AD Code review - scam or legit

AD Code Review: Scam Or $5,000 Per Day?

AD Code review - scam or legit

Welcome to my AD Code review. This is a program that probably is promoted to you through spam emails.

You can see many huge claims and screenshots on the sales page.

So, in this review, you will read if AD Code is a scam or you can really make $5,000 per day as they claim.

What Is AD Code?

AD Code is not a real program or a money-making method. It’s a scammy middleman for a third-party program.

There are more websites on the internet that works in the same way. I have reviewed before Daily Cash App and Crypto Siphon. You can easily recognize the same issues on these programs.

There is nothing wrong with being a middleman and promote other people’s products if you are honest with that. But the spokesperson is not honest here.

On AD Code, he says a random story on how he found this loophole and mention different money claims.

As you can understand, there is no loophole and no program. The claims are completely unrealistic as well.

You are supposed to earn $5,000 with his magic app. During the video presentation, he shows many fake screenshots about different amounts of money.

But we have heard the same claims and the same stories over and over again. It’s not possible to fill in a form, activate the “system” and sit back to make thousands of dollars with no actions from your part.

Also, he says that your profits are guaranteed but if you take a look at the disclaimer, it writes exactly the opposite. Nothing is guaranteed as expected.

Lastly, he tries to support the story of the video with fake scarcity.

The free spots are supposed to be limited and the visitors are supposed to receive an invitation from a trusted partner.

Again, this is not the truth.

The creator of this page send tons of spam emails and hopes to get as more people as possible to complete the form at the right sidebar.

Below, you will discover even more issues like fake testimonials, the lack of information about the owner and how it really works.

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How Does It Work?

There is no app or loophole. There are many programs that promise similar apps, systems and softwares just to make a few sales. You already know that they do not work.

After a few minutes watching the video, he mentions a part of how it really works. It’s about banner advertising.

If you decide to fill in the form that is not recommended for obvious reasons, you will be redirected on another platform that sells space for advertising.

On that form, you must give your phone number and not only your email. I really don’t know why they put a requirement like that but it’s not a good idea.

Anyway, on the next platform, there are many plans in which you pay to put your ads on other websites. With these ads, you can promote affiliate offers or your own products.

Of course, this is not the loophole you expected. Any type of paid adverting has a lot of risk and many beginners invest a lot of money before learning how to make money.

The cost of the program depends on the plans that you will buy. So, there is no specific price. But you will need hundreds of dollars on testing your ads.

The question is if you can make $5,000 per day with no real work because this is what AD Code tries to sell.

The asnwer is no.

Paid advertising takes work like anything else. You can’t start from zero and make $5,000 per day in a short period of time and no work. If you start with these expectation, you will fail.

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About The Owner

The spokesperson mentions the name, Rob Goldman. We can see a picture on the sales page and the video presentation.

However, this is not the real person behind the program. The disclaimer mentions that the site uses a pseudonym.

But it’s not only the name fake but the images as well. The people who have created AD Code have added the images on the video and the sales page from websites with stock images.

So, we have no information about the owner or any other person. Also, you can’t get any type of support from this page. They just send to another platform.

Fake Testimonials

There are a few short videos with people who talk about their earnings with AD Code.

They have not tested the program or any app but just read a script. They are actors from Fiverr and the person who created AD Code hired them for a few dollars.

For example, you can check the woman below:

fake testimonial - ad code

Next, you can see her Fiverr gig:

testimonial fiverr female 35

I have seen her on other scam products as testimonial like Bulletproof Profits.

The other testimonials are actors from Fiverr as well. No one has ever tested AD Code and of course, they have not results. They make money by creating these short videos.

My Final Verdict – Is AD Code A Scam?

AD Code is a middleman who promotes a third-party program with the name Click2Sell as a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a one-page site with full of hype and nonsense.

I don’t know if the next platform is aware of the tactics of this program but we can be sure that AD Code is a scam.

There is no loophole or app and you are aware now of the fake testimonials and the unrealistic claims.

It’s not possible to make $5,000 per day with a few minutes of work. If it were so easy, everybody would add a few banners and sit back to earn money.

Next, Rob Goldman is not a real person and the screenshots are probably fake on the video presentation.

With a few words, everything on the sales page is fake.

The legit ways to make money online take real work. This is how you can figure out if an online program is legit. No one will give you a magic app that will generate money on autopilot.

For this reason, I will not recommend AD Code and any other program that promises overnight results.

The only people who make money from this program is the owner and the actors who created the testimonial videos.

Here Is Something That Really Works

If you are willing to put some effort, I have some good news for you. You can actually make money online and many people have already achieved before you.

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Thanks for reading my review on AD Code. It was not a legit website and you will not find any loophole.

You can share your experience with the program or ask any questions below.