adsrepay review - scam or legit?

AdsRepay Review: Scam Or Legit GPT Site?

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adsrepay review - scam or legit?

In this AdsRepay review, you will find out if this is a legit website to make some extra money or a scam.

While it’s a new website, we have some information to know what we can expect. Also, you will read how it works and if it’s a better option than other alternatives

What Is AdsRepay?

AdsRepay is a new GPT website that invites people from all over the world to join who want to earn some extra money with offers and surveys. There are payment proofs from users on social media, YouTube, and forums, so it’s safe to say that this is a legit website.

The website includes many third-party providers of surveys and offers. When this review is written, there are seventeen providers. The process is the standard for many other GPT sites. You choose a provider, and then an offer. When you click the offer, you will be redirected to another website to complete.

The new websites may ask for a new account or some questions, but when you complete the offer, you will get the money to your AdsRepay’s account. You can request a cashout when you earn $1 that is the minimum payout limit.

AdsRepay Review

The focus of the site is on finding third-party providers that will provide you the surveys and the offers to earn money. From the available ways to make money, we can say that AdsRepay works strictly as a middleman between the providers and the visitors.

Once you complete these offers and reach the payout limit, you can expect to get paid. The only features of the site that are handled only by AdsRepay is the referral program and RepayTV. You can find both of them in different categories.

However, you will spend most of your time on Offerwalls because they pay better and you will get more offers.

That means your experience with AdsRepay depends on your choices. You need to complete offers, so it would not a surprise if you try to complete all the available offers.

However, when you have more options, it could be a good idea to be a little picky. For example, you can check what provider has the best surveys or the easiest process. It’s a better idea to complete $0.50 offers than $0.02 offers.

The dashboard and the members’ area are quite straightforward. It helps the visitors to find what they want. You can also check your earnings points and activity each day, week, or month. It’s easy to keep track of your points and completed offers.

Lastly, it gives to the members the option to add a photo, but other members cannot see that image. So, it’s a useless option unless they plan to add more features in the future.

How To Make Money With AdsRepay

When you create an account, you earn 10 points that are equal to less than $0.10. Next, you need 115 more points to reach the payout limit. You can earn points in the following ways.

Offerwalls: You select many types of offers from thirteen different providers. Each provider may have a different process and offers. 

You can make money with paid surveys, playing games, clicking ads, cashback opportunities, join websites, downloading apps, and extra offers that do not fit in these categories.

Many of these offers pay only a few cents, but others have better rewards. In my opinion, paid surveys are a better choice than other options. They can pay more money on average, but you will also face the standard issues of online surveys like disqualifications and a limited number of them after a while.

RepayTV: You can watch videos and earn a few cents for your time. RepayTV is a fancy name for watching video offers. You can earn a few cents for each video that takes 1-2 minutes on average.

Referrals: It includes a basic referral program that you can invite friends or send traffic to your referral link. You also have the option to add the names of your friends directly.

You can earn 5% of your referral earnings and 2% of their referral earnings. Compared to other referral programs of GPT sites is not good. Most big GPT sites have at least 10% commissions.

How Can You Get Paid?

You can redeem your points to money with PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Amazon gift cards are available only for the USA and Canada. While you can access the website from any country in the world, you need access to one of these methods.

The minimum payout is $1, and according to the website, the payments take three to five business days. However, it may take some more days to verify your earnings.

Pros and Cons


You will get paid: Many members of the site have already got paid, and there are payment proofs on the internet.

Many offer providers: It includes thirteen providers that include plenty of offers. Some of the providers are very popular and can be found on many sites, while others are not so popular. In both cases, you can test them and get the best possible results.

Low payout limit: It’s super easy to earn $1 and get paid on this site. You can achieve that even in one day. 

Available worldwide: You can join from any country in the world. However, you need a PayPal account to get paid.


New website: It is a new website, and we have not enough information yet. The domain name registered in 2019, so it’s less than one year old when this review of AdsRepay is written. Another problem is that we have no information about the owner or the company that handles the site.

However, I give it a positive review because it works well, and there are people who have made money.

Earning potential: They have many providers and offers, but you will not become rich by completing surveys and watching videos. There is no full-time potential, but you can expect to earn a few dollars in your free time.

Is AdsRepay Legit Or A Scam? – My Final Verdict

AdsRepay is a legit website because it pays the members. It will prove to us if it will keep providing offers and helping people to earn money in the future or not.

You can expect enough available tasks to get started like other top GPT sites. An important factor of your earnings is your demographics. Members who live in the USA and Canada will find more opportunities than other countries.

So, you can definitely earn some extra money, and you can start completing surveys and offers right now. The only feature that is not worth your time compared to other alternatives is the referral program. If you focus on that part of the site, you can find better alternatives.

You can join AdsRepay Here

For other top GPT sites, you can take a look at Swagbucks and ySense. They have millions of members, and they are online for many years.

If you are interested in a full-time opportunity, you can check my guide on how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn how to use a top platform for affiliate marketers to your advantage and build your own online business.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on AdsRepay. Feel free to leave your opinions, comments, and questions about the website.

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  1. AdsRepay is a scam. I have the evidence with me, do not trust this site, it is a big scam. It’s not legit!

    1. One of the best sites out there for earning. You can get great support from there admin team. I checked out Alicedelice twitter page and I see the user is banned from all GPT sites due to fraudulent activities.

      1000`s of payout proofs are available on their twitter page. they have a good following 🙂 hope that helps

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