5 Legit Online Jobs for Stay At Home Moms

Legit Online Jobs for Stay At Home MomsOnline jobs are very popular the last few years. Many people looking for ways to make money from home and the online world gives them more options. The jobs I’m going to show you are real jobs with good paying rates. You can work on them as you wish, part time or full time, and the only requirements are a computer and an internet connection. Here are 5 legit online jobs for stay at home moms:

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant makes simple tasks for entrepreneurs who are busy  to make for themselves. Here are some examples: Respond to emails, upload blogs, manage social media accounts, prepare presentations, online research, edit documents, manage contacts and more. You will need to start your computer, internet connection, a phone and a fax or a printer depend on the job you are hired for.

In the beginning, you can expect to earn about 10$ per hour. Best VAs make more than 60$ per hour.

Teaching jobs

If you are a teacher, you can make extra money working on online tutoring jobs. Most of the online tutoring jobs require a college degree but experience is not needed.

The money you can earn depends on many factors like the program, the subject, and other details. You can expect to earn 10$ per hour in your early jobs.


Do you like writing? Many companies with multiple websites hire freelancers to write their content because of their busy schedules. Writing articles can be very profitable. In websites like iwriter.com are many available writing projects. Someone who wants an article to be written submits a project with all the details that are needed from the writer to complete it. The writer chooses from a list of available projects and after that he writes it, the client can review his work and decide to accept it or not.

The money you can earn depends on how fast you are writing. The beginners make 5$ for a 700 words article but you can earn more after a while. An elite plus member on iwriter makes 35$ for a 500 words article.

Social Media Manager

Social media are a big part of online marketing. As a result, new jobs opportunities are created. Social media managers are doing simple tasks for business accounts or pages. Some of these tasks are: Writing posts, communicate with company’s followers, running ads etc.

A good place to start is Fiverr , where you can do simple tasks for individuals for a few dollars. The best social media managers earn over 50$ per hour.

Start an Online Business

Many people start their own business online. There are many benefits. You can work from your home, decide how much time you want to invest and the main benefit instead of an offline business is that it doesn’t require any big investment for starting it. A good beginning is to build your own website about something you like or you are interested in learning.

For beginners, I suggest finding a training program until they have learned the basics so they can make money on their own. Beware that there are many scams and you should look for reputable programs like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

Tech support specialist

For this job, you need a good understanding of new tech products like cell phones and computers. Tech support advises the customers to choose the devices that fit for them and trying to help them when they have a problem. So, patience is needed because most of the time you have to deal with frustrated customers. Search in google and tech companies websites to find available tech support jobs. Usually, you can earn 10$ – 20$ per hour.

There are more ways to make money online but I avoided to include those that you can make only a few dollars like surveys. Also, there are many scams on the making money category, so avoiding giving money for programs that don’t offer a free sample or trial would be recommended. If you have any other idea for making money online or any questions you can leave your comments below.

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