What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started

what is affiliate marketing and how to get startedMost of you, when you started looking for ways to earn money online probably you heard the term ”affiliate marketing” from relevant websites or advertisements. Many people think that this is an online scam or something very difficult to deal with for a regular person and some others think that they are going to be rich by spamming around with their links.

First of all, it is not a scam, is not difficult to start and spamming is not the way to make money online. There are many internet marketers who are using affiliate marketing for their business and if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer you need a strategy.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Many times when you read an article like this on a website, you see a link to a relevant product recommended from the writer. Usually, this is an affiliate link and if you buy this product the writer will earn a commission. This is the process, you find a product, you recommend it to others and if they buy it, you earn money. You can find these links in websites, blogs, social media, video descriptions, in your emails etc. This doesn’t mean that every link you see is an affiliate link but there are many techniques that marketers uses to promote their products.

This method is so common, that many times companies while they offer their products they might recommend you and other products they do not own in their websites or emails. This is an easy way to earn more income and expand their business.

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The benefits of being an affiliate

Several people want to start a business but they cannot afford it as they need to spend thousands of dollars. This is not the case for an online business. You can start with a few dollars from your own home.

Also, you can work the hours you want. It is your decision how many hours you will work per week. You can start with one hour per day or you can try a full-time schedule.

Being an affiliate doesn’t need any expert knowledge about the products or the services you promote. Also, you don’t have to worry about stock, shipping, payments and customer complaints. These will be handled by the vendor.

How to get started

In my opinion, the most effective way to start a business and promote products is by building a website and an email list. You can attract visitors from search engines and social media, give them useful information to your website and recommend products relevant to your content.

While building a website for first time sounds difficult and expensive but this isn’t true. You can build a website for a few dollars and no expert knowledge needed. If you don’t want to spend any money at all you try free programs like SiteRubix.

Starting from scratch would be tough and when you stuck is really frustrating. This is the reason the most beginners are giving up. To avoid this you will need support and guidance at least for the first months. For this reason, there are training programs for affiliates and internet marketers like Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn step by step how to set up your business.