5 figure day full throttle review - scam or legit?

5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review: Scam Or Legit?

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Welcome to my 5 Figure Day Full Throttle review. It is a new program that makes the standard claims about fast earnings with a new system. So, you will read if it is a scam or a legit way to get thousands of leads and earn the promised money.

What Is 5 Figure Day Full Throttle?

5 Figure Day Full Throttle is a new product that you can find on the marketplace of Warrior Plus. It has all the characteristics that we can find on many digital products. There is a sales page with huge claims, a video presentation that does not explain much about the system, and the members’ area.

For some similar products, you can read my reviews on Novelty Site Builder, Super Funnels, CPA Bootcamp, and AffiliSites Pro. It is obvious that if these products could generate results, they would need new launches every few days.

The actual product is a software that allows you to promote the 5 Figure Day Full Throttle. In my opinion, there is nothing new here, and this is just another program with a few funnels.

However, you buy it based on the claims of the sales page. Some of the claims are that it works on autopilot, free viral traffic, 3 minutes set up, same day potential, and thousands of leads. It sounds too good to be true, and you will not get what the promised results.

Legit ways to make money do not work in three minutes, and there is no such thing as making money on autopilot. You can’t get something for nothing, and the internet works in the same way. All these claims are typical get-rich-quick hype. On the same page, we can see screenshots of earnings, fake scarcity, and other details that don’t prove anything.

When it comes to the actual product, you can see some of the landing pages that you will use inside in a screenshot. They are the main part of the software, and below you will read how exactly it works.

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How Does It Work?

5 Figure Day Full Throttle is another product that sells a few funnels. The only difference is that it allows free referrals that can work for you. When you have a free referral, he can actually promote a page, but his referrals will become your referrals. I am not sure that these your referrals are aware of this issue because it does not sound right.

When you create a new account, you can watch a video the explains the process. Next, there are five landing pages that can collect emails. Every user can add his affiliate link and start promoting them. Once a visitor fills in his email address, he will visit the product through your affiliate link. Then, they can become free or paid referrals. On the paid referrals, you earn a commission. On the free referrals, the program allows you to steal their referrals.

The problem is that you can’t get visitors if you don’t find a way to get traffic. In this part, the program is not helpful. It just shows you a few places that you put your ads. You will need an extra budget to get started with the ads.

Your only concern is the traffic that is the hardest part of an online business. Many programs can give a few landing pages even for free. However, you will not earn anything without visitors. You must answer to yourself if it is really worth to pay money to send traffic on these landing pages.

If you have already a source of traffic, you probably can find a way to monetize it. Most people who are interested in buying 5 Figure Day Full Throttle want to start from scratch, so your primary concern should not be a few pages with an email form but how to build an audience that would buy your suggestions.

How Much Does It Cost?

The product has multiple upsells on the members’ area, so the pricing is a little more complicated than you may expect. First, there is an $18.97 starting price. You will get the basic landing pages and recommendations.

There are five upsells in total that promises more leads, more commissions, and more autopilot. It sounds funny to offer more of this stuff, but this what they sell. Usually, the quality of the upsells on a product are similar to the quality of the front-end product. They just ask for more money. In this one, they cost in total over $900. It is easy to figure out that the front-end product is only the entrance of an expensive funnel.

Products of Warrior Plus tend to have a 30-day money-back guarantee. But the owners of 5 Figure Day Full Throttle decided to give you only 14 days to request a refund.

About The Owners

There are two guys behind this product with the names, Tom E Mcting and Bryan Winter. Both of them are related to other similar products in the same niche. For example, you may have heard about CB Money Vine and Zippo Pay. They have softwares, claims, and pre-made pages.

Their work is to make new launches every few weeks. If they could give the promised results, one launch would be enough for all the potential buyers. These products work for those who create them, but I am not sure that this is the best option for a buyer.

Is 5 Figure Day Full Throttle A Scam?

The product includes a few landing pages and allows you to get leads from free members. The landing pages are very simple, and you can find similar ones on free tools and affiliate programs. The leads that you can get from your free members can’t be many. When someone is not willing to invest a few dollars will not build your business as well.

The claims do not really make sense. The owners have created enough products to know that their systems do not work as they say. So, all the presentation tries to mislead the visitors into buying a product that will not help them. With the information from the product and these landing pages, it is unlikely to get results. You need to know how to get referrals and traffic or find other sources of information. Based on this fact, 5 Figure Day Full Throttle is not a legit program.

If you did not expect to make money with this program, would you buy it only for the landing pages? If you can answer positively in this question, you may give it a try. However, I will not recommend to anyone because there are better alternatives on the internet.

You probably have learned about this product from a spam email and some users from YouTube or social media. They promote it through solo ads that are spam emails. This is what you need to do as a member. You must pay money to promote your links on other people’s email lists.

There is no reason to pay money for that process, and it is not my best way to get traffic. I don’t buy solo ads at all. It is not unlikely to make money, but there is a risk and the results depend on the provider of the list.

How To Make Money On The Internet

Affiliate marketing is a beginner-friendly business model. However, it is a legit business, so it takes work. You can’t build a business on autopilot or expect something to work in three minutes.

As an affiliate marketer, you need a product or a service to promote, and then you must send the right people to this offer. It can work in the opposite way as well. Find a source of traffic or build an audience first, and promote the products that solve their problems.

In both cases, you need targeted traffic that is visitors who are highly interested in your suggestions. There are two types of traffic, paid and free traffic.

For paid traffic, you must learn to put ads on search engines or social media. It takes a budget to get started, but you can save some because you can get results faster. For a top training program on paid traffic, you can read about Super Affiliate System. There are step-by-step videos, a forum, regular updates, and resources that you can use in your updates.

For free ways to get traffic, you need to build a community or an audience. You can achieve it with a blog, YouTube channel, or social media accounts. I prefer free methods because once you build a source of traffic, you can make money for years without worrying about future trends or other unpredictable events.

You can learn about free ways to get traffic on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a training platform and community with over one million affiliates. You will have the right guidance and support when you need it.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on 5 Figure Day Full Throttle. For any questions, you can leave your comments below.

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