume keywords but they have traffic and convert.

In the beginning, you will need a keyword tool. You can use Jaaxy. It has a free trial with 30 available searches. Type relevant terms to your niche and get some ideas. It has a competition indicator that is explained in my Jaaxy review.

Then, go to forums of your niche or you can use Quora. Find threads and questions and search them on Google. If you see on the first page results from forums, social media, Q&A sites, other sites with a subdomain or any irrelevant results, they are fine to target them.

Avoid niche or authorities sites unless they have really poor content.

The only way to determine the poor content is by reading it. Short content (under 500 words), no images, mistakes, outdated information, poor user experience are some indicators of poor content.

2. Create Better Content Than The Competition

I mentioned above that Google looks for content. If you start for free, you need to write by yourself. Some people enjoy writing. If you are one of them, there are many business opportunities for you.

Creating better content than someone else means that you can include more information, more accurate information, be more helpful for your visitors, etc.

It is a really simple process. You only want to communicate with other people through your articles. Keep it simple and answer their questions.

Your goal here is to write a little better than the results on the first page of Google. If there are results from forums and social media, most of the times you will be able to achieve that.

Next, you need to write some articles. It will not work with only a few of them. In my opinion, at least 20-25 articles with good content are required to get organic traffic.

Lastly, this process takes time.

3. Share Your Content On Social Media

For most people, this is the easiest step.

When you publish a new piece of content, share it to your social media accounts. You can get direct visitors and there are indirect benefits as well.

Google likes websites that get engagement on social media. Start an account on the ones that you prefer and make sure you share your articles on Google Plus.

To increase your visitors from social media and your following there are two simple tips that most online marketers apply to their content.

  1. First of all, you need attractive images for your posts. The images must be relevant to your content and just looks interesting or nice.
  2. You need a title that attracts your visitors. People see many posts and links on social media. It makes sense that they click on them when they look interesting.

A good social media strategy could work even without SEO traffic but you should still look for content ideas on forums and keywords.

Negatives Of Free Websites

The only positive of a free website is obvious. It’s free. There are two reasons why people avoid this type of domain names.

1. Seo Disadvantage

If you create two sites at the same time, one with your own domain and one with a subdomain in the same niche, the one with your own domain name has a clear SEO advantage.

Over time, it will get much more visitors from search engines. Also, it will be able to outrank other new websites which is difficult to be achieved with a subdomain.

For this reason, it could be a good idea to invest the money from the first sale to buy your own domain name.

2. They Are Not Brandable

When you build a site, you also build a brand. If you have searched for domain ideas on the internet, most people recommend small brandable domains.

This simply means that the average visitor should be able to remember and type your domain name. They could easily return back to read more, talk to their friends about the new interesting site they have discovered and share it on the social media.

Free websites are not easy to remember because they include the name of your site and the name of the provider. For example,

If you check the most popular sites, you will see that most of them have simple names. For example, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, etc.

We can learn something from these huge companies. Building a brand is the most important factor in a successful online business.

4 Free Platforms To Get Started

Let’s see some popular free website platforms where you can easily create an account and build your first website.

SiteRubix1. SiteRubix

I highly recommend starting with SiteRubix for many reasons. The example above was from a SiteRubix website so we have a proof that it works.

Next, people can build only two websites on it with a free account. This means that you can find many available subdomains. The last advantage is that you can build WordPress websites.

29.7% of the websites on the internet are created on WordPress and there are some valid reasons for that. The most important is that they offer a better user experience to your visitors than other alternatives.

If you create a SiteRubix website, you will also get access to a training program that will help you to get started.

Website Templates _ Wix2. Wix

Wix could be a nice alternative. While I have not used it before, many people start their sites on that platform.

It has a variety of themes and templates but with a free account, you cannot edit anything as you want. However, in comparison with other free platforms has an above average user experience and you can do some basic things.

Blogger_ - Welcome3. Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform of Google and it’s one of the oldest on the internet. Some years ago was popular and many people were profitable using it.

These days, I do not think that many people start a Blogger website to do affiliate marketing or make money. However, many individuals blogs on the platform for fun.

On the negatives, you cannot find many good subdomains because all these years people have already taken the most of them for different reasons.

If you want to try it, there are enough features to customize your site and it works well with Google.

4. Tumblr

TumblrPeople use Tumblr both as a blogging platform and a social media site. I would recommend it only if you see engagement in your niche.

On the positives, there are already people who may be interested in your posts. However, it does not work well with Google and it will be tougher than the other alternatives to get organic traffic.

Also, do not use it only as a social media site. It is better to create a Facebook page or a Twitter account if you just want to connect with some people.

Bottom Line

Free websites can be used for affiliate marketing despite their disadvantages. Many marketers still blogging on them and get traffic.

The example above is a great one because most people take months to find some organic traffic and he was able to get 400 visitors per day in a few months.

You can get the same results if you follow the same process. Learn how to work online on Wealthy Affiliate (it has a free membership) and apply everything you learn.

For any feedback or questions leave your comment below.


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