30 Day Success Review

30 Day Success Club Review – Is It Legit?

Welcome to my 30 Day Success Club review. A program with big promises. In the video presentation, it claims that you will become a millionaire internet marketer in 90 days!

Anyone would be interested in learning more after that introduction. However, when you see the product, something goes wrong. In this review, I will show you what exactly you can expect and what you will get by buying the program.

What Is The 30 Day Success Club?

According to the sales page, the 30 Day Success Club is a money-making system that includes amazing software, and many students have tried it successfully.

However, the people who you can see at the beginning of the video are not students who have tried the system but fake testimonials hired on Fiverr.

You can find one of them on similar programs. You can read my other reviews and see the same guy claiming that he has made tons of money with different scammy programs. He is a fake testimonial who has never bought 30 Days Success Club.30 Day Success - Testimonial

Here is his Fiverr gig:

fiverr gig testimonial

But let’s see the product:

The program is a poor affiliate marketing system. On affiliate marketing, you do not own the program but you just promote other peoples’ products. Affiliate marketing is a legit business model, and you can see my free guide to make money with affiliate marketing here.

If you create an affiliate marketing business properly, it is a powerful method to make money online. To achieve that you need to find a product that has an affiliate program, get your affiliate links, and send targeted traffic to them. This is only a quick description. For more information check my link above.

Targeted traffic means visitors who are highly interested in the product or the service you want to promote. The 30 Day Success Club includes a software and some guides that are supposed to help to start this business model. Also, the claims about becoming a millionaire in 90 days do not make sense at all and you will understand why below.

What’s Inside?

There is a setup process when you buy the product.

  • You fill in your Clickbank username (well-known affiliate network)
  • Chose a domain name (not a premium domain with a .com, .net or .org)
  • Choose a keyword
  • Write a description

Then, the software creates a simple website with affiliate links and offers from Clickbank.

However, the website does not include any content, you cannot edit or customize it, and it has not a specific topic.

You can see ads for many different Clickbank products from different categories. There are products from the make money category, weight loss programs, fitness, etc.  How the 30 Day Success Club software works

So, you get a website with no content, random products, and no control to make any changes.

Of course, you have no idea how to make sales and earn money with it. Usually, these programs recommend some ways to get traffic that simply do not work.

  • Forum marketing
  • Blog commenting
  • Guest post
  • Social media marketing
  • and similar spammy techniques

Ok, if you apply some of these techniques properly, you can get some traffic.

However, they do not show you how to apply them. For example, I get daily comments on my site like this one:

I have hidden the email, the name, and the affiliate link for obvious reasons. I am not going to accept comments like this one. No one who is serious about his/her online business does not accept these comments.

They have duplicated comments that do not add value to any platform you want to publish it or the readers. You can expect to be removed from the forums, websites that do not approve poor guest posts, social media ban spammy accounts, etc.

I just try to help here. If you want to make money online, avoid all the spammy ways and start adding value. When you add value, people WANT to read your content. So, avoid wasting your money and your time on spammy methods and quick rich schemes. There are legit programs on the internet as well.

You can check here my top recommendation and start for free.

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of the program is $37 but there is a downsell you can see on one of the popups after a few seconds on the sales page. The software, the website, or the methods to get traffic are not worth the money. Simply, the website will not convert well because it has no content at all.

Even if you find a way to send traffic, the visitors will not stay at the site so the value of the program is close to zero. Of course, there are upsells that are supposed to give you more features.

Again, they will not help you and they are not going to make the program better than how it is on the basic membership. The good news is that there a 60-day money-back guarantee like any product which is included in the listings of Clickbank.

If you are looking for support or someone to contact after the purchase, you will not find anyone. You are alone to figure out anything. We do not even know the name of the owner and there is no way to find it.

My Final Opinion

If you were expecting something better after reading the claims about becoming a millionaire in a few months, you will get disappointed. I really doubt if you can get your initial investment back.

There are no results, case studies, real testimonials, or any clue that the program has worked for someone. Above, you have read my opinion about the website and the recommended methods to get traffic.

The owner or the owners of the program, I do not think they know how affiliate marketing works. They just found some free information on the internet and created this program. This is too bad because affiliate marketing can work if you are willing to put some effort to learn this business.

Here is a post on how I make money with affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read my strategy, apply everything and make it work for you. There are thousands of people who follow the same strategy. Many of them follow a different approach but the main idea is the same.

I am sure you will find it exciting and motivating to get started! If you have a different opinion about the program or you want to share your experience, I would be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for reading my review, for any questions about The 30 Day Success Club, you can leave your comment below!