3 Step Method Review: Scam Or $10,000 Per Month Automatically?

3 step method review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my 3 Step Method Review. You can find the sales page on the domain 3StepMethod.com.

In this review, you will read if this is an online scam or you can actually make up to $10,000 per month in a three simple steps.

We can agree that it sounds too good to be true but let’s see in more details what you will get from that program.

What Is 3 Step Method?

3 Step Method is another Clickbank product that promises big earnings with a system that you can find on the members’ area.

The homepage is a little different than most Clickbank products so it may confuse some of the visitors. The truth is that does not give any information but only that you can create an automatic income stream.

However, I have seen a similar structure on ClickEarners.com which is a low-quality Clickbank product. It looks like a trick to get your email before showing the video presentation.

However, when it comes to the important things which are the business model, the strategy, and the product, we have just another low-quality program.

If you fill in your email, you will be redirected on a second page in which you finally see the claims and the video presentation.

There are no weird images but only a guy who says that you can earn $10,000 per month automatically. In my opinion, this is a ridiculous statement. No one will give you 10k per month with no action from your part.

Later, the same guy says that his team can do all the work and from your part, it does not take more work than 20 minutes per week.

Based on these claims, I can say this is an online get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not possible to build an online business with 20-minute work per week. You cannot even complete surveys for a few cents in 20 minutes.

If you want to build a real online business or find a legit way to make money, you must put effort and be patient because it takes time.

No one will give something for nothing on the internet, and you cannot make tens of thousands of dollars without being involved in your business.

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How Does It Work?

On 3 Step Method, the spokesperson says that you will learn to create digital assets.

Digital assets are two fancy words for saying that you will build a website. There is nothing wrong with creating a website. This is what I do to make money online and I recommend it to any beginner.

Also, we can see a few Clickbank screenshots with earnings that means this is a program about affiliate marketing as well.

Many programs promise a system about this strategy but most of them fail to deliver. This type of programs usually has some basic information on the members’ area on PDF or video format and this is what you can expect from 3 Step Method, a low-quality digital product.

You will not learn how to create “digital assets’ with the information inside.

The truth is that it takes effort and time to build a website that generates money consistently. If it was easy, everyone could build a profitable website that without any work.

But the spokesperson says that it does not take work from your part. So, how can you build something without doing the work?

Here is another claim on the video presentation which is not true:

The program promises that a team will create these assets for you. However, it’s not possible to buy or even borrow a team for $37, and you will not find something like that on the members’ area. This is just another trick to make you buy the 3 Step Method.

So, we are back to the guides of this product that include some basic content.

Many Clickbank products promise a guide on how to make money with Clickbank or othe various ways. The bad news is that most of them work only for their owners.

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How Much Does It Cost?

If you move through the two first pages of the program, you can see that the price of the front end product is at $37. It’s a standard price for a Clickbank product.

However, the first thing you can see on the payment form is an instant upsell. You just tick the wrong box and you pay for a guide with the name, 10 Easy Ways To Earn Online Today.

instant upsell

Somehow the same instant upsell is included on ClickEarners.com which a scam I exposed a few weeks ago.

Also, we can expect more upsells in the members’ area and some of them will be very expensive. We can see on the product listing that the affiliates can earn up to $252 per sale. That means a buyer can spend over $300 for these upsells.

pricing 3 step method

As a Clickbank product, it has the standard 60-day money back guarantee so you can ask for a refund. A money-back guarantee is not a risk-free trial as they claim on the homepage.

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No Information About The Owner And Fake Testimonials

On the second page, we can see a video with a spokesperson that presents the method.

While he does not mention that he is the owner, he looks like someone who has a connection with the product like a staff member.

fake owner

However, he is a paid video spokesperson from Fiverr as you can see on the image below.

testimonial fiverr

So, the owners or the people who created that product want to hide their face and their names.

We cannot find any information about any real person who could help you or give more details about the 3 Step Method.

The testimonials on the same page are paid video spokesperson from Fiverr as well. They have not tested the product but their job is to say whatever the owners of the 3 Step Method want.

The legit programs have no problem to show your real members with their results and the owners are proud of them. They will help other people and explain by themselves what they offer.

Also, if you can’t find someone to take responsibility for the program, you will not find support or help from someone on the members’ area as well.

My Final Verdict – Is 3 Step Method A Scam?

This program promises tens of thousands of dollars without any work from your part. Their team is supposed to create and take care of your digital assets while you collect the money without doing anything. And it will cost you only $37.

But there is not any team to build your digital assets and you will find many upsells on the members’ area that will increase the total cost.

Based on all the above, I think that 3 Step Method is a scam.

They will give you a product but this is not what they present on the sales page or what you want to buy based on the videos.

Lastly, the owners try to mislead the visitors to the sales page and we can understand it from the fake testimonials. The people who believe in their product go out there and find people to test them. They do not hire actors to make random money claims.

I do not recommend the 3 Step Method to anyone. There are better alternatives to make money online and you can check something that works below.

Here Is A Legit Way To Make Money Online

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But you must avoid the people who promise overnight earnings and find the right strategy.

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The only requirement is to be willing to do the work. All the legit business models take time and effort.

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Thanks for reading my review on the 3 Step Method. The program is not as described on the sales page so I don’ recommend. You can leave any comments or questions below.

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